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I have to go in front of the class and introduce myself and bring an item with sentimental value and talk about it for 2 minutes tomorrow at college for my speech course. Why do normalfags hate autistic boys /r9k/ and how should I go about this presentation?
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Brig dis fren.

Shop dey tha doggo benis.
Public speaking or a speech course isn't a 101 so why are you complaining retard?
What are you saying to me? Speech is required in the college I go to and the universities all around me

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Anyone else feel like we got dealt a shit hand? Why are humans the only species on Earth that have this level of self awareness? Living this way just feels wrong. I feel like I have some sort of dysmorphia living the way I am. It feels like a curse to be so aware of my own actions instead of acting on instinct. I kind of want to express this to people in real life but I feel like they would send me to the loony bin. Someone please send help
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Its not worth worrying about. You didnt ask to be born so dont blame yourself for existing, no matter how odd or rediculous it seems.

Life is a meat grinder for most of mankind no reason to over analyze to the point of feeling like you are outside your body. I know the feeling, feeling almost not human. Digital.

(Pic just makes me smile)
>wants to do something more
>has a shitty sense of direction

watchu want, chap?
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We were born into the 1% of human society that isnt just barely working for scraps to survive, giving us time to obsess over what the people above us have

We see the .01% above us that seems to have everything, looks, money, power

then there's the .001% above them we dont see

and the .0001% above them

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>this girl appears in front of you and asks you if you want to tongue kiss

how do you react?
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he's 2d on the inside so why not I guess
passionately make out with her and hope she likes it enough to date me then marry them
Pretty negatively. My wife wouldn't appreciate me kissing some random floozy.
Also, they aren't even that attractive

ITT: Unpopular opinions
I'll start:
Democracy and Social liberalism are highly overrated
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There should be state sponsored Rape gangs composed of white Chads, in order to impregnate white women who dress provocatively and act like sluts. Yes I advocate white sharia.
>needing to rape to impregnate sluts
Introversion, not meme CEO of a computer company with loads of friends introversion or so introverted xd girls, should be classified as a mental illness and should have some form of conditioning program to "fix" introverts.

Am I the only one who had a bad day? Again?
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Every day I'm still breathing is a bad day.
I don't even remember what a good day feels like, man.
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Am I the only one that regrets waking up?

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>her face while she waits for you to arrive to your first date together
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I will never know this feel, and none like it.
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>tfw you'll never experience that timeline
What style is the architecture? I like the brick windows behind in the left side.

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>tfw unattractive

Is there a worse feel than being disqualified from companionship because of genetic factors outside your control? (Dick size, height, bone structure)

For example, I'm fat which makes me unattractive. Fine. Being fat is my fault, I acknowledge. However, I also have a small dick so there is no point in losing weight because I will always have a small dick.

What are some other endemic conditions that prohibit self-improvement for you other robots?
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Your dick is probably up in your rolls no joke
In a first world society?Nope there isn't anything worse then being a genetic failure.
Maybe not now, but im starting to become bald and im only 22, so I guess thats gonna affect me in the near future.

Where do you think you're going mister?
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What the fuck is she?
To Hell, probably. About 50 years after I get in your ass.
IM trying to get a frisbee, please excuse me

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well, i set up an appointment with doctor tomorrow and im going to tell her that im suicidially depressed. Im completely surrendering to everything and im hoping she will recommend me to a therapist that treats people who have no money like me.

>what are you guys doing to ease the pain?
>recommend some comfy/funny movies or television
>anything else that keeps negative feelings away
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Tell us how it goes, OP!
Good luck anon. You're taking a huge step to helping yourself.

Next step: listen to everyrhing the therapist says, then stop coming here. Do it cold turkey. This place isn't good for you.

Be 100% honest with everything.
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Therapists can spout normie advice and fucking common sense that goes no deeper than a kiddie pool and it's all shit you've read/heard before. You're going to be dissapointed anon.

>what are you doing to ease the pain?
Drinking myself to sleep so the loneliness isn't so crushing because therapists are useless if you're genuinely fucked in the head. Pic related

i think a girl finally likes me in college
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Tell us about her op

How'd you do it OP?
nice faggot.Now gtfo you normie shit.

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You know when you finish jacking off? People can smell it.
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It's a nice smell. I've gotten a few comments on smelling like sex before but it has to be fresh, I've noticed the smell drops off or changes drastically after 4 or 5 hours. I wish it were more stable so I could make it into a cologne. I want to smell like this all the time.
>You know when you finish jacking off? People can smell it.

This isn't true
yes it is, go without jerking off for a week and you will definitely notice the cum reek

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>Started seeing shadow people in the corner of my eye more often
>Occurs almost every 15 seconds at night
What the fuck is wrong with me and what do I do?
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schizophrenia, seriously

enjoy your hell
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woah, lucky me
Have you been sleeping enough anon? This happened to me when I was up about 40 hours

im probably going to have a massive meltdown tonight
dubs i end it
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go to bed, normal-ass rest does wonders
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Close. Rerolling for anon.
I'll raise you one up any say you don't do it if trips

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Am i the only one here intimidated when a girl has hairless legs?

It just seems too perfect and manicured.They make me feel insecure
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I'd be more worried about those arms. Look at all that hair, she looks like a gorilla
post more hairy girls please
no girl is completely and naturally hairless

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what did they ever do to you?
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Cats? Keeps me from killing myself because no one else can take care of him, I'll probably kill myself shortly after he gets to old and sick and needs to be put down
i had to hold on to a seizing cat today, and clean her up from the spit and piss she sent spraying everywhere. this is after sleeping at a friend's house, who is fostering two kittens; one of the two kittens sucked the other kitten's ass so bad it shit everywhere on the bed.
>always shit in the spot i have to step into in order to get into my car
>carry massive amounts of fleas
>only ever give a shit when they see me because they want food
>fuck like rabbits

should i go on

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