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the only person standing in your way is you
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Wow. Brave. Bold. Inspirational.
Yeah and we're all horrible fucking people. Anything else you wanna say?
>went from an 8/10 to fat fetishists and 4/10 to everyone else to a 5/10 to everybody

What an accomplishment.

We definitely need a chart thread. Let's have one.
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And here's a blank template.
Oh, and age is 23.
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Bingo I win.png
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I finally win at something

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>its a spic using something out of tokyo ghoul as avatar
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>that one faggot with a black and white anime avatar that tries to 1 up everyone on something.
>that kid with an anime avatar that tries to be mature by smoking weed and watching lo fi hip hop streams
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>it's a girl with Attack on Titan clothes

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Do you ever wonder if your mommy has been BLACKED, /r9k/?
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I really have to wonder what happens to the children of cuck fetishists when they find out.
Why do you making these posts? Do you have a tiny little dick?
>tfw aunt openly dated a basketball-American once
It was bretty gud tbqh

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What hobbies do my fellow robots have?

I was thinking of taking up something new.
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Get into drawing anon, paints, marker pens, coloured pencils. Find some artists that inspire you, be it weeb stuff or western. It feels good.
languages, music, wanking
I consider myself to be a connosior of anime Japanese culture and gaming.

I also enjoy table tennis it's pretty good way to stay in shape

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I can proudly say that I've never been a beta orbiter. Who else can relate?
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i want to orbit her rectum with my tongue
I can. I am too fucking proud, and I ended up ignoring girls entirely. Also, to me intimacy (or showing affection in any way) is a sign of weakness, so I avoid it.
I know I am fucked in my brain.
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>playing on Minecraft server
>banter with everyone
>slight flirty nature as well
>everyone thinks I'm the server's token gay guy
>some female players come along one by one
>every male on the server orbits them except me
>show females no attention except snark and usual banter
>They eventually find out I'm straight
>2 of them develop crushes on me, 1 wanting to be my LDR gf
Women are like your own shadow. Move toward them and they will move away. Walk away from them and they will chase after you.
I only wish I could be as much of a chad irl as I used to be on MC

anime characters who are literally you

I'll start: pic related is me
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Not very original, but I've never related to an anime character more.
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momma momma luigi.jpg
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I don't care if you don't consider this as anime
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Welcome to the nhk hits too close to home

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Who is your ASMRfu, /r9k/? Or is ASMR getting too mainstream for you?
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I love amalzd. She has a taking care of you while sick role-play that is perfection.

I'm also a big fan of Cosmic Tingles.
Gentlewhispering is god tier, i sometimes listen to gibiasmr but maria is the only one for me.
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I forgot their pics. Saged.

Why not try crossdressing anon? It's great, it makes you feel very cute.
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I still live with my parents. I would not like to experience the shitstorm that would follow
B-but I already do anon.....
I don't understand why you can't just be a faggot by yourself and have to drag others into your gay little world.


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How do robots feel about the nigger invasion of occident?
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>the fuck are you lookin at, bitch white boi, we're commin fo you wimmin
god this is surreal. This isn't welcoming refugees, they're shipping them over by the bargeload. Best find some way to stop that shit, and soon.
If I ever get the opportunity, I would love to take every single white traitor who works for the NGOs that bring those "refugees" over on those boats, chain them to their boats, then slowly sink the boat.

The only "refugee" crisis where all of the women, children and elderly are left behind, and the supposed refugees are all young able bodied men.

I fucking hate kikes.

Go ahead robot, write a letter you never did. Put the thoughts you've had about them to text and get it out.
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Dear P,

Yeah I fucked that guy. Stop hinting about that topic. It was gross and I absolutely regret it. You know I'm not gay and it was mostly out of frustration, but I'm trying to move on.

dear nikki, I loved you more then my own life. When I talked to you i felt like I was worth something for those months we were together. when you first said "I love you" I felt like something inside me that was long since dead was brought back. So when you went around and cheated I hated you. I refused to talk to you. now im done with you and barely think about the time but when the memories come back I get closer to taking my own life then ever before. It would've been easier if you never acted like you liked me and just stopped. I cant say I blame you because I hate myself now more than anyone else could.
Dear B,
All I asked was to not be lied to and yet you couldn't even do that.
Then you tried to play the victim?
I wonder what else you lied to me about.
Probably the entire relationship was just so you could pass the time.
Hope you enjoy /soc/ attention
Live long and Live strong.

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It's gonna be a long weekend lads. Normies blasting fireworks are going to keep burger anons up late.

So how's it going ? anyone else find it hard to make new friends? I'm 27 and it's tough as fuck, how is it done folks?
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saving your thread senpai
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Counting the months till I'm 26. This quarter-life crisis thing is really getting to me. I'm still young, but compared to all the kids born in the early 2000's I'm old as hell. I'll be 28 by the time the post-9/11 kids are 18.

A 7-year gap is already separating me from the girls who aren't yet massive sluts, and that gap is widening with each day. By the time I'm 30 it'll be creepy to look at 19-20 year old chicks. This is fucking depressing.

At least I have muh babyface.
>how's it going?

Pretty shitty. Got off of work and was helping my dad move some stuff out of his house.
"So anon why do you have that big jug of whiskey in your room?"
"To drink it"
"That stuff will kill you man"
"Yeah well I'm not getting any younger"
Then just continued on as normal, am home now and drinking said jug of whiskey to forget about what a piece of shit failure I am and dissapointment to myself and parents. Been doing this everyday for months in hopes of slow sepuku.

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ITT: ideal gf
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Tfw no leaf gf
Too bad this doesn't exist desu
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crowdchart GF.jpg
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I have a small project, I'll report back in an hour with progress.

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Write a letter to someone, include initials if desired. Let it all out.
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Dear R and E,
Fuck yourselves both of you you fake attentionwhoring fuckheads.
I'm sorry I fucked it up.
You are supposed to write both initials

Hug family, say "I love you," greentext results
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Shit dude I'm right grumpy after trying to nap
do you have a sister, anon?
I do but she lives in another country

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