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jesus fucking christ as if I gave a fuck about reading your shit anyway
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If it takes 10000 hours to master something, how long to learn to be noticeably better than average? Proficient? Advanced?

Once you are ze master, what comes next? Master of masters, the master of master of masters? How long for these goals?
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it's more of a generalized statement and cant possibly factor in things like natural talent
I have 3000 hours in CS:GO and 4000 hours in tf2. I'm only moderately better than most players in TF2 but I'm fucking god at CS:GO. It's more about brain orientation and natural talent.

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I saw a TS today, ridiculously passable/sexy. She/he(X) sucked my dick, lubed x's asshole and slid in

It was tight as fuck, but I wasnt hard enough to pound it.

I've seen one tranny before and the smell was a turn of. This one smelled amazing all around, no man smell at all. Dick/Balls/Ass smelled just like a womans pussy and ass.

X also got hard as fuck pretty fast, and had a small girlcock. I tugged oon it for a bit, then fucked fromo behind while I could.

Eventually I staryed sucking the Dick, my god. I never knew I had these skills. No teeth, deepthroating, sloppy as fuck. So proud of myself. X came in my moouth, thought about swallowing, but didn't soo I let it all coome out my mouth as i coated the dick in saliva. X started sucking my dick some moroe.

Never came though. Just happy I experience this.
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>tfw I will never be X

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>girl shows a sign of being interested in you
>start to avoid her at all costs
>break any accidental eye contact with a disinterested upwards glance
>feel like shit about it afterwards
>tfw no gf
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>girl shows a sign of being interested in you
>wake up

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Instead of the usual trimming, I decided to completely shave my pubes, balls and I shaved as much of my asshole hairs as I could and I gotta say it feels good.
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> Mexican
> 22 yrs old
> manlet
> fatfuck

ask me anything, i fucking hate myself already.
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>life is simple

t.attractive person
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Life IS simple, Anon. Good things don't "actually" happen, as every single positive feeling you experience is actually reliant on inducing far more suffering upon other living things than you can imagine. Life is an abhorrent thing and non-existence would be much better for everyone.
>reasonably attractive face
>dad bod with moobs and so much side fat I look like an ice cream cone

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>look up jobs
>80+% need girls and women only
>in all kind of jobs like management, graphic design, photoshop, office work, selling, call center, cleaning
>only jobs for men are the nigger ones like construction work or couple of the ones above with low wages
>the shittiest low wage job wants you to have a uni degree and experience
>mfw in a third world country
>mfw gonna kill myself
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>friendly, active, able to smile a lot
Like fuck off

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Need to tell this someone

>be me, 21, germany, at uni, wearing shorts with a belt, dont wear underwear (cause it feels better)
>on my way to uni in train/tram
>take seat in one of these 4 seat "configurations" that are facing each other
>not a lot of space, awkwardly sit down

>qt3.14 sitting in front of me
>looks at me... longer than normal and a few times in a row...
>look down
>notice you can clearly see my dick pressing against the shorts
>try to move and wiggle in order to fix it
>it doesnt work
>notice I wear the belt a bit tighter than usual. this is why the shorts are pressed up against my crotch
>cant fix it
>try to ignore it
>just pretend I didnt see it
>she still looks at me
>see her looking at my dick out of the corner of my eye
>feel an erection coming
>pic related
>absolute panic
>pretty sure she has already seen the bulge growing
>at my station
>get up and go
>she also leaves the tram here (probably also a student)

What do /r9k/? Masturbate to this memory or kill myself?... I was dying out of shame, but it also was kind of hot.
Her reaction was "unexpected". Maybe she even liked it. Pulling your dick out might be a pretty effective method of picking up girls.

Anyways, since she is probably also studying there, there is a good chance I will see her again and if that ever happens I might just have to kill myself.
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>not adjusting your dick like an alpha
Never gonna make it out of the pit

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>tfw no funny gf to do bits with
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who here could have had luck with woman but failed?

>since childhood be concerned with how I look
>see 10/10 models
>start believing you are 10/10
>later realize you are around 8/10
>hate self for not being 10/10
>never have gf because have 0 interest in women below 10/10
>don't search for 10/10s because I would feel inferior to her
>make no friends because I hate how they can feel well with their looks
>only fap to hentai
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how many times have you already failed today?

>binged on bitter fish out of boredom
>forgot my meds
>spent the whole day shitposting as usual
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yeah definitely adding this thread on the list
One reply, not a total failure now
Still early here but so far

>fapped when said no fap
>had bunch of coffee and then went to bed
>doing autismo outside, staring at people, particularly girls and the coffee shop lady. Not going back to that coffe place.

>thinking about texting her and failing to distract myself from the cunt. Haven't given initiative as of yet though so that doesn't count

Still lots of time till the end of the day, so lots of room for failure

lately All I enjoy is 4chan and Fast food
Wtf happened to me
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you're letting yourself become a piece of shit.
did someone start the fire or was it always burning in me?

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How do I become youtube/instagram famous? The market is oversaturated. I'm not into anime and video games, just "lifestyle".
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tell them about the time you got triples on 4chan
Matt get off 4chan you fuckhead
1. Be a qt
2. show them tits

They killed the woman I loved. Ruined my life.
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It's okay bud, there are plenty of fish in the sea! Just be yourself.
it's time to call Campa and Quino
I love this trilogy.

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