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Hey fembots, I'm looking for a female friend to pine after and occasionally buy things for but not show romantic interest in for fear of rejection. My last one disappeared a couple weeks ago despite us getting along well, and I've been running around like a headless chicken ever since.


>Decent-looking face (body doesn't matter)
>Gets along with me
>Acts as though I have a chance with you

Describe yourself in terms of appearance, personality, and interests. I'll post contact if anyone seems like a good match.
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No such thing
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Too pathetic for even /r9k/?

I'm also collecting fempepes.
>I'll post contact if anyone seems like a good match.
just post contact. or contact me and I'll describe myself there. [email protected]

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If you guys are really this depressed, why haven't you just killed yourselves yet?

The fact that you're still alive and haven't ended your own life proves that your somewhat mentally strong and that you can still change, right?
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Suicide takes too much effort and it hurts
I think most people here lack the constitution and motivation for suicide.

It really boils down to the individual.

For me personally, I haven't checked out because I can really do so at any given time.

I keep a loaded gun in the next room, and it really cured me of the feeling that I was trapped. Besides, holding the barrell in my mouth cured me of those illusions. I don't want to die. Not really.

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can a girl post her hand so I can pretend im holding it? im so lonely
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>can a girl post her hand so I can pretend im holding it? im so lonely

girl here~
I'd love to hold your hand qt~
>tfw no qt luka bf
beat me to it, but since you've got more hand hair it's only reasonable I guess

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*lands sick kick flip in front of you*
>Yeah Anon my stepdad buys me beer, I might invite you over to hang out but you're a loser who's going to die alone.
*sk8boards away*

What do?
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>dadlets thinking they can talk down to anybody
Probably get upset and think "he's right" or something like that. As a kid I would have called him out on his memes and his grandiose assumption that I would even want to be around him in the first place.
knock him over and reveal his shiny boipucci

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>find gf 3 months ago
>lose my virginity to her
>we are chilling playing world of wacraft together me as arms warrior and she as a frost mage we are playing WMD (warrior mage druid) trying to get some rating going for a title or so its going alright you know the game changed it used to be different but now blizard panders the casual normies so they get SOMEONE to play their game
>she tells me she has a penis 1 hour ago

how will i tell this to my mother?
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just fucking greentext the story of how you lost your virginity to her and didn't find out she had a dick you idiot

and don't copy that doujin from mesunized festival
How the fuck didn't you notice it in the first place?
You are playing modern wow, it's obvious you and your boyfriend are mentally ill.

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>You sit in your room all day long
>She sits in Chad's truck, bouncing on his schlong
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>You write her poems, comparing her to a flower
>She loves when Chad gives her a Golden Shower
>You think about her every hour
>She masturbates to Chad in the shower
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>she's on her knees sucking Chads pee pee
>there's someone in my head but it's not me

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who /hatred/ here?

I hate mankind, I hate how life evolves and I hate life itself (my life and all other life too)

we're literally planet of the apes, everyone is selfish and greedy, our feelings about what's good and bad are defined as what allowed us to thrive in our ancestral past but we're still stuck with those impressions, the rich and powerful naturally oppress the poor and weak, everything is an exhausting struggle and competition, happiness is fleeting but misery is lasting, your average toothache is more painful than some of the highest pleasures you can feel in your entire life. I want to destroy all life on this fucking faggot planet, I hate it so much, everything I do and see fills me with hatred. It's not "muh feminists" or "muh conservatives" or "muh liberals" or any bullshit like that. UTOPIA DOES NOT AND CANNOT EXIST, EVERYTHING IS CORRUPT BY DESIGN

the treachery of your own body and mind is even designed so that killing yourself is difficult (psychologically and physically) and nobody thinks glassing the planet with nuclear fire is a good idea even though it obviously is

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Find God anon, he is the only one that can save you from this suffering.
I like the concept of original sin, but religion is a retarded coping strategy because it prioritizes a perfect world that doesn't exist above the real world that we all have to endure

I understand why people would be religious, but I don't want to just cope, I want everything to be destroyed. I want to tear apart the fabric of reality so that everything is destroyed forever and nothing new can grow
>it prioritizes a perfect world that doesn't exist

Well it does require you to believe it to exist. Trust me senpai if you spend some time around church and really get into it you'll start to believe it all really sincerely. Becoming religious saved me a hell of a lot of anxiety.

Anyway that's just my 2 cents. I hope everything works out for you anon.

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Now, now, Amata. You remember our little rule, don't you?
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I'm gunna keep talking to you the entire time you're drinking your coffee and you can't do a thing to stop me.
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*taps mug*
Um, please be respectful wagies. You know the rules. No talkie until I'm done my cup.
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What kind of coffee do you guys drink?

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God i fucking hate dogs. Anyone else?

>smell like shit
>dont give you any personal space
>chew everything
>leave their fucking shit everywhere, at least cats bury it for fucks sake)
>literally powerful enough to severely injure someone at any moment if the dog is having a bad day
>living in the same place 3 years, still every single fucking time i come home, open the door, or even open a fucking window the neighbors overgrown rat raucously barks for at least 10 minutes straight
>bark, bark

Fuck dogs, shoot them all.
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I hate dogs as well
and they eat their own shit and lick yer face and white people kiss them in the mouth
>crying on the internet

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>all I want is to live in a big city
>median rent for all cities: 4000/mo for a 1br near downtown
>too stupid for college to transfer there
>parents are poor

Why was I born? Why was I born just to want the things I can't have?
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That's a nice Deutz
u still keep trying, nigga
Most young people get roommates. I pay $700/month for one bedroom in a nice 3br in the most expensive rental market in N America.

>there's literally nothing wrong with black peo-
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Yeah and Harvard/MIT students voted Hilldawg 15x more than Drumpf. Of course ridiculous statistics like that don't count though in the average trumpsters eyes
is this news to you?
>boohoo crime is highest among the poorest of people
fuck off back to /pol/

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> be 30 years old
> gay
> be English major
> No jobs in my field available
> depends on boyfriend
> boyfriend can barely supports both of us
> If he ever gets sick we are on the street
"Anon you need to get a job even if it is retail. I cant keep supporting both of us."
> cant do labor because of bad back
> no sex drive because of weight
> cant do retail because of anxiety

wat do?
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Get ready to get dumped. You're just a liability.
Life was so much simpler before fucking up my back for 8 bucks an hour.
do retail, im a turbo anxiety autist, but i somehow got a job and havent been fired yet

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>2007 was 10 years ago
>Smartphones have been around for a full decade
>There are people posting here now who weren't even alive when 4chan was created
>We're further away from the release of the Playstation 2, than Playstation 2 was from the NES's release
>2017 is already nearly half over
>2020 is under 3 years away
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>2007 was 10 years ago
This fucks with me
>4chan has more moblie posters than PC posters now.
2020 is scaring me. i hope i already finish college when that year comes

post best titties ITT
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They look so... heavy..
my goodness that is some nice boobers
perfect nipple

I hate when they are all big and look like an overgrown skin tag

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Any NEETS here afraid of Trumps proposed budget cuts to food stamps and welfare?

> $193 billion from SNAP
> $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid
> $21 billion from TANF
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It's worth it if he gets the wall built.
File: 1495344734021.jpg (55KB, 258x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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And Mexico is totally going to pay for it, right?

Hikki Wall maybe, top kek this goy still thinking mexico is paying for it

I know right lol

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