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Isn't it time the government provided thicc wives to us lonely robots?
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>*knocks on door*
>"yo anon I'm your new caretaker, desu i'm just doing this for the benefits but you look kind of cute"
>*1 month later*
>"wow anon I wan't expecting to fall for you so quickly, I hope you can see me as the loving wife I deep down so desperately want to be for you"
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>"well anon I managed to get you out of your room I didn't think it was possible"
>"ignore the normies over there and apply the lotion on me, let them be jealous "
>"when we get home I have a special reward for you, master :3"
Can I at least get one that isn't a fucking roast beef vagina having sheboon nigger.

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But fuck average looking white guys, am I right?
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someone is insecure af
she probably weighs 200 pounds
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>white girl
>won't bring shame to your family

Fucking snowniggers.

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>guys who wear fedoras dont get girls they said....
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thats his mom you dum dum
There's a 90% chance that's his fucking mom.

Stop taking pictures of strangers.

That looks like his mom taking him around the store to spend his good boy points

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Hi /r9k/ I'm wondering if any kind rich /brobot/ could send me $14 for shipping, for some Orgonite. Would be greatly appreciated and I would be forever grateful. My paypal is [email protected]
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all that new age shit is a fucking meme don't waste your money
If you can't trust me enough to give me your legitimate email then why should I donate my hard earned cash just so you can get a rock?
cool knickknacks, bro

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>A-a-anon thanks for this date at the zoo
>I-I-I-I-I-I-I-I need to tell you something though
>I'm not wearing any panties
>I want to get fucked by that elephant
>will you put on a distraction while I bend over and let it mount my horny ching chang poosy?
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Ching chong elephant ding dong.
This thread is more original than most.
Keep it up
The funny thing is that this shit actually happens in real life.
Women would rather have sex with literal animals than with you. There's nothing even sexy about an elephant. Shit legs/feet and the snout is literally a worse version of a fucking octopus. And to top it all of this bitch is giving herself to an animal on OUR fucking date. She's a literal 2/10 and she has the nerve to treat me, us like this.

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Any other OCD anons here? I'm debating on going to the doctors and getting the SSRI pills or not. Anyone currently taking them wanna share their experience with them?
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>tfw a thread like this literally doesn't get replies while sissy trap threads and other normie faggotry get 200+posts
fuck this place
>tfw you get obsessive over a girl who REALLY like you a lot, but you creep her out so much she blocks you

Unfortunately, Our culture is being replaced.

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I was hanging out with a girl and she kissed me
wtf do I do
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she's cute btw
how do I girl?
It's quite simple really, you close your /r9k/ tab and never come back to this board because you are a fucking normalfag and don't belong here
The answer is b but it's not because the cube is moving, it's because the room is moving

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> mfw sad
> masturbate (2nd time already)
> smoke
> eat a cookie
> try to go to sleep
Who /coping mechanisms/ here?
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> mfw sad
> try to fall asleep
> masturbate (2nd time already)
> smoke
> eat a cookie
> try to go to sleep again
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>mfw sad for 6 months
>mfw just sometimes have sudden outburts of sadness
>mfw fetal position, tears, and brown noise to drown out my thoughts, is the only thing that let's me sleep after an hour of trying.
Everything will soon be okay anon

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I'd tell you guys a joke about blacks but once You've heard one you've heard Jamal
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I'd reply with one about farmers, if it weren't too corny.
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why did the booger cross the road because everyone was picking on him
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Why do cows have hooves?
Because they lac tose

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I... I don't even know man.
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Well, if you don't know- I don't know. I don't know what you don't even know. WHY? Why is it that I do not know? I do not know because you don't know. And I shall continue to go through life not knowing because I do not know what you do not know. In other words, what don't you know, so that I might know what it is that you do not know about?

Do you want to pork with Jenna Marbles or something?
God she is the fucking worst
>Do you want to pork with Jenna Marbles or something?
are you implying there are people whom don't?

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