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Do woman dream about having superpowers or is that mostly a male fantasy?
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Why is this a male fantasy
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Maybe it's too general but I think most boys wanted to fly and have other superhuman abilities.
>Power fantasy
>Post a pic of Yamcha

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Are gays more robots then neets?

Neets are atleast accepted by society and don't experience discrimination.
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Gays/bis are only discriminated against in third world shitholes and maybe America in redneck areas.

In the uk being homophobic is almost taboo as being racist.
Gays aren't lonely, NEETs are.
>Neets are atleast accepted by society and don't experience discrimination.
Try going outside to test this hypothesis.

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I hate the people on this site that think they're so better than anyone else and think that if we try we can become normies and live successful lives. Are they so imbecile that they think we haven't tried? I've tried for 25 years and my efforts haven't done me any good. Even if I try for 25 more years, I'll still be right where I am now. Eventually you get to the point where you realize your attempts are useless, and you withdraw from society so you don't feel the pain anymore.

The reason why we hate normals so much is they don't even have to try to become normal, it just comes naturally to them. Can you imagine pursuing something for a quarter of a century unsuccessfully, then watching some kids who think they're so cool getting it without even trying? It's pathetic!
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>pursuing something for a quarter of a century unsuccessfully

There is literally no upside to being a normalfag. Hopefully after 25 years one would realize that.
It's like a kid calling you doodoo head because you refuse to give his toy back. You somehow believe being called normal is an insult? Have fun crying with your hentai figurines while I'm actually doing something with my life on top of fucking my several fwbs
213, youre the kind of person OP is talking bout. GIT OFF DA BOARD. I AM ZE HOLY GATEKEEPER OF R9K. ree. move, fucker

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>tfw INTP
>tfw my INFP oneitis will never be attracted to me
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>run away from people who like me
>alienate people i like
Save me
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I am INTP and my qt gf is INFP don't worry bro it will all workout
How did you do it anon? What's your secret?
It's been a year since i first met her, i don't think i can do this anymore

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story time, /r9k/.

>be me
>small african child
>try to fuckboy this 12/10 qt
>fail three times in a row
>each time she would basically crush my entire soul
>catch feelings
>too scared to say anything
>try to move on
>engage relationship with butterface bipolar white girl
>only thing 10/10 about her is her ass, w/e i'll take it
>12/10 qt asks "what the fuck are you doing i thought we were flirting and shit and you engage relationship are you not tryna smash"
>already caught feelings for butterface tho
>time passes in a paradoxical state of liking 2 girls
>2months into relationship with butterface
>friend keeps saying that he's fucking with my girl
>think its a joke because he only says it when she is around
>later butterface finds me and 12/10 qt doing a borderline flirt
>has emotional breakdown due to bipolarity
>stop doing that shit and somewhat dedicate myself to butterface
>3months in
>friend#2 says we need to talk
>literally says how butterface is fucking with every single male and female in existence known to man
>friend#2 rats out friend#1 for getting constant nudes from butterface for over 2 weeks
>friend#2 also states that he got nudes from butterface in just 1 night
>prepared to drown myself in tears
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To me sounds like it's time to kill some bitches.
nice dubs nigron
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honestly why do you guys bother with women.
Every. Single. Time. They are nothing but trouble. just fucking forget about them holy shit. in the end they will just cause more drama to happen in your life, they will take from you and expect you to be okay with it and if you're not they'll just leave you. they'll most likely get bored within a month anyways so whats the point. just stop.

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>It's current year, forced diversity and affirmative action is rampant throughout media
>people are still ostracized and represented unfairly for believing in a flat earth

For fucks sakes, they'll complain about a video game that only has 50% white people and nobody speaks up about almost every representation of earth/home planets being round?

I don't even ask for much, just give people the option of learning about the other equally likely theory.
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totally original
Just goes to show how incredibly stupid your theory is.
find away to make the flat earth movement pc so sjw's will shove it down people's throats

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got this for birthday, what was your last present anons?
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>what was your last present anons?

none. i've never received presents.
I got a Steam gift card 3 years ago.
Last present, would be a $500 cheque from the govt.

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Lets see some webms, images or videos

Just make us feel
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adding my own to begin with
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original, perhaps?
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>message girl on POF like usual
>she messages back
>we end up talking for weeks, like actual conversations and not one word replies
>finally ask if she wants to meet up
>even discuss where
>"So, when are you free?"
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This happened to me, but with a girl that I met personally and was the first time I mustered up the courage to ask the phone number..
We talked a lot and really hit off for about two weeks, when I asked her about getting a coffee someone, I was ghosted
I'd rather be told to fuck off
call her out on her bs

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Im 28 and my family are almost all selfish, self absorbed people I want nothing to do with. I am getting sick of my friends. The only way I see out is to start my own family but everyday as I get older it seems less and less likely. Despite being the norm just a few decades ago to want to start a family saying that shit to a women these days will probably get you sent to jail for being a Cis heteronormative shitlord.

How likely do you think it is you will ever have a family?
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>get you sent to jail for being a Cis heteronormative shitlord.

is this what your brain on /pol/ is like?
I'm almost 28. I think it's pretty likely, man and woman have been coming together and forming families for 6 thousand years so I should be able to get one of those. I mean, I like my odds

having a nice little plot of land. spending my days with a loving and devoted wife. producing offspring and playing board games with them once they grow up. ah yes, that's the life for me, fellow robot
23, will probably never hold a job so no family either

I thought i was happy for once
but then tears started dropping from my face
is there another person inside me crying
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what happened? explain better op
by the way also for me it has been ages since I was happy
yes that was me sorry about that
i thought having someone pretending to be him would make me happy
But I remembered the real Aya hates me
and I started crying
it feels so horrible i want to die
i thought the pills would help me. i dropped out of school because the stress was too much for me i think i fucked up a lot

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Well today's the day.
The wagecucking begins
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Is that ass any good or does it just look big because she is sitting down?
It thicc
N I C E. Got anymore pictures?

>"Anon, you text back too fast, stop that, stop being so creepy"


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this is a 'shit test'
text back twice as fast and twice as hard
>twice as hard

What the fuck does this mean?
>and fucking play stupid games
That's exactly what she wants you to do. That's what all girls want you to do

It "shows you care"
If you're not up for it, might as well give up on all women now

Also, if she said "stop being so creepy", then you already have either a zero or a negative value chance of ever being with her

What does a smelly neet pussy smell like?
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Like mollusca
rancid seafood
Like my dick after I sexed youre mother xD

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Would it be safe to take 30-40 mg of hydrocodone a day I have about 13 pills left and I honestly can't stand being sober at work.
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Dude prescription opioid addiction lmao
It's just until I run out. I got them from a doctor and I don't have any drug dealers but yeah I probably have a problem.
It's perfectly safe but you would be mightyy fucked up, like slug mode. Depends on how high your tolerance is. Just don't mix it with ANY alcohol or anything else and you will be fine

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