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>nephew killed himself yesterday because no gf

this world is hell
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May he rest in peace, senpai.
May his soul find the path leads him Home .
He had more courage than me. RIP in piece

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I can't tell which board is more fitting for such problems but I'll post it here anyway : why the fuck is that after a cold shower my body is itching from literally everywhere for 20 minutes when nothing of the sort happened after a hot/normal shower ? Sometimes it happened but it was one time in 2 months when it's been everyday since I started doing these cold showers 6 days ago.

Help me /r9k/ it's unbearable, did'nt ask for these feels
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It's cancer trust me I'm a doctor
Strange. I take cold showers and do not experience this. Something about your skin pores tightening up is causing this reaction.

no its not a wow skill, its a real thing

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>it's now mid-2017
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No it's not, you pathetic virgin. That would be June.
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tetsuo 2.jpg
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>using virgin in a degoratory manner
>on r9k of all places
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>in under 3 years you will have been a virgin in 4 separate decades

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How difficult is it to get a girlfriend that likes anime an video games?

Hell she doesn't even need to be hot, i'd settle for a 4/10 girl considering i'm a 5/10

But no, every girl, even girls who are 4/10 think they're superior and go after guys who are 8/10 and ignore me.

Or are batshit insane feminist/SJW whores that want to cuck me.
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>girlfriend that likes anime an video games
>he fell for the meme
Not hard at all. Every girl I've dated like animals and video games to some degree. Even the slut who had been eiffel towered liked both. But anime is shit anon
I did. Girls only fake these interest to attempt to get the "nerd guys" who are chads acting cool and trendy

I can see why normies love this shit so much. I can't stop drinking it!
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fuck fireball got me sent to the hospital
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Does it just taste like cinnamon?
Yes it does. It's sweet and tasty.

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>You will never be a roommate with a fat anon
>You will never put estrogen into his food
>You will never make him take HRT
>You will never dress him up in a cute cow girl costume
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w-will you do this to a thin anon
>be fat anon
>no one will ever do this to you
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Only if you want to be force fed.
Post pics of your belly.

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I'm listening to my room mate fuck a girl in the other room right now
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Is your hand firmly around your cock? Try to synchronize your strokes with his thrusts.
are we talking cup to the wall or ?
have no roommates. never have this problem.

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You know what pisses me off? The whole "Nice Guy" straw man meme pushed by feminists.

Like, they go on about how guys who act nice to get girls to like them are the worst thing ever, especially if they are sad when they get rejected. Women say things like "nice guys don't expect rewards for being nice!" Or "I don't owe you sex for being nice to me!" Or "you're not really nice if you were just trying to get in my pants!"

Well fuck you! So what if he was being nice because he expected it would get him somewhere? Everyone does something because they expect a positive return. Why does he owe you niceness? Why should he be nice to you for no reason? When have YOU ever in your life been nice to anyone?

Fuck you, you nasty cunt.
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Most "nice guys" aren't even trying to be manipulative, they're just too afraid of rejection to show direct interest. They're doing all they know how to do, and hoping for the best.
Being "nice" is a meme. Stop being a beta behaviour modulator around women. Treat everyone how you want to be treated and that's it.
And yet feminazi cunts bully them and act like they are literally rapists


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Roses are red
That ass is real nice
If you were some towers
I'd fly into you twice

Post your own
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This is so stupid and that was a bad poem
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Get the fuck out of here normie
Or i will kill you
Roses are red
Violets are blue
OP is a faggot
This much is true

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>make a thread but panic and quickly delete it because you suspect people that know you are on here and could identify you somehow through your abhorrent shitpost
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You should probably delet this thread
How could they possibly know but they could YOURE MAKING ME FREAK OUT REEEEEEEEEE
Jim? What the fuck, you use 4chan too?

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Schapelle Corby Mk.2
Is the author trying to make us feel sympathy for her? She brought this entirely on herself.
>break law in 3rd world shit hole
No sympathy

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> Tinder
> Chatting with 9/10
> Sheisintomeboi.jpg
> She wants to have a coffee with me
> Fuckingyes.jpg
> I went to bathroom to shower
> 3 messages from her
> Hmmm.jpg
> " Why are you so cold ? Aren't you interested in me? Why 1 word responses (I didn't do that shit) ?
> I said that if i was'nt into her i would unmatch
> It was 2 AM so i was fucking tired
> Said i'm going to sleep and said good night
> This morning
> Good morning how are you vs vs
(At this point i was very happy because we will meet up at 3 pm.)
> She said that she's going to a course.
> I said " German course right ?"
>Checked my Tinder
> Unmatched.jpg
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She realized she didn't like you after all so she spun it around to make it sound like you did something wrong.
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You deserve it, fucking normie. Real robots get 0 matches in Tinder even after 1000 swipes to the right.
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>unironically filling out name and title field
>"Pepe The Frog"

you're a fucking piece of shit normie. you don't belong here faggot. fuck off
FUCK OFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6"7 here
Whats up manlets
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Enjoy an early death
>wanting to live a long life

fuck off, normalfag
>What's up?


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Who /nosocialmedia/ here? I don't have facebook, snapchat, instagram, discord, anything at all.
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the closest thing to social media I have is a steam account but I don't have any friends on it
Reporting in. I really don't get the point of social media.
same op. no social media accounts at all. 4chan is the only site i post on

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What is the origin of this pic?

Is there a video on youtube about it or something?

Seen it posted for years on here but never seen anyone post source
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skip to 1:40
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You should be executed for making me watch this normie shit.

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