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>conquered all of Asia and some of Europe
>most skilled soldiers of the time
>fucked so many women that 0.5% of the worlds population can be traced back to him

Fucking Chad
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And he was an ugly fat manlet. Think about that the next time you say Chad has to be 6'5" and blonde and muscular.
Yeah dude you just have to conquer the majority of the planet, it's easy to over come chad
He raped 99% of the women he fucked.

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Hello, newfag here
Could you, people, tell me what ITT and when people reply to you with /thread mean? Please
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ITT = In this thread
/thread is shutting down a thread, no body really listens, its just a insult and is funny to see

now leave while you can, its not worth staying here
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Insert Third Testicle
procedure used to icrease your testosterone levels and make you more of a Chad
>he's not at I8T

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New Discord server for any autists, fembots, robots, and general memery . Come and socialize, make friends!
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So just another discord where every conversation revolves around their vaginas?
/Wh3M8ms, forgot it again for fucks sakes
join this one too


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Why do normies say suicide is not the answer?

Killing yourself ends every single problem in your life, how is that not a solution?
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Read Albert Camus
The ultimate, overarching social construct is that life is inherently valuable. Normies accept this unflinchingly.

>Being such a weak individual to your own existence that you act against your biological instinct to live to your last bitter breath

Retard black girl just e-mailed me asking for homework help
Wat do?
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Is she genuinely retarded or just a bit dumb?
put it in her
Learn to use mspaint OP, I can read through the name

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it's not even a debate for us, that pets give us much more love and companionship but the best thing is they do all that while not judging at all.

well my dog is sleeping a lot anons. it's getting tired a lot. im spending every second with it. vet told it has around 1 month. i can't deal with it anons.

anyone have any pets...
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anyone have any stories anons
You better fucking prepare yourself, especially if you're a loner/robot. It doesn't get better. Watched my best friend get carried out of the room in a trash bag.
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i am a loner dude. seriously my dog is the only reason i go out for it to shit and we just walk with music for 1 -2 hours . it's been 5 years and i cant even imagine my life after he goes. it's getting scary

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>slowly dying of loneliness
>hot ginger babe that I've eyed on for a year
>chad black dude in my class says he knows her and can hook me up

what do I do anons? While I would love a gf I'm a completed retarded nerd, never had a gf, kiss or anything. I'm pretty sure she thinks I'm a creep anyway because she saw me staring at her a couple of times. I'm poor asf, boring asf and just shitty cunt in general. I can't see any reason why she would want to be with me but I can't keep being so sad and shit. I've been trying to quit weed as I've found that it's affecting my memory but if she rejects me I'll smoke loads more for sure. If I don't have a gf I'll just keep smoking to keep the depression at bay.

>mfw when normies think that gf can solve your depression

might not do but I've never felt love. My parents hate me and I've not felt physical contact since I was kid when people would hug each other. I'm somehow dying inside even more halp.

Just tell me to kms. I can't take this any longer.
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Yeah cool whatever

Now onto the more important concern: Who is this goddess?
I didnt read past the green text do it faggot are you going to be a giant baby forever?
G0 ask >>>/adv/

Im trying to ascend from consoles. But cant afford it. How tf di tou neets and wagefags do it? Tell me how to gt gd pc without sacrificing dinner.
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yeah you need like $1000 for a computer/monitor/mouse/keyboard these days
not OP but
>inb4 build it yourself
OP would have done that already if he wasn't incompetent
$300 bucks for a second hand prebuild PC. first and second gen i7s are rolling off the used market for cheap or even free if you get lucky.

chuck in a rx 4/580 or a 1060 if you are a jew. 1080p easy.

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TL;DR: Ex cheated on me a couple months ago, messages me out of the blue.

>Be in Valentine's Day
>Couple days prior (Online) female friend mentions she wants to tell me something
>ask her what it is, she says nevermind
>pester her and eventually in Valentine's Day she asks me to be her Valentine
>say yes and figure it's as friends
>few days after that she admits she likes me and we start dating
>about 5 weeks later she's acting strange
>says someone tried to kiss her but she didn't let him
>few days after that she feels guilty and admits she actually did cheat
>says she needed physical touch and she's sorry
>break up with the worthless roast
>now all of a sudden she messages me out of the blue
>says, "God I'll probably end up regretting this. Heyyyy, how's it going?"
>sends another message saying she misses me
>tell her I doubt it
>hear she's dated three people since we broke up
>she writes, "Doubt all you want"
>say "okay I will"
>she doesn't reply
This was a little less than a month ago. Wtf do I do fellows? I saw another thread about some girl who cheated on her boyfriend of 4 years and now I have this huge rage inside of me.
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Online "relationships" everyone
This. Never do online/long distance relationships. Also, just ignore the girl if she contacts you again and move on
Your reply was "Did you think that you'd end up regretting it when you were getting ready to ride another man's dick"

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>unpopular with normies
>normies would rather drink the popular drinks (Coca Cola, Sprite...)
>featured in a bunch of anime so attracts weebs
>most people think its disgusting, but a few people can see it's true value

Is Dr Pepper /ourdrink/? I almost can't drink anything else now.
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Dr. Pepper is unironically the best soda.

Only those with acquired palates can appreciate its flavour.
Is it true that people think it tastes like medicine outside of the states?
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dr pepper.jpg
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some dude that was one of the first shot in columbine was drinking a dr pepper

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>gf broke up with me
>""""""friends"""""" stopped contacting me
>family abandoned me
>motorcycle accident
>shattered left foot
>no medical insurance
>parents kicking me out at the end of the month

Tell me 1 reason why i shouldn't end it tonight.
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your thread might not be over by then and you wont get to read all the replies.
The solar total eclipse in August is supposed to be very cool.
your brother in law cares about you

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>if you don't go out you will never get a gf or friends

what a fucking normie lie

In the last week I went to a bar 3 times
1st time
>sitting alone and drinking
>noone even approached or laid an eye on me for 3 hous
okay well what did I expect it can't be that easy

2nd time
>watching for girls alone or together
>asked 5 of them if I can join
>all of them said no

3rd time
>excatly the same that happened the second time

okay, then let's go to a nightclub
>go to a nightclub and go to dance
>noone even noticed that I exist
>try to go and dance with girls which are dancing alone
>every single one of them moved away like I would carry a disease

Fuck this fucking world I will stay with my waifus I give up.
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thats why i dont even bother

the whole point is to bring friends so you dont look like a creep but you gotta have friends first
anon, you are actually autistic
do you really think it works like that? you go out and you're magically not a retarted loser with socially unaccepted interests and little to none redeeming qualities?
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>read internet to see how people get girlfriends
>most of the people meet their significant other through friends
>mfw I don't have any friends

Ya wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts! Edition

1. This is the rolling general for the mentally ill (for whom this board is well suited)
2. The goal of the thread is to share the struggles we all experience with mental issues, both ongoing and circumstantial
3. Take a name specific to this thread - though a pre-existing namefag would be welcome albeit unprecedented (and I can think of several from /britfeel/ who would fit the bill)
4. Be supportive in your approach to the needs of others and candid in self-report
5. If you're going to flame, be aware that you're far from the first to do so, and as such please try to be original and witty
6. Ignore boring trolls
7. Include tests and test results for the hell of it
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Please kys originalIy.
What is the most original method you can think of?
Currently on this antidepressants called fluoxetine. It's making my head feel kind of weird. Other than that I'm not sure. I feel alright? I don't know. I haven't really felt any very negative feelings so that is something.

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why do normies think spending a week in hotels and tourist traps in Europe counts as traveling?
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Original comment please I can't sleep because I have to poo but it's not 100% ready to come out yet.
For the same reason european normies think spending a week in USA/Australia counts as traveling. Yurop is a very boring place to travel. If you've seen one yuropean country, you've seen them all

t: yurop
Probably the same reason that some people think fucking around somewhere is them finding themselves.

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