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>tfw 32 year old mentally ill hiki
>tfw only job I ever had in my life was delivering pizzas as a teenager for not even a year
>tfw can tell my geriatric parents want me out of their lives but don't have it in them to kick me to the curve
>tfw I can hear my 70 year old mother going out of her way not to mention when my name when she talks to my aunts and uncles
that's what they get for waiting until their early 40s to have children and thinking it all work out in the end
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>its my parents fault im a loser
I pray to God i don't become like you
I hope I grow the balls to kill myself before then
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It's not so bad, I mean if you have a legitimate excuse.

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>Wealthiest ethnic group in America ($100k+ average
>Highly educated, large penises, masculine
>Will be a world superpower by 2030

How do we compete with the Indian alpha male?
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Their hair is so dry and damaged looking
By using the toilet
Are indians related to australian aboriginals?

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descarga (3).jpg
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Where they robots in the 70's?
What they did without vidya and internet?
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Where there*
were there*
*Where there

They either smoked weed in their apartments, got mercilessly 70s bullied, or went army

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poor fox
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d-dide he died?
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he's stuck
dead, yes

>"Are you enjoying our first date, anon?"
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*nods at you in Chad*
Can we just let things work out organically you stupid fucking cunt?
holy fuck i wish she would stop reading me so much

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Is social media almost over yet? Can we get back to being a functional society without everyone thinking they're some kind of psuedo celebrity?

I want to go back to the mid 2000's before all the fucking normals were online.
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Sorry anon, social media isn't just some phase. There's like 1-2 billion facebook accounts. We're way too far into this shit to ever go back
its fucking eternal september
We need a Tyler Durden to fucking crash social media servers.

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>girls wear makeup like drag queens
>every other post is about cheating
> people are cool and actually have lives
> everyone's good looking
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One of my resolutions this year was to reduce the amount of nonsense profiles I follow, whether edgy memes or random hot girl accounts. Not comfortable looking at these hyper idealized versions of everything all the time
Deleting Instagram made me much happier. No longer do I compare myself with other successful people my age, or get jealous of celebrities and friends having fun without me. Although I do miss that artificial feeling of human connection, getting (you)'s here is sufficient enough.
>every fifth post involves food and drink
>hurr look at me with this luxurious food and jewbux coffee

Girls are just shallow and materialistic.

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Who here /autistic rituals/

>freeze m&ms
>enjoy while watching sportsball or animu
>try to drink beer
>drink half then vomit rest out
>do this every saturday
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I freeze my reese's peanut butter cups.
>try to drink beer
>drink half then vomit rest out

Force it down in front of dad and uncles to make them think im not a twink. Instantly regurgitate when out of their sight

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You know that shy 'emo' looking girl who says she doesn't like tall muscle hunk 'hip hop' douchebags with absolutely no common interests?

She wants precisely that.
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Listen to what women complain about in men, those are the men they choose to fuck and thus have complaints about. Listen to what they claim to want in men, it's just what would be nice for Chad to be a little bit more like.
All those shy emo girls look so cute on Web pics but in reality you only see fat disgusting emo whales with blue hair
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Thanks eagle eye

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Why are middle schoolers so horrible?

>seventh grade
>bitches who liked to passive aggressively bother me are being keep asking me if I like X
>"you like X right? Tee hee don't pretend, we know you do"
>they won't stop no matter how much I say no or ignore them
>literally who is X
>get only friend to point him out during gym class
>okay whatever
>lunch time
>school has dumb rules about where you can sit at lunch so I can't even sit with one friend most days
>sitting alone at 8 seat table as usual
>X and his friends sitting at next table over
>group of guys run up to me and all as if I like X
>before I say anything, they run back yelling "SHE SAID YES HAHA"
>all of them, including X, laugh at me for a few solid minutes
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that one time i had to sit next to the sixth hottest guy in class, it was awful. im a grill btw.
Part of me is kind of glad I went to an all boys middle school.
!! Post feet please I'm *cough* dying...

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a robot just won a tournament in one of the hardest competitive games in existence, what's your excuse?
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Literally who
>people still care about dead games

u gotta stop, just let it go
It's pointless, one day I'm going to die, why even try?

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First she ruined Johnny Depp. Now Elon Musk. How do these roasties get away with this?
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Elon recognizes a vapid gold digging whore. He's just playing.
Because they did nothing wrong.
Because he's pinned over her for ages and he's an easy target. Also she's made a career out of sucking dick and acting, she's good at it.

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Sup senpai

I'm a lonely 18yo robot and I would like a fembot to talk to

I'll post info about myself or whatever. Also if anyone else feels the same way I guess they can post itt
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Just leave anon. The very few "fembots" that are actually female are mentally ill as fuck.
I'd love to chat some Eastern European fembots, if there's such a thing.
There are. But one's a normie, one's a loli,another has a bf, another studies in west eu and has a bf, one has a shitload of orbiters.

That's all I can remember right now.

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>Send face pic
>Get blocked/deleted

>Send body pic
>Wow anon you're hot!
>Send face pic after

Just fucking end me already.
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Let's see the face pic.
Facial aesthetic and height are inherent, while anybody can work out. Hence why the former are more valued.

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Looks like there's some hope for us guys:


How do we get them to stop making those things in the image of the 3DPD? And to allow people to upload their waifus into them? At least they're making them THICC though.
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I thought that was a trans woman before I read the caption
I would rather have a virtual reality gf than some uncanny vally piece of plastic.
>Sex robots finally come out
>They all look like fucking stacies
What's next? Artificial roasties?

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