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How can i stop being a lazy procrastinating piece of shit?
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protip : you can't

That's depressing to know...
i m in the same fucking boat, and every time i tried to do something, i ended up coming back to the doing nothing/procrastition schedule.
I ve came to the point where i just accepted i can t help myself and i ll never be able to work hard, because i m lazy.
I know i won t enjoy what most people do, but at least i wont work for it either.

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Quick! Lain is lonely and depressed! Who will give her a hug?
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no one
your waifu is trash
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Lain is fucking garbage tbhh.
Now here's a worthwhile waifu you tasteless faggot.
Lain is too pure to be a waifu, you mongoloids
She just needs a hug

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>decide to try shaving my legs
>no trimmer or scissors so have to rinse the the razor every stroke
>make a wrong move and rip off a small chunk of skin near the knee
>decide to ignore it
>this is just taking too long and it's too awkward
>give up with a half shaven leg
>bleeding and stings like fuck when I wash it
>look retarded
Just fuck my shit up
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I really like your pucture
btw your thread will 404 after this post
>I really like your pucture
>btw your thread will 404 after this post
why do you think that?
I shaved my legs once and I regretted the decision for at least a week. I shaved properly and everything, but it didn't work out. Literally tried to stay high all day to avoid the annoying painful/itchy sensation. Never again.

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>start working overnights at a grocery store
>Parents and a couple other people I know act like it's a big deal, and worse than working days
>"But your sleep cycle will be fucked up and no one will be there to talk to!"
>It's comfy because of this
>I can work in peace, while listening to music I like
>I'm awake most of the night anyway, so I'm at least on a regular schedule

Who knew working retail could be so comfy
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I wish i had a comfy overnight job. I used to work at a bakery overnight but that was absolutely the opposite of comfy.
Got pretty lucky. I'd have a rough time flipping my sleep cycle to make that possible.
Retail is alright though. Cashier and manager are absolutely awful but stockboy or warehouse worker is pretty fun. Enough social interaction to stay engaged but not to much that you resent customers/coworkers
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What exaclty is it that you do? It seems like a fun job.

>waaah waah I hate women sooooo muuuuch waaah
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Women are cunts tho.
>women dont want to be with you because you are a pathetic beta bitch
>its there faullltttttt :(((((((((((((
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Get. Off. My. Board. Originally.

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Should I let my boyfriend suck on my boobs? I don't want to start lactating and honestly I think that it's kinda weird but not much of an inconvenience for me

What's the appeal anyway? They're big and okay... you're a man, not a baby
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Wow what a dumb cunt hope you get a masectomy you barren bitch

Your not a real woman. Stop role playing.
But I am a baby and baby need hims milkies. Please pots pic of big milk boobs

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i just fucked a 32yo japanese and when she saw my dick she said 'OOOOOUHHHHH VERY BIG'

hahaha, i feel bad for japanese guys, my dick is 6x5.4 and thats big for asians lol

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This is 0/10 bait. It's like you don't even try.
Shit that never happened for 500 alex
/r/hapas defense force

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Is it true that normies go to music festivals to take a bunch of drugs and fuck each other?
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In short, yes

edm festivals yes
other festivals yes and no
Yeah man, its fun as hell. I highly recommend it.

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I have noticed something.
Women all around are getting more obese.

i have an extremely chad brother who sometimes brings over hoes, they are all obese to chubby women. I rarely see him bring over a skinny chick.

has anybody been noticing that women are becoming obese too?
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your brother is just a chubby chaser dipshit
He fell for the thicc meme. Not surprisingly unoriginal
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Its in the food, GMO's and such, enjoy the decline

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>hit someone in a thread with a good counter-argument and deconstruction of their argument
>they stopped responding
>probably closed the tab like the little bitch they are
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>r9k life accomplishment
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> get my retarded opinion absolutely destroyed by multiple people
> thread is offtopic so it gets deleted shortly afterwards

heh, you never stood a chance kids
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>"If a child is too young to remember the act and theres no physical trauma caused, then what harm is done?"
>Other person is disgusted by you and sees that you won't be swayed by reason. Leaves the thread.
>"Hmm, I won that debate."

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Anyone else relate to certain villains a little too well? Ill start, Davy Jones is a beta robot

>Once normie
>fell for someone out of his league
>She promised to be faithful
>He believed her cause of love and hope and shit
>He goes out and works for her and she promises to be there when he returns
>She betrays him and isn't faithful
>Become filled with hate and rage
>Begin to tell everyone he knows women are evil
>But still loves her because she made him happy
>Doesn't move on like a healthy person
>Refuses to love again and clings harder
>Refuses to work because he is emotionally fucked
>Goes around ruining other people's lives because he's miserable
>Locks himself in his room all the time

Part of the ship, part of the crew Robots
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You know he choked bitches with his tentacle beard. Look me in the eyes and tell me im wrong
>tfw no tentacle bf for a loyal girl
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This guy nailed it on my feels

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>Be your typical /r9k/ robot ex-shutin beta
>Except tried LSD because of DarkNet and /r9k/ threads
>Go to city center today because of random doctor's appointment
>Read my book at coffe shop and walk around the historic city center in scalding hot Mediterranean climate while I'm there
>Notice an extraordinary amount of tattooed up degenerates walking the streets as tourists
>Oh right that large festival going to happen in my city soon
>See qt with large swirly colorful vortex shirt (that often Hippies wear) walking alone
>Send pic of her to my acid experienced friend from the Netherlands as a in-joke, on whatsapp
>He tells me I should ask her trip with me
>Disregard his advice and complain to him about autism
>Buy bus ticked home
>Change my mind on the bus
>Rush out
>Can't find her
>Search for her in scalding hot city center for 3 hours walking miles while feeling the heat waves wash across me
>Notice some other seriously qt degenerate thicc sluts with tats, full on whore lipsticc and stretched ear rings on the way
>Lose them too while asking friend for advice on what to do
>Another half an hour passes as i'm just walking the streets looking out for degenerate qts
>Start to feel the effects of heat exhaustion, feet hurt like hell
>Fuck it
>Zero in on first degenerate looking tattooed up qt with Stretchy ear rings
>She's taller than me or same height but with no slut makeup
>Stalk for a while while sitting on a bench
>She gets up
>Finally go in for the kill before she is lost too
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>Follow and intercept her like suave Latino Lover
>"Y-y-you f-f-from around here?"
She says she's not
>A-a-a-ah ok then, I'm a local here
>She's looking at me questionably
>Nothing's coming out, my mouth shivering, mom's spaghetty falling out
>Literally mumble " I-i-i'm kind of autistic"
>"U-u-uh I-i-i'm just assuming things b-b-b-but because of your e-e-ear rings you see..."
>"Uh-oh w-w-would you....
>W-w-would you like to trip acid with me tomorrow?"
>She say's she's sorry but she's already here with someone
>Says she Hopes i have i nice time
>I start my panicked exit maneuver
>"I-i-it's ok, it's ok, np"
>Unironically mutter "I'm sorry for the autism and autistic situation"
>Walk at my fastest pace for 10 minutes to make sure i get away from her as far as possible

>Asking random qts on the street if they want to do drugs with me
Is this the beginning of a new and beautiful mental illness, lads?

I read all of that. You're an excellent storyteller OP. I'm in physical pain now.
funny story. you sound like you bother your friend a bit though with the self-deprecation. if you want some advice, take kratom. you shake a bit but you will be much smoother. don't tell anyone, it's for autismos only. lost my virginity on it

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Why do below average girls refuse to lower their standards like below average guys?
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Because they dont need to.

Even Chads are getting sick of fucking hot stacies all the time, so they develop fetishes for ugly, disabled, and deformed girls
Because the majority of men have lower standards than they should have (they willingly date/fuck down)
Because of thirsty betas

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So how would killing myself seriously negatively affect my family? I'm a parasite, I consume their food and add to their bills while producing little in return, and this has been going on for 2 years now. If I were to off myself now they would certainly be distraught but in the long term it would be a net positive.
I genuinely don't understand the "suicide would ruin your family" meme.
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Socially, your death would hang over them forever. Every family reunion would be tainted by your act of self-destruction.

That's the main problem. The stigma and the drama.
File: 1394463537740.jpg (57KB, 620x825px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Also. They care about you a little. At least. Even if they don't show it all the time. They may not enjoy taking care of you. But they only want what's best for you. Like they would like you to wake up and be self aware. Like get a job and contribute instead of being a "parasite". But again. It's all on you. Change your perspective and think about how you effect others instead of how they effect you, asshat.

I felt the same way.

But honestly? (and I think you know this)

They would much rather have you be a drain than be dead. Forever. For all your flaws, there are undoubtedly positive benefits that you bring into people lives, even if you can't see them yourself.

Wait till your parents are dead, like me. By then, you may have something to live for.

For me personally, my parents didn't do a very good job-- it's a hard thing to do, raising a kid.

The guilt will haunt them right to their final moments on their deathbed. The feeling that they failed you, and they were powerless to change it.

It's not good to feel worthless. Your guilt is actually pushing you further away from healing. Do small stuff, if you can, show them you care. I was stuck living with my parents for roughly 3 years, and even little actions can cascade into something wonderful for both parties.

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been smoking a joint every night for the last 5-6 months but decided to throw all my weed out 2 days ago. got drunk both days because i couldnt fall asleep.
anyone had experiences quitting weed?
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Hey man, uh, where'd you throw that weed out?
Yes. Sleeping was tougher. Same thing happened with Dr-prescribed opiates. Just eat well and get some exercise and you should be fine
been there enough times OP, once youve gone 2 or 3 days without smoking you completely stop caring. it might seem like everything is boring without it at first.

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