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Do you sometimes have the urge to take the first thing you find and break it without a reason, just some kind of random angryness ?
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no i have not and i don't think that that is a sign of normal mental health but don't get me wrong i'm no lawyer
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I had this phase a couple of months ago, I would randomly smash the desk and rage out of nowhere, now I'm back to normal tho, if with normal you mean daily suicide thoughts and not feeling like doing anything.
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yeah i ve smashed my desk quite badly too tho

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if you guys are so miserable why don't you just join the navy? you'll meet and bond with a ton of bros, travel the world, make money/benefits, unlikely to ever see combat/action like the marine cucks.
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But I'm not a faggot unlike you OP
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>implying anyone here is physically and/or mentally fit enough to even get in
I'm doing something similar. I'm joining the Norwegian Defence in January as a conscript. Trying to get some valuable experience and maybe go for the Grenadier / Professional Soldier after that.

How to score pussy?
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The first thing is to not post the same shitty thread over and over again.
The first step is to stop complaining on r9k
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All you have to do is post this picture and say I WANT GF over and over. It worked for me

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Sort yourself out kids
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peterson kino

I'm trying my best, I just discovered this guy yesterday and I feel like I have learned more than in the past 5 years.

He is being honest and rough, without being an annoying dick and he is someone who actually makes coherent sense for once.
It's almost hard to believe, at times, how much i've improved after i watched some of his lectures. I managed to actually make a sche dule and follow it and achieve some of the goals that i've set for myself in the past few weeks, they were small goals but that's a big deal already. Boy oh boy, life isn't so bad after all.

Thanks for the hot S O R T Peterson-sama.

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How many burger do you have to eat to be full?
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Four McDoubles for me. Sometimes I'll add the three large fries and a chocolate milkshake.
One. Just one, and only one.
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1 is usually enuff op, i like to leave a little room for dessert

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Oi, how messy is your room RIGHT NOW!
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Bumping for expired sour cream
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Goood I love photos of dirty rooms. Don't let this thread die, anons!
>Back in the old days when we used to enter sudo apt-get in our terminals

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What was his IQ?
I believe that it was up there.

He seems to be kind of smart
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why is this thread being pushed ????

anyway his IQ is 120 maximum he was dumber than everyone he hated

He was a genius
Stuff like Elliot is why you really can't reduce intelligence down to one metric. He may or may not have been smart, but he was socially absolutely retarded.

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Are Western girls even worth it anymore? I'm so sick of empowered """women""" and their emotional baggage. I'm honestly just considering finding a traditional one in fuckistan or Asia.

>inb4 elliot rodger
I'm not a soulless jew who would neglect his family or spoil them.
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Eh why do you care so much? Stop letting your desire for sex/romantic companionship define your life. Don't even go on about evolutionary purpose. You have the ability to control yourself but you keep letting yourself dwell in this bullshit whining which turns into a self fulfilling prophecy. The world is a complex, chaotic place. You aren't guaranteed shit.
You're not gonna find one in China, Japan, or Korea. They're just as materialistic as our women. Try South East Asia. Just avoid Thailand.
Same man, maybe I'm just sexist

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really though
i just....
just literally cant understand this....
ive been here for almost a month now and how do you people do it?
always being racist, anti-semitic, islamophobic, and hating women
is it satire?
or are you "people" literally this ignorant and jaded....
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Feel free to fuck right back off to reddit any time now
normie get out ree

Please don't mix /pol/ with /r9k/.
But it's true that /r9k/ is full misogynist and some of us are racist/ fell easly into stereotypes but we assume this.

who /trying to quit the nicotine jew/ here? 3 days without smokes or snus its pure hell REEEEEEE
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no i love chew so much i but one or two 12 packs a month but its like 87 dollars a box. i get no nicotine but its just spngood after coffee

also smoke about a pack a week

am i wasting money if i make about 400 a week lol

also congrats on quitting though more power to you
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happy 4 u op!
>3 days

I'll see you back in a few days unless you are pretending and have only been smoking for 2 years or something.

What went wrong?
He's working in a garage now
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pls inform i missed this
>What went wrong?

He's british and probably a faggot
The kid from the vid where they combed his hair?
I think he got literally fucking raped or something and had to drop the sissy act to save what little remained of his dignity. Or he got doxed or something like that, I don't remember.

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Any famous robots in here? Advice on dealing with fame?
>Be robot
>Make content online because bored
>Somehow videos go viral
>Start getting flooded with messages
>People wanting to be friends or asking about working with them
>People somehow found my mail and keep spamming me asking questions
>Don't even know how to hold a basic conversation
>Just an average 25 khv robot that doesn't knows how to drive

I feel like quitting everything but I also feel like this is a chance to unfuck my life, I just don't know how.
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link your youtube originally
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Would rather not.
please anon im curious. i wont show anyone i swear. send it to my throwaway

[email protected]

i made a yt video that got 7k views once and it was a really shitty remix of a monstercat song i made like 4 years ago when i was 16 or something

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>Tfw I have been getting progressively lonelier as time passes.
>Tfw slowly watching my circle of "friends" dwindle away in front of my eyes
>Soon I'll have nothing left
>Then all the normies hit you with the "get out of your comfort zone" meme

I want off this ride
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As someone who browsed r9k obsessively around 2010 and then took that normie "out of comfort zone advice" I gotta say it is solid advice.

Now have gf, job, hobbies besides computers, friends all across nation, and I check r9k maybe once a year to see how things are.
but maybe you have some debilitating circumstance I do not understand, in which case you have my sympathy.
Can you describe what loneliness feels like? Who the fuck actually craves human contact rather than fearing it?

What was your 18th birthday like robots?
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tobacco and disappointment
i wanted to off myself badly so yeah..
at that time i was the biggest degenerate so i didnt celebrate it

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>Woman went out of her way to hold a door open for me and smiled
What did she mean by this?
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Probably she was feeling nice and did a nice thing.
Cause that's what I do when I hold a door open for a guy or anyone else for that matter.
she's insulting your intelligence. she thinks you don't know how to open a door for yourself.
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Oh well...at least I managed to say thanks without stuttering.
>tfw closest to sex I've ever been

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