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>normie and his gf go camping in the woods near Bonn
>Dindu, armed with a machete, decides to offer them some cultural enrichment
>forces the girl outside, rapes her
>the boyfriend is powerless to help, has to listen to her cry as she's raped
>dindu escapes into the night
>two lives ruined

Such is life in the New Germany.

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white robots:
>all women deserve to be raped

also white robots:
>these shitskins are raping our pure white women! the barbarians!!

Why do you rejects give a fuck if this is exactly what you want? Such a weird entitlement complex you faggots have when some non-white guy rapes a white woman, but you otherwise don't give a shit about women.
This is what we should be doing to Chad, taking his Stacy by force. If we attack in packs Chad has no chance.

that bf is a real pussy

can we get a woman hate thread

pic unrelated
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pic partially related
More like bitter virgin faggot thread
>"It's a WOMANS fault that I'm an obese socially retarded autist! They're conspiring against me!"

You all are retarded. We don't like you because you're either retarded, awkward as shit, or hideous

Sup bots, what should i take for anxiety attacks?
No prescribed pharm possibly.
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Bump for legal drugs
Look into valerian root for starters, available at nutrition shops. Or if you want something a bit stronger and carries with it some potential for addiction and abuse while still being legal, look into phenibut supplements AKA "nootropics".. aniracetam as well.. have heard good things about them
Well if prescription drugs (and therefore benzos, the one thing that works) are off the table, looks like you'll have to make do with alcohol.

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>on the way back from therapy session
>on the phone with mum, my head racing with emotions and thoughts
>feeling really overwhelmed from the session
>waiting at the crosswalk, talking with mum
>wheel bound man falls down behind me or something-i didnt see
>wheel chair rolling off on its own away-man on the ground looking like he's sleeping
>trying to process what the fuck is going on-anxiety kicking in
>afraid to do anything because i've seen so many fucked up people downtown
>people on the street rush to help him-im still on phone looking confused
>i just quickly walk away, afraid people thought i hurt him or something
>man in a car on the road starts yelling at me
>"i hope that fucking phone call was important!!
>holy shit holy shit holy shit
>walk away even faster, pretend not to notice-mom on the other side asking me what the fuck is going on
>go home feeling like absolute shit

I must have looked like such an asshole right out in the open. It was not my intention to come off that way. I panicked and wasn't entirely sure what was going on. Im a really nice guy otherwise. I always hold doors open for people and stuff. Im sorry dude!
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and that is why I never go outside
Nobody would give a shit about you if you fell over or passed out. Just chill man.
>man in a car on the road starts yelling at me
>"i hope that fucking phone call was important!!
why did he have the time to yell at you?
he also did't help
instead he yelled at you
he's the retarded one - yelling at a stranger
you used your time whisely and talked to your mum - this is important since she won't be there forever

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>tfw old cartoons and books I used to love are too childish for me now

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its ok you can still love them
>tfw to smart too enjoy children's media
they're boring and the dialogue is immature.
very lame my friend

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Who else here avoid accidental meeting with acquaintances when going somewhere?
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Me. Some days ago in uni I was walking and I noticed I known from HS was walking behind me. I didn't turn around, I acted like I didn't see her.
She was following me to say hi after 2 years. Why would she want to greet me? I thought we were even less than knowns.
I was follow to say hi to me, that means a lot for someone like me.

P.S: She is really kind, she once gifted 3 or 4 chocolates and jelly fruit candy
I was being followed to say hi to me, that means a lot for someone like me.
this happened to me today
>be me
>go to chip shop for lunch
>see through the window two girls from HS
>"gotta go in or mother will not be happy i didn't get lunch"
>autistically walk in backwards and order
>girls don't notice me the entire time
>stealth god

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Venerate your father.
Sort yourself out.
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I knew about Jordan Peterson years before he blew up btw

does that make me a genius?
you say that as if he's not where my apathy towards life comes from
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Grow up bucko. It's easy to feel resentful and vindictive. Bear some existential burden and try sort things out with your father.

>Hey there, handsome, why don't you sit down with me?
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I wonder where her friends are hiding at? This is obviously some sort of ruse

>those legs

go eat a burger cunt
I'd assume she was a slut for talking to me like that and ignore her.

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Post what you consider a 10/10 woman, and a 10/10 man

I think people in general have a much higher standards when it comes to men, let's see if it holds true
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Is it cheating to use the same picture for both?

{original text goes in here}

You can use a female(male) picture for the girl but the man has at least look biologically male

Anyone else disgusted by how nice guys pretend to be a woman's friend for the prospect of sex? Jesus, how can you do that to someone and think of yourself as a good person? You're just a predator.
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>it's impossible to want to be a woman's friend and have sex with her
I just act indifferent/borderline rude.
This has not been a successful strategy
why not just be her friend without the sex part?

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Regularily scheduled reminder that it is literally impossible for women not to be lonely.
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I gave up on women and all I care about now is money, and guess what? I make minimum wage.
elaborate on this OP
Where did you get this crazy idea from? What sort of evidence do you have to back this up?

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big boss salute.jpg
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You wanna know something faggot?

The secret of happiness?

The ultimate defense against depressing thoughts, the greatest enemy being oneself?


Every problem is temporary and has a solution, as drastic as it may be. With enough thought, everything has a solution. To surrender and cuddle up is to allow time to dictate the flow of your time, and time is a heartless bitch.

So, if you can go forward, and you can charge forward, then know that surrender is not an option.
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Inspiring words anon
File: 1454448946197s.jpg (3KB, 98x124px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Sad thing is about this is that it's one of the only ways I see myself dying happily, out on the battlefield. I don't want to go out sleeping or in a fucking hospital bed. I want to die with a shout my lung and a weapon in my hand
What if the only true solution is to surrender?

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what's a crazy proposal that would actually work
in general, not r9k specific
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Let the starving eat the unemployed
Online girlfriend experience people pay me to pretend to be their online girlfriend.
Arm everyone, make the police solely a reactive force.
It'd be a shit show at first but it'd soon settle and we'd all be a lot safer and happier.

Fucking phonies.
Fuckin amateurs

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>people with jobs
>people with friends
>people with family
>people with gf
Reminder: Principal Skinner was a virgin until season 8.
Was that the season he fucked your mother?

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>Good morning, anon! How many eggs would you like?
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I want to impregnate all of yours desu
C-cook then on your t-tits mommy!


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