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why do americans are obsessed with height?

the guy of the pic is from puerto rico, he is 5'6 and girls love him because he is cute
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Because in American culture if you aren't 6'3" or above you can't find love.
I don't know why but something about this bait made me chuckle
Most people in that country are short anyway so it doesnt matter


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Fembots, why aren't you fit/go to the gym?
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yes to both, and probably go more than you. get cucked hun
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I actually diet and go to the gym
failed normies get the fuck out originally

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Think of all the Chads/normies with a variety of looks and style that flirt with her on a daily basis. What makes you think that YOU will be the one that she will accept? Even if you are that lucky then some day, 6'4 230lbs 10 percent bodyfat Chad with more money and a bigger cock than you, will approach your oneitis and instincts will kick in. She will also probably fuck him the same day they met while for a long time you had been fantasizing and planning how you would even dare to approach her.
>Age 18
>Half shitskin half white.
>18 percent bodyfat with barely a 4pack but sorta strong for my age atleast.
>Bench 250, squat 315 for reps, overhead press 185 for reps, 16.5in arms and 21in shoulders.
>Big eyes.
>Girly voice.
I've had girls who were unattractive imo, approach me and ask me out a few times in the past, so it fucks with my head and I can't decide if I am attractive or not, or these girls were just desperate.

And I hear all the time from Chads "why don't you have a gf? You're strong girls like that!" Like a decent girl would settle for a mediocre strengthed 4/10 manlet rather than a Chad. So what's the point of even trying when there's always someone better than you? Are you that fucking special to her?
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Here's a pic so you have a vague idea of how I look.
>18 percent bodyfat
there really is no point if you still cant find a gf after getting /fit/ and some /fa/.
after that you are just too socially fucked (especially if you are above age 20). Some are meant to mate and be loved, others are not. We are a minority. No one will ever give a fuck. Some people live with it, a happy few break out of it, some become mass shooters. It's a cruel reality of life.
Welcome to hell.

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Why is it when somebody describes finding this guy unfunny, they tend to be nationalists?

They sometimes like other comedians such as Stewart and Classic Colbert. But it's just this particularly guy they describe as not laughing at. Even if their general attitude towards are nonchalant at worst.
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offends them
I'm not a nationalist but I'm definitely on the right and I had this smug disingenuous cunt
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How is this still a thing? I mean, come on! It's TWENTY SEVENTEEN!

I thought fidget spinning was a dumb trend, but then I got mine. I felt the spin, I felt it on my finger, I felt the rush of a good spin. It changed me. I got my spinner ironically, but I was wrong.

Its amazing, I'm smarter, more productive, more focused at work, a simple task is now much better.

Outsiders dont get it, they dont get us. I'm not saying were better but were more open minded and probably smarter.

I love this community, and I love this way of life.
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Agreed I bought a $5 spinner at Walgreens and I was so blown away that I sold my xbone and bought a $200 one. I can't wait for it to come in the mail.
please keep brainless copypasta to /s4s/
Once I stole a spinner from some little faggot after school ended, and was about to throw it away.

That was until I decided to give it one last spin, for shits and giggles.

When I did, pain surged through my cock. I looked down, and behold, my cock grown 30 inches. A qt Asian gril also started Making out with me outta nowhere.

My heart also turned from black to gold, so I gave it back to the poor kid.

Then my heart turned black as soon as it left my fingertips so I punched him and took it back.

Now I'm in this endless loop, help me.

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>go to psychiatrist
>does some tests, says he'll call me with next steps
>never calls me
>call the office 4 times in the last 2 weeks
>they say he will call me
>never calls me

why are psychiatrists such jews bros
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You've never been to the psych ward have you? You can only get out with the doctor's permission. Took me 2 weeks to see the doctor and get discharged once. These motherfuckers take so fucking long to process shit and get the ball rolling. Give it time.
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they can't deal with people legitimately having lives of only suffering every day, so they block it out

treat us like troublesome clients in a grocery store

more reason to not have kids, I guess
no ive never been in a ward. i just dont get it, it would be a 10-15 minute phone call, is that too long??

What the fuck do the normalfags that post this trash know about hardship?
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>"Chad broke up with me two weeks into our relationship! Sadface!"

>"I'm here for ya gurl! Men are trash"
Even worse, they stole it from vennu mallesh
Bet those plebs don't even know who vennu is
Literally everybody suffers, dude.

I used to be pissed off at being born a perverted aspie, and I every day I hated the world for not being more suitable to people like me, but as time went on and the less of a shit I gave about society, I began to see that literally every single person on earth is doing it rough. And if they appear to have it all, you can be your ass they're a giant asshole and are suffering deeply inside.

The Stacy who gets to sleep with a new guy every week is under pressure from her boss to wear more revealing clothing so he can get a hard on, which repeats the cycle of her feeling like a sex object so she sleeps with more guys, etc.

The Chad who has a $100k job lined up by his daddy actually doesn't know what the fuck he's doing and puts himself in debt because he doesn't have the wisdom to see beyond superficial materialism.

The Robot who has more talent and insight than he realises spends his days on the internet feeling completely shut off from the world.

Life is tough, robots. For some people, at certain times, it's a lot tougher than for others, but this isn't some sort suffering contest. No one gets through life unscarred.

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Its that time again gents. You don't gotta Bee yourself, but you Doo gotta have $200.

Ask your questions and post your stories ITT.

Today's story:
>Be some time ago
>Be on the hunt for BBFS (bareback full service)
>Girl is rumored to do it so I set up a meet
>She is kinda spacy and far out. She likes to get dressed up (garters, stockings, the whole deal).
>We start with a massage. I booked too much time (I'm a one-shot guy) so we needed something to do. Massage is fine.
>We move to the bedroom and onto BJ. Her skills are good, she has a really light touch during deepthroat. Honestly felt very much like a vagina.
>Anyway, we move on to full service. She has a cockring with vibrator toy and straps it on me. I'm hopeful this means we'll BBFS.
>She spends some time either considering my dick, or considering which condom she likes. Unfortunately she picks a condom out of her toy bag.
>She gets on top and rides too strongly. Basically was bending my dick out of shape. I bore with it because normally I can't feel a damn thing with condoms on, so I was hoping someone would finally make me cum that way.
>She gets tired or whatever and wants to go doggy. I give it a shot but can barely stay hard (I have literal seconds before going soft, if not stimulated).
>Also this is when the smell hits me. Its really strong, and it mixed with sweat and got everywhere since she rode so hard.
>We go back to BJ and I cum in her mouth. I wanted to snowball after that, but she didn't get into it much. She basically spit then got out of the bed.
>I go to the shower and can't get the stench off. At this point I realize how bad the cowgirl was because my dick and balls hurt like shit. Hurt basically the whole night. So bad in fact I eventually went to the doc, fortunately my dick wasn't broke and I didn't have any STDs.
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Ran out of characters.
It wasn't the girl in the OP pic. That girl is one I've always wanted to tap but is retired now.

Also, short guide:
Trim pubes, shower, and use mouthwash. You'll be fine. (Don't be black, Indian, or have major penor deformities, though).
Join a review site and do your research. If you're cheap you can do backpage, but its more work and you'll have to deal with prudes who don't do anything without condoms.
Is that a girl (male)?
I kinda see a bulge if we ignore the choker that's hiding the Adams apple and the crimson chin.
Also don't be disabled unless you want her to refer you to her haggy older friend who's skirting retirement

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If you currently or have ever in the past dressed like this and wondered why girls won't have sex with you and would rather fuck chads and numales, well you have your answer.
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Lots of guys dressed like that come into my work with their gfs/wives though.
Tennis shoes, light blue jeans, shitty haircut and cotton graphic T-shirt?
Because even though i hit the gym on a daily basis, my face still looks like shit.
Fuck my genetics....

File: highvslow-1.png (431KB, 800x1004px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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... I of course have the one where the most feeling is removed.
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i have none because i'm not an american
Low and loose
File: 1440586710572.jpg (724KB, 1057x1430px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw the last 2" of your p0nis are a big scar

Thanks, jews

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>But snapchat is for normies!

Yes, we know its a normie app. But don't complain about having nobody to talk to and then not use the tools created for such a thing. First step to overcoming problems is figuring out how to use texting apps and not spill spaghetti

I see a lot of robot skype threads but sadly a lot of them i feel are cancerous or intimidating, as they're built up of already established groups with insides jokes, here it's just a straight 1:1 !

Drop your snap below, alongside your ASL if you feel like it

I'll start: iPhotek

Can add me up and talk about whatever you please, I'll do my best anon

I look forward to hearing from you
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Here is my snap code for any anons who would prefer to use that, don't be shy now. You haven't got to show me your face either anon, I understand.
Things have been going well with the anons who participate. I'm tempted to experiment in a group chat eventually if enough of you support it.

On behalf of an anon

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You, reading this right now: Stop what you are doing and listen.

Your whole life, you always thought you were different, right? Inferior. Weird. Wrong.

Well, you're not the only one.

Everybody else in this planet is just like you: wandering around without a map or directions, pretending to know where they are headed, desperately clinging to the belief that everybody else was given an instruction booklet on how to be human except for oneself.

You're also in denial about the fact that you yourself are practically a monkey, and therefore no more or less significant in this universe than a squirrel. You exist in an extremely primitive time, and you just happened to have spawned in the one planet where everything eats/rapes/kills each other JUST TO SURVIVE. I mean, how cruel is that?

Not that I'm against eating meat. If anything, I'm a nihilist, and I think you should be too.

If you have any doubts about reality, take a recreational dose of benadryl, smoke some pot, do some acid, and stare at a mouse cage and you'll see that what people think is normal and mundane is actually really really really weird.
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>You exist in an extremely primitive time,
i exist in the least primitive time in the history of time, please and thank you
>take a recreational dose of benadryl, smoke some pot, do some acid
Live. It. Up. Brahs. We ALL gonna make it! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. YEAH! WOOOOOO.
Thanks for this post OP, I think it makes sense. Unfortunately, can't find any acid

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Will some girl who doesn't give a shit PLEASE take my virginity.
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You're asking the wrong people lmao
Would you accept a girl (male)?
I would but I don't give a shit

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I want to read a book in the pov of a social outcast or an autist, like me. Preferably someone who is a young adult/college age in the modern world.

Any good books you recommend?
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do u guys not read books?
The Book of Disquiet
No Longer Human
Crime and Punishment or Notes from Underground are both books that fit the bill.

>in the middle of sticking it to your girl
>she's wet, she's really fucking wet
>it feels SO good
>suddenly, you look down
>"Oh shit! Anon I'm sorry, I guess I'm a few days early"
>"we can put down a towel and continue, I mean if you're okay with that?"

What do?
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Put the towel down and fuck that pussy till I cum in her. I used to fuck my fwb so hard when she was on her period and she'd let me cum in her cause you can't get pregnant on your period
Gotta earn those red wings some time or another.
>you can't get pregnant on your period
Urban myth, you technically can if it's at the latter end of the period.

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