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Today I am getting psychological testing, does anyone have advice on how to make it look like I am severely mentally ill?
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Talk about 4chan and /r9k/ specifically and in detail.
Just be yourself Anon, we all believe in you
Get a job you pseudoautist

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>Rejecting women who have taken 100 dicks is sexist and demeaning
>Rejecting men who occasionally play video games and aren't hellbent on becoming corporate titans is normal and encouraged
Why aren't men allowed to have standards? Is it because it would decrease women's sexual market value?
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>its always the mans fault!

"man up" ladies this is the future you chose
This. If women really want marriage/kids they have to bring SOMETHING to the table. They used to- loyalty, companionship, homemaking, affection. With feminism and the sexual revolution those things no longer exist in the modern woman.
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I'm 23 and can't afford my own property or a car, am I meant to want to have kids to be poor and struggle forever ?

Jesus christ fuck no, man child all the way, fuck babies, go to the betababy providers

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How was she not banned for being underage?
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How could you do this to my thread!?!
Next time don't make a thread about this dumb bitch.

I was just curious! Nice dubs by the way

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I hate gay people and trannys so fucking much

You guys are the most irritating, disgusting group of people Ive ever seen, and I hope you all follow the trend of other fags by killing yourselves.

You feel alone bitch? good. Me and all other straight people talk about how weird and disgusting you are. You will never know what its like to have a real guy friend. You were born a degenerate and you will never be happy. Now leave us the fuck alone and kill yourselves already
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somebody is butthurt
>OP is being ironic and found cool image to go with the text
>OP is really a faggot himself and fucks traps


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What happened to scenes like emo, goth, punk, pop-punk, skater?

It seems everyone is cookie cutter as fuck nowadays, merely following every latest trend and listening to all the same shitty music.
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Nah they're still around

The scenes are just a lot more mixed up today than they were before.

For example here in germany at gothic meetings you will also seey emo, punk, metal and a lot of otakus
>What happened to scenes like emo, goth, punk, pop-punk, skater?
They got replaced by hipsters and tumblerina types.
>It seems everyone is cookie cutter as fuck nowadays, merely following every latest trend and listening to all the same shitty music.
That's the same way it's always been. Emo/goth was the mainstream back then. They were the cookie cutter teens of their generation.
Shut up and go play your Nintendo 64 and drink your fucking surge you pathetic 26 year old beta male

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>goes to Stanford
>Parents are loaded

Why did he rape that girl? He could easily get a gf or have sex on tinder.
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because none of those things means you're attractive. in fact that's key for repulsive
I don't know, and I dont care at all
Tall white rich male is literally the easiest mode for life.

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How is it possible that women are easier than at any other point in history yet more and more young "men" are virgins?
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internet, dumbass
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The world wide web, you say?
Ok riddle this, an idea i have been thinking on. I use the internet to socialize all the fucking time: 4chan, vidya, vidya clans, etc. How hard can it be to use it to get laid? It's all a numbers game and you can message 50 girls and it doesn't matter if none respond because you can message another 50 in no time while attempting to learn from your mistakes

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Are there theoretically any jobs that don't require me to leave my house at all?
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-Youtuber or Twitch streamer (kind of an overfilled market and the adpocalypse has killed making money off ads, so you'd have to rely on Patreon. Plus you'd have to be a non autist thats decent at interacting with people)
-Game developer that makes games for iOS or Steam (But this is about to get super expensive with the removal of Steam greenlight and getting noticed on Android/iOS markets is super hard)
I'm a drug dealer, and for close "friends" i let them come to my apartment or outside in the parking lot, so sometimes I can make a lot of cash in a day without leaving my place at all.

If you're just looking to make some side cash, though then selling a small amount of weed to some white kids who aren't shady will not require you to leave much.
I'll help you out OP, even though I don't really want anymore competition. Alas, the greater good.


Here, you can get jobs working from home using this website. It's called Indeed. There are lots of jobs here, mostly involving computers.

Are there really boys who like having things in their butts? Does it actually feel good? And are any of them actually cute?
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they're called gay and yeah it does feel good im not gay though
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>Likes things in his boyhole
>Not gay
Yes, yes, yes. How ever the last yes is rare

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ITT: MBTI discord plus discuss


>inb4 INTP suicidal
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Which personalities are most likely to become robots?
iunno I'm in INFP
INTP is a literal robot.

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I've said this multiple times and I will say it again. ALL SODOMITE ENABLERS DESERVE DEATH.

Ever since the Oregon Shooting in 2015, all /r9k/ related boards were swarmed with two things. normalfags and faggot recruitment threads shilling for this degeneracy. Someone has to stand up to these people, even if that has to be me, and I have to stand on my own.
It's like as soon as they found young men ready to rise up and rebel (beta uprising), they started shilling for the worst degenerate vices to control them. What a more disgusting way can there be to neutralize a disenfranchised youth than to appeal to his low self esteem and make him a submissive degenerate controlled by the basest pleasure (taking it up the ass) and have him dress like a girl / sterilize himself with hormones to idealize being a fucktoy to the very same degenerate (((elites))) that are probably behind the gay/tranny shilling.

You are preying on lonely autists in a bad lot in life, with very little in the way of self esteem and very little to lose. You are using this to your advantage to manipulate your sick agenda into their minds. You deserve slow and public impalement. How's that for taking it up the ass?

I have relegated myself to 8ch /r9k/ and /v9k/ because of the better posting quality and good moderation nuking these shilling threads, but in doing so I abandoned this board, and with it, very many new autistic anons that were targeted and turned gay because of this. I know I could have been one of them because like most of us, I started out on 4chan.

ITT we purge our mind and ourselves of sick fetishes and take action against all the sick faggots preying on lonely autists
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>tfw joined exactly after Oregon shooting
I'm not gay or normie tho
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Why the FUCK aren't you robots buying crypto? Do you hate money? It's basically a scam at this point

1. Go to coinbase
2. Get verified with ID
3. Buy coins (BTC,ETH,DGB,SIA) on CC
4. In 30 days, sell enough to pay off CC, repeat

For bonus money, get a cash back card ya dummy
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You need money to begin with though.
Did you not read my SIMPLE and EASY to follow instructions?
stop shilling your shitty website

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You can go back in time and talk to yourself when you were 12 years old for exactly 10 minutes

What do you tell yourself?
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Start working on your social game now, that's it. everything else is hit and miss
Invest in bitcoin rather than real estate, dumbass.
Pretty soon you're going to be taken to a gun range by your stepdad. It might seem like a bad idea, but as soon as he hands you the gun, blow your fucking brains out. If you don't, you'll regret it forever.

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she blocked me, unblocked me and then blocked me when I had found out she had unblocked me. I still have major feelings for me and she claims to "still love but me but can't do a relationship right now" because of, as she puts, arguments, stress and also the feeling that she is helpless in wanting to see me more but being unable to see me more.
I am happy with the current arrangement of the relationship (seeing one a fortnight, calling 2-3 times a week and texting throughout the day) and want her back.
Is there any solution to getting her back? Could I encounter her in person and perhaps challenge her on the real reason for the breakup because I don't really see a reason, for a breakup, in the message; she is focused too much on not wanting to hurt me but she doesn't hurt me because I love her and am happy to see her.

Girlfriend dumped me because she doesn't think that it is right her hurting me (even though she doesn't hurt me) and that she isn't giving me enough time.

She says she loves me but cannot be in a relationship right now; which is unusual considering she is the one who asked me out and we have been close except for yesterday, which was out of the blue as she was sending me naked pictures and talking about how she wanted to fuck me at the weekend when we were supposed to see each other again.

She is always mentioning a Cinderella-story future between us and it is a future we both want but for some reason she has randomly dumped me.

She has depression and is under a lot of stress from parents and her current exams but she had been managing to fit me in well with a once a fortnight visitation routine and 2-3 calls a week with regular texting throughout the day.

(P.S. : The last argument was 1 month ago.)
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nobody cares you 19 year old fag.
Welcome to every teenage relationship ever
Pull back for a while and see if she responds

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>You're going to die
>It could happen at any second
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>It could happen at any second
>That old gay guy that died while jerking off on chaturbate

RIP Bill, not gay just liked sucking dicks
Thank GOD. Please just end it now.

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