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>"I am a robot"
>not a drug addict that uses and drinks alone locked up in a room
>not knowing true pain and dispair
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I smoke a lot of weed but if I had the chance I would probably use heroin
>only drug addicts can know "true pain and despair"
>drug addict
>has enough confidence to either go buy alcohol or get drugs from a drug dealer
Yeah, right.

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Well shit. Now what? I asked her on a date afterwards and she said yes.
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are you both autistic?
Now you originally leave this place and never come back.
Congrats, you've earned the right to fuck off to another board.

>Be me 33 year old former NEET
>No gf no friends no family no hope
>Tried to clean up my life
>Law school
>$200,000 debt
>State bar exam in 14 days
>Haven't studied too depressed
>Will likely fail
>an hero likely

also manlet. What're my options here friends?
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>he fell for the college meme

I guess you can retake the bar exams later, right?
Start selling drugs, live a little scarface fantasy
play the lottery, invest in stocks

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varg vikernes.jpg
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stop using antidepressants
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I probably will, been on Zoloft a month and I feel terrible, Im dead inside and have zero motivation

first week was great though
That might go away if you stick with them. I used to take zoloft and the first couple of months were exhausting but then my serotonin levels adjusted and I was fine.
do you now feel better than pre-zoloft?

I feel like it helps with anxiety and racing thoughts but motivation got much worse and am still plenty depressed

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Why don't you guys just settle for an average girlfriend?
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she looks like gollum
Because even they only want Chads
I think you meant to say, "because I only want Stacey"

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crispy is truly too cute for this world.
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the blur tool on that photo is insane. she even lightened her skin kek
Stop posting my wife damnit.
second thread in as many hours

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While in my garage I came across my old rolodex
For you youngsters, it was something people used before cellphones and its function was basically identical to the 'contacts' app that is standard.

Anyway, I found a bunch of people I knew as a teen, most I barely interacted with and very few whom I even know why I had their phone numbers. Probably for school assignments. I found a lot of them on fb and it is so weird to think we once occupied the same places. A lot of the guys seem much the same but the women are mostly fatter and with 1-4 kids. A lot of girls I crushed on are now full blown sjw feminazi types witu red flags the size of a king bedsheet and tje pole planted firmly up their ass.

Some of them even look happy. The goths aren't goths anymore (save two) and by and large no one is the way I remember them. Part of me wanted to reach out to them. But we have so little in common. They aren't the same. I'm not the same. It's so surreal finding this little device that spurred me to look into a window full of strangers wearing the faces of childhood friends.
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Ew, you're old!
The passage of time is very subtle
You never really realize how much time has passed until you stop and look around
Fuck you fatman

who /chronic bags under eyes/ here

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I have them really bad, plus wrinkles. I look like I just escaped from the psych ward.
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>meet girl from here
>get along
>send pic of my face
>huge purple bags under my eyes
>"are you high?"
>says I look like wojak
She probably wanted to get high with you.

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>That female mod on the discord server who constantly acts like a miserable, humourless bitch and contradicts you all the time while contributing nothing to the conversation herself. Everyone worships her and sides with her on everything anyway for the sole reason that she's a girl.
>That self-obsessed guy in the discord server who diverts every conversation to be about him and posts photos of himself every few minutes while humble bragging. (For example, "Oh man guys, look how much of a state I got into while drunk last night haha" *Posts photo of him that he clearly looks good and presentable in, everyone, including him, will recognise this)
>That guy on the discord server with a meme avatar and capital letter username who types everything exclusively lower case and keeps trying to be funny all the time by making "witty" quips after everything anyone says and for some reason people actually treat him like a comedic genius.

Just a few of the reasons why I fucking hate discord and anything on the internet that involves talking to other people that aren't anonymous.
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>that one faggot who unironically injects memes into everything he says
these people make me want to die.
set up your own server and kick anyone you don't like
Any server that allows women to be open about their gender is garbage

> tfw no /gfd/-gf that is into k-pop and calls me cute
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what the fuck do those letters stand for shitlord
gentle femdom my man
>tfw have a gfd bf
>tfw started listening to kpop and rap two years ago.
soz op

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Allright bros decided to start a dating profile. What site should I use? OKC? POF? Tinder?

What's tips to succeed? Things to avoid? Do's and don'ts?
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If you're handsome you'll do okay without any tips.
>dating profile

o h boy
Okcupid and plenty of fish are great if you want to bang ugly dumpster sluts

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Have you ever been kicked in the balls?
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>lanklet tries to lift fatty mcplanet
>brap boar gets enraged at this failure,
>has PTSD flashbacks to the time she was eRaped on farmville by a cis white male
>then she remembers her training from years of tae kwon do classes and swiftly dispatches him
What in the -- I say what in the hell is going on here?
>lanklet tries to lift fatty mcplanet


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Just tested postive for HIV. I'm going to kill myself soon. Talk here about why you want to kill yourself

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serves you well for being a degenerate
Don't kill yourself, OP. People with HIV live long lives now. It's not over.
just listen to mad world as usual.

>tfw /r/4chan gets shut down just as your post was getting popular
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>Censoring your website in protest of websites being censored.
They did the same thing with r/lolis
I opened it up and all the posts are shitty spoofs on net neutrality and everyone sucking themselves off because they are making such a big difference.
Also their top stickied post that has info to educate the uninformed people about the net neutrality is a john oliver video.

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


now with an official discord: Vb7NyWP
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I appreciate this thread, but am waiting for the discord meme to die
I guess it was just created for regulars and people who were interested I think its cool
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Hello friend!

HOLY SHIT That's a baseball!

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