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>any girl would be lucky to have you
>will you date me then?
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Because they need those feelgood points. They think theyre helping out some pathetic guy so they get to keep telling themselves theyre good people.
... Are females actually like that?? Can't be that heartless can they?
>girl shows interest
>fuck it up
I'm beginning to legitimately hate myself. I dont think putting loaded pistols to your head is healthy either. It just makes me sad that I'm alone and it's my fault.
I just wish I was normal. Please

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Who here /hobby/? I build electronics in my basement. I'm an amateur, but I have fun building marble elevators and circuits and such. It's nice to have the radio turned on while I do it, listen to a bit of news or some jazz (it only picks up AM lmao).

what's everyone here fill the gray processions of rainy days with?
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Sport betting is all I got, I guess. Wish I head something else to really keep me occupied, because vidya and movies aren't cutting it anymore desu
Fuck you, Jesus

>You have been muted for 2 seconds, because your comment was not original...
I just smoke weed all day. I should stop, it's making me dumb, complacent and boring as fuck. Huge waste of money, too.

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should i start smoking cigs?

i don't really care about stuff like lung cancer and stuff in my 50s to 70s, mostly because i'm trying my best to live a somewhat fulfilling life in my 20s (and i think it's lame to think you're doing well because you're helping yourself 40 years in the future when you're barely holding up right now), i'm mostly looking for the positive effects of nicotine
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It provides a good boost, like drinking coffee. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere it helps prevent alzheimers. Because gets the noggin joggin (literally)
I exercised a lot before smoking cigs, so I dont think the nicotine high was as pleasurable for me as it is to your average piece of shit.

I liked the lightheaded feeling but the taste and smell were just too much for me to keep going. Smoked maybe 2-4 cigs a day for a year.

Currently pretty alcoholic. Especially since it is hot, and Im back home, and mom is a total bitch and wont turn on the AC. The booze is like a fast forward button for my life.
The nicotine high will be gone soon and then all that remains is the addiction. It's pointless and expensive and I'm glad I quit.

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Fuck you. I used to be optimistic, mentally stable and not self-conscious before I started coming here. Fuck all of you
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Haha don't worry buddy. We're in the transitioning part of /r9k/ now. Everything will be normal soon. :)
Why the fuck did you come here in the first place then and why the fuck did you stay!? You did this to yourself, OP is truly a faggot.
>he fell for the robots are cool meme

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Just how much sex does the average woman have?

I've been spending a lot of time and texting this girl and I've really fallen for her. But I feel like she gets dicked a lot, and I don't even know what to do about it. She says she goes out with friends or whatever, but I feel like she has a fwb. I don't know, but it really hurts. Maybe I'm making it all up in my head.
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To be honest, if any girl is 6.5/10 or higher, it's more than likely. And the higher their age, the more likely it is that they've been dicked. It's a shame, really, but that's what this world's come to.

I wish I didn't have this weird complex where I am legitimately unattracted to girls that have had sex before (especially if they've been blacked, which is ironic since I'm mixed). Not sure where it comes from since my dad was and is a fuck machine. I suppose robot tendencies don't necessarily run in the blood.
Just throw your sausage on top of the pile don't be a fag and expect some pure waifu fantasy shit
Wrong. Hotter girls do not have more sex. In my experience the hot girls are more picky about guys and as a result don't sleep around so much. It's the average or below average girls who are the biggest sluts.

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How does one sling dope.
Dope here meaning any substance.
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Throw it as far as you can.
You have to have friends and connections, sorry guy
what if it is very light and can't fly far

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I used to be anorexic as fuck. I took a lot of shit from people as a result, in away I think it was to get accepted in the group.

Now I'm better looking, and am popular without much effort.

Tell me honestly r9k, if a normie starts pissing me off for no reason, would it be socially acceptable to cave his head in?
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I've been in a few before in have with bullies, I won but even if you lose they won't mess with you as much.

Imo the 3 conditions to fight are
>The guy touches you aggressively
>You're taller/bigger than him AND as far as you know he doesn't know how to fight
>He isn't insane so won't bring a knife or anything next day

If you meet these I recommend beating the shit out of the person
>I used to be anorexic as fuck
Wait, you're a roastie?
yeah, a few. on behalf of "friends", but i was mostly looking for excuses to beat up non-weak people.
it was the only thing i had natural talent for.
>would it be socially acceptable to cave his head in?

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What do you order at Costco?
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Love those hotdogs, and I usually go for a churro too
2 hot dogs and a salad
sometimes 1 hot dog, 1 pizza slice, and 1 hotdog
sometimes a w hole pizza and eat 1/3rd of it
very rarely ill get two chicken bakes
>fresh mad gelato

Im sort of jelly. We get soft serve and shitty smoothies here in SoCal.

Pic must be from East Coast or something.

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>can't stop thinking about the cute cashier that giggled at my stuttering today

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then go for it, anon. you won't listen to any actual advice anyway.
>pretend I'm talking to the qt girl that sat next to me in high school that really liked me but I never asked her out
>do this on a daily basis

Wew lads.
Same OP

>Cute cashier smiled at me and said she liked my shirt
>Immediately imagining scenarios where we live a happy loving life together in peace


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Remember, you're anonymous.

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but really though.
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BTFO dummy

years of spamming your shitty propaganda and it hasn't worked.
The one vote must be him

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how do i know if i'm circumcised?
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If you have no forskin? Seriously how hard is that?
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does your flaccid penis look like this guy?

if it does, you're uncircumcised
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i really don't know if i'm cut or if my cockhood is just really that tight. boners sometimes ache

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>dad passed away monday afternoon
>have no friends, no gf, etc. nobody to talk to
>tfw shoehorning my feels about dad in my posts in unrelated threads just so that somebody would talk to me

I spent whole last night on /v/ talking about video games and always including comment about my father in my posts just so that somebody would see them and talk to me.
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I'm sorry anon. Can you talk to your mom about it?
Bumping for heIp.
She's absolutely heartbroken. I don't want to bother her. She has a history of mental illnesses, so I don't think I can help her just by talking.

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Is anime the best thing in the entire universe?
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almost certainly yes
>tfw haven't watched anime in 2 years now
Feels good to know I've matured.
Obviously it is. Maybe tied with weed..

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im kinda new. is there a place thats even worse then r9k to be here on 4chan?

thought this is the place where all the beta uprisers/gun runners and disabled homies meet but i only see shitposts and guys with dicks threads...
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>is there a place thats even worse
and more
Actually, r9k is one of the BEST.

mother of god... /x/ and /mlp/ really got me. I guess its better i stay here.

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Why didn't people tell me beforehand that being physically gifted and neurotypical actually mattered more than any diploma?

I crashed hard because of beng unattractive and all around autisic, as a direct consequence of rejection.

It hurts, /pol/.
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Fuck off you Nazi scum
>tfw good looking but autistic

>the ugly outcast is a nazi
color me shocked

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