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>White men have as much sex with white women as black men with white women
Kill yourself /pol/, everyone know white women worship BBC
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Kys Gf-let, we've moved on to superior Canadian waifu's
More like

>White men have more sex with white women and black women than black men do with either one

White people are so delusional and afraid of losing privileges that they push this BLACKED meme, when in reality they're having more sex than any other race combined, and most of the population (a good majority) of black and asian men 18-34 years old are virgins.
statistics say otherwise
how the fuck is this not orig?

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Dude lmao thread

What's /r9k/ smoking?
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go to hell weed fiend
getting a quarter of panama diesel today desu
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that looks like the driest most bunk weed ive ever seen on this site

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This isn't fair, bros. We all know she's a cold, calculating, gold-digging whore. So why can't I stop staring at her? Why can't I stop wishing it were my cheek wearing her lipstick? ;-;
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because no matter how cute she is in public, all women are incredibly annoying behind the scenes.

trust me bro, u dodged a bullet.
Aging Stacey. She's probably fun to be around.
>trust me bro, u dodged a bullet.

That's hilarious you're typing that as if any of us have any chance to even try, desu.

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Would you fuck a Japanese tom boy?
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If she's 6'+ I'd have children with her.
Why is this even a question

honestly the japanese tomboy thing IRL is so hard to find. i cant think of a single asian girl ive met IRL who's a tomboy. They're all really submissive and girly (which I don't mind)
Yes yes and yes anything yellow is my cup of tea as long as the skin color is lighter than me

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Alex Jones general.
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Yes Alex Jones is an amazing actor
Don't worry anon. They are working hard against this even Doctor Phil isn't taking this shit anymore.

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Why aren't you having SEX right now?
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Where is this thread going?
Busy doing man shit.
Jesus christ the things that have never been said on r9k astound me.

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shouta kun.png
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Being called a good boy or a little boy makes me feel happy inside for some reason. I wish I was a little boy again. 3D relationships are scary, and while fantasizing about being snuggled by 2D mommies when I'm going to sleep feels nice, sometimes hearing someone say those things to me in real life and being held in real life sounds really nice too.
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You're a good little boy anon-kun I hope you have a wonderful day
Thanks anon...that makes me really happy! I'll try my best! I hope you have a wonderful day too!
Maybe someday somehow we could even hold hands as lovers

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What causes some of us here to have fantasies of being molested by, or having sex with an older woman at a young age? I don't believe Momcest threads are entirely just kinks.

Have any of you actually been in situations like this?
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For me, it's because sexuality and a woman's body is daunting, possibly even scary.
Motherly figures are reassuring/comforting. So if one were to guide me through sexual contact, I wouldn't be as afraid/timid.
If I were to perform poorly, I wouldn't want some Stacey chastising me, I would want a mommy to comfort me and tell me that it's okay.

I actually want an older sister gf instead of a mommy gf, but it's the same concept
Heard my mom having sex with a person I didn't even know all night and morning.

She rushed into my room wondering if I was sleeping, which I wasn't, and heard them moan for weeks. (The T.V was on full volume though, as they did it)

I fapped to it since I was growing sexually, and hid in another room as they fucked all morning.

I never had a father, and I'm not sure if it did damage or not.
My mom also abused me by swearing at me, threatening me, and hitting me all the time.

I'm glad I'm out of that shithole, but now I have a incest fetish, even though I don't fantasize about my mom specifically.

Neighbors are singing karaoke and being really loud . How should I make em understand they're being annoying without sounding like an asshole?
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Go join in and have fun.


If they are outside walk over and ask if they could tone it down just a bit because you are trying to relax. If inside knock and ask if they can turn it down just a bit because you are trying to relax/do work.
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Everyone shut the fuck up for a second I'm posting Boys Club.

This guy comes over and slaps your girlfriends ass.

How do you react?
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Ask him how it felt to lose the leading role of Little Man to a nigger.
he'd at least have to jump to do that.
>tfw shorts are like baggy pants on you

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Anon how does it really feel to know a girl will never give you the right to touch all over her ass and tongue kiss her?
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This girl is such a failed wannabe stacy, everything about her posture and outfit screams it.
-Slightly more successful failed stacy
>>36541218 It isn't as rewarding as eating cream cheese on toast.
Cream cheese on toast would be good right about now.

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Can you post girls with following features:
>Dark hair
>Pale (not necessarily Caucasian)
>Prominent eyebrows
>Huge eyes

(e.g. Agatha, Eliza, Crispy)
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eg no 1
eg no 2
Want to post cute emo chick. But she uses r9k and she would know i posted it

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About a month ago I asked for one of you lonely degenerate faggots to shit his pants in the name of banter. None of you stepped up! NOW HEAR ME OUT ON THIS!

You could be THAT GUY who will forever be imortalised as the guy who shit himself on /r9k/ for the amusement of others!

Now stop being a little faggot and DO IT. Shit your pants, take time stamped photos and describe the sensation in this thread.

We're all waiting, who's gonna man the fuck up and take a big shit in his pants?
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Check my numbers and be amazed
I only like shitting in my diapers.
Pretty nice!

Now shit your pants.

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>wake up at 4 pm feeling like shit
>get out of bed and turn on computer
>go downstairs and say hi to family and pupper
>eat celeral and drink coffee while mom is trying to force conversation with me
>go upstairs and get on computer
>spend hours watching stupid shit on youtube and sometimes play videogames
>maybe I go for a walk if the weather is nice and if I have the energy
>eat some food now and then
>no motivation or energy to even fap
>go to bed at 2 AM
>tell myself that I'll change tomorrow
>lay in bed and watch youtube until 5 AM
>finally fall asleep

I just don't understand how people can function normally
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who the fuck sleeps for 11 hours? I'm a NEET and I can't manage that
it depends, I can sleep everything from 5-15 hours each night and I can't seem to control it
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If I wasn't forced to eat at 1 PM I'd also wake up at 4. I just browse and occasionally read until 3 AM and then go to sleep.

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Wait, if women are having more sex than ever why are there more male virgins?
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Women collectively made a pact to share the top 20% of men.

Fucking whores.
This really gets the ol' noggin joggin'
You'd be surprised how often this thread gets made

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