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So i started talking to a girl from grade school again and she told me that she had a crush on me 7 years ago.

She has a bf now but apparently she wants to talk to me, wat do?
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just play it out and see where it goes
Yeah the thing is, i've been getting mixed signals from her and i don't know what to do anymore
My guess, she likes you but she probably has a lot of other options, her boyfriend for one, and isn't sure what she wants so she's trying to play the field.

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My mind is an unstoppable force of nature. I am a form of being that is not human but only pretends to be one. I jacked off to it again.
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Why do Jap artists draw most of their chinese cartoon waifus being fucked by shitskins? The boorus and most sites are plagued with that cancer.

This is something I don't get, it doesn't even make sense from a commercial perspective, the average weeb doesn't think "you know what, I'm gonna search pictures of my waifu being fucked by niggers". He looks for porn to simulate in his mind that he is fucking his 2D girl drawing or something, not to feel like a fucking cuck.

Seriously, the other day I was looking for SFM animations of popular waifus getting fucked and like half of that was of them either being fucked or raped by mud people. Why?

Why would the artist spend dozens of hours drawing the models, fixing the textures, animating the thing to be realistic and the movement not be too repetitive and ruin it all deciding it's gonna be a disgusting jigaboo that is gonna be doing the fucking? Weren't the Japs and Asians in general supposed to be racist as fuck? What am I missing here?
>2D can't escape the B B C
The Japanese image of a fat old rich guy is someone with really dirty, dark skin. They're meant to be heavily tanned old nip dudes, not niggers.

Vent and get stuff off your chest.
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I'm seriously considering suicide tonight, i can't bare to spend another day on this earth, all i want is a friend to go out and do something with
I wish for a civil war so i can kill people i blame for society being shit with pleasure and impunity.

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have you guys ever tried surfing? helped me lose weight and eased my depression away
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To me, surfing has always been the more faggoty version of being a motorcycle hooligan.
I want to get into it but it seems quite hard and surfboards are expensive
you could do both

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When did you realize that you were a social outcast?
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Middle school, or more accurately, puberty. When you're in 5th grade, you're not autistic, you're just another kid. Once puberty hits, you're a fucking outcast and before you know it, you're listening to KMFDM and wanting to shoot people.
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October 15, 2002- when I realized everyone I ate lunch with didn't actually want me there and then I just ate alone for the rest of school/life.
>Be 9
>I always had social problems and was bullied, but was too youn or clueless to be fully aware of that.
>For my birthday, my mother decides to throw a big party with +20 schoolmates.
>I hand over the invitations, help with the preparations the week before...
>The big game came, but they didn't. No one did.

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>tfw too poor to ever get fat
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Congratulations on being just like 99% of the human population that has ever existed.
Same here.
>dude why are you so skinny lmao
Never been able to answer this question
That's a statistical unlikelihood, actually (at least in America). Being poor means being unable to afford healthy food (which is more expensive for some reason), and having to rely on cheap alternatives like McDonalds, fast food, junk-food, etc.

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post results; im sure neckbeards have at least some political opinion
pic related, is me

link: http://8values.github.io/
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bump while I do this shitty quiz
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political tests suck desu
You seem kind of fascist-y tbqh desu.

Hey girls, what's getting you down at the moment?
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Drowning under a pile of uni homework and trying to juggle work and leisure. You?
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>tfw go half a day without having sex
I can feel my ovaries dry up I need chad cum ASAP.
>tumblr fags invading r9k
what timeline did i stumble into

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unpopular opinion thread

if someone being rapied has an orgasm, then they weren't raped. sure they didn't want the sex, but they got some pleasure from it in the end
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More like stupid opinions thread. Go look up the definition of rape, it doesn't include any mention of orgasm you dumb NEET
>muh appeal to authority

not an argument, faggot
Actually, 70%+ of rape victims orgasm during the attack...

That doesn't mean anything...

It's still rape...

Especially when it's in their ass...


I mean they orgasm more if it's in their ass...

Trust me on that one...

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>not taking the trap pill
>still thinks he's a robot

explain why you aren't out there achieving your absolute peak as a (male) right now
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What happened to her leg?
I have been taking estrogen and testosterone blockers for 3 years as part of treatment for lifelong gender dysphoria.

Why do you want to encourage random anons to do this? You understand there are significant consequences of hormone therapy right?
Can you still get erections?

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How do I convince myself that I am not a worthless piece of shit for getting a BA in English Language and Literature?
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Alcohol, mainly.
It's rather difficult to believe a lie when you know it's a lie, but it's not impossible. I believe in you, anon.
That would have been an excellent solution really, had I could find a job with my degree so I can buy alcohol.

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world war 3 edition
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fuck trips and avatarfags they hog all the (you)'s
have 1 before they start hogging them all
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k nobody cares

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Till how long will you tolerate this?
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wrong board faggiolo
KEK! Thought this was fake.
You guys are fucked.
Can't you see the rest of cuck.jpg?, whites are rising up.

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Are you a pedophile if you date a girl who looks really young and is really short but she's a legal adult?
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nope, you're just into petite girls.
yes, but everyone else is forced to keep their shittalking to themselves
Do you pretend she's underage?

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>tfw when skinnies tell us husky guys to just eat less and move more

It's not that simple.
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yes it literally is
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>tfw to inteligent to be skinny
Eat less, sure. Move more is harder. I only find time to work out 2-3 days a week.

I do walk on average 14k steps a day which is supposed to be good. That's not including the running.

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