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>robot waifu he got by searching the earth for dragon balls
>he could have wished for anything
>he wished for a gf
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>wished for something
>his wish was granted
not /ourguy/
>dates a sex robot
>had chad friends who look after him but never quite accept him

What's up with the massive height difference in DBZ? Are they aleins or some shit? Seems so unfair that krillin is 2 ft tall and by circumstances of birth was unable to ever be the great warrior like goku. Bad message to send to kids. Manlets eternally btfo, when will they learn?

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>meet 3 classmates
>one is awkward
>we're all talking, joking, he's silent
>I try include him in the conversation, make jokes
>he keeps saying he doesn't want to talk about X
>X being his past job, some female friend he has and the potential to date, future possibilities
>keeps saying shit like "just stop picking on me", for what is literally just bants
>I don't even mean insulting bants, friendly bants
>every time he'd just sigh and say "guys, could we not?"
>would just kill every line of conversation
>we'd question his behaviour
>he'd start talking about how he was bullied in high school
>over 6 years ago

I'll bet half you cunts are like this.
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Get him drunk to the point he is loving life, letting his guard down and having a good time. Then, after restoring his faith in humanity, have everyone in the vicinity turn around and point and laugh at him with out stopping until he cries and runs away. Serves him right for being a wanklord after you honestly tried to connect and be friendly with him.
Maybe he will greentext his experience on here after you are done kek.
Yeah he sounds like a cunt but maybe you shouldn't pester him with your autistic bullshit faggot also please leave this board you fucking normie
Sounds deeply insecure. Unless you're fucking with specific insecurities on purpose, he needs to harden the fuck up

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I have never romantically touched a girl
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I cant even remember the last time I shook somebodies hand
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>Been rejected and friendzoned 3 times in a row over the course of several years because girls like me but just not enough to be attracted to me

Why can't I be loved?
Well you're missing out faggot.

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>tfw I find out that my stepdad has a shotgun in his closet
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>Dad is getting back into clay pigeon shooting
>If he can get a gun license he is going to get a shotgun and keep it at his place
>Tfw worried that when I go into a really low mood I'm gonna go to his place and blow my brains out with his gun
You won't. Don't even act like you'd be tempted. You people are so insufferable. What's the point of all this 'look how depressed I am' bullshit?
then go kill yourself already

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>be autistic loser only child
>parents always talking about how excited they are for grandchildren
how do i break the news to them that they wont be getting any grand children?
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Don't bother. All parents say this shit.
>tfw you are the end of your bloodline
Tell them to adopt a teenage girl who already has kids

Solves the problem

>tfw underage girl (17) sends u nudes and after a while you don't wanna talk to her anymore but ur scared that if u cut contact she'll show the police the conversations. I mean she's 18 now but I'm still kind of freaked
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that's ok we're in this together, you'll be fine :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
Fucking normie

Outermost oregano
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Yeah try a 14 year old sending you unwarranted nudes

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So how exactly do I tell a girl that I'm a virgin at the age of 25, should I even bother bringing it up or should I just keep it to myself?
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why do you want to tell her?
Names of those girls in the pic? Is that Lauren southern?
You can lie, if she cares about you she won't mind. Don't tell her unless she asks. What girl will you tell, or are you just creating barriers to not get a gf?

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So whats preventing you from offing yourself /r9k/? What is your breaking point before you finally do it?
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right now it's murdoch murdoch youtube channel and evangelion

I was very close to last month and I no longer have a job.

My sister would be devastated.
I'm giving myself a chance until age 30
I can't see any hope if life doesn't change by then

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>When you send your beta orbiter a photo of you fucking Chad to make him jealous, but instead he cuts all contact from you

Why are guys such jerks?
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You degenerate oxygen thief
why dont roasties just fug their orbiters.
They are happy and keep orbiting. Otherwise they just drift away.
>robot bf is talking to another femanon
>probably cheating on me
>want to murder them both

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are we living in purgatory without noticing?
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no this is real life, you're going straight to hell unless you accept jesus as your lord and savior.

is that the type of conversation you want to have?
I'm not going to accept a jew cuck as my savior. There is only one God, prophets are scapegoats for degeneracy
Often feels like it. Feels like this reality, or the creator of this reality, is continually tormenting me.

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Any ex-yugo anons around? Balkan region mostly. Talk, discuss and try to keep the political bullshit to the minumum.

slovenia NOT welcome
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i work with 2 girls who are from Kosovo , one was born on the day the war started lol.
And where are you from? What are your impressions of the girlsv

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jGy9Y4R hello r9gay server here looking for gayboys
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Ok that is very good keep it up
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me in real life.jpg
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nyaaa origianoli
fucking degen

Might as well keep posting /r9k/'s very own oracle's visions.
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And it's still better than any relationship advice r9k has ever posted
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Do you know your neighbors r9k?
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>tfw even Inspirobot calls you a faggot.

>Been laughing more than usual lately.
>Getting suspicions that I may have brain damage.

(Pic unrelated)
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Are you enjoying life more? If not then you may habe finally found the Zen of humor, where all things can be funny in their own unique way.
no but ive got a feeling ive got something since i feel like shit all the time. i feel kind of dizzy and like im going to pass out randomly. thing is, i get my blood checked about every 6 months or so since im supposed to take meds and nothing comes up. i get shit like thyroid, cholesterol, blood cells, metabolism, liver, diabeetus related shit, etc checked. the only time I feel okay is when I drink alcohol but that's probably because i'm drunk or the shitload of carbs in beer or w/e i drink. not sure. maybe its just diet related.
I pray for any type of cancer I want to die I know there's a slight chance it could go into remission but I'd hope it'd come back aggressively and be told its spread to other parts of my body

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any of you guys had a gay encounter but regretted it?
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just choose to live a heterosexual lifestyle you retard, literally a non-problem
why do you regret it if you're bi? or are you just a prison guy trying to rationalize his failures
lol what happened

I think a lot of guys rush into gay sex when they should just wait until they find a guy they like, but then you'll never have gay sex because you don't like guys, thats the trick of it all

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