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Give me ONE (1) original idea for a youtube channel
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Redub Disney Movies in one take.
Make sculptures of bobsled racing champions out of chapstick.
Fart the alphabet

> im a khhv college student
>girl from highschool that i barely know approaches me while im reading on a bench and talks to me for like 30 mins
>four days later i check fb messenger and she had invited me to a party three days ago
>i spaghetti and lie why i cant go (the real reason is that im autistic)
>no response

Did i just ruin my chance at happiness r9k??????????
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part two, in which she realizes im a sperg and never talks to me again
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Sure yeah whatever buddy. You're wigging out over some small shit
She probably realizes how lonely of a person you are and pities you. She gave you a chance to get out a little to meet people and you spat it back at her. Next time she asks you - if there is a next time - GO.

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Beep boop. This is the Robot Pairing Protocol.

All machine-related entities seeking partnership for any and all purposes should fill out the below form and submit it into this thread.

Should you believe yourself suitable for a below applicant, please provide a form of contact. You are free to use the thread to make discussion before initiating private contact.

Matchmaking services are currently automated.

Boop beep.

>Birth Sex
>Current Years of Life
>Name your Top Five Interests and/or Hobbies
>Current Country
>Race and/or Ethnicity
>Are you seeking Friendship, Relationship, something in-between ... ?
>How often are you online?
>Your Most Desired Trait in a Partner:
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Don't you have to be 18 to post here?

the dubs

they've spoken the truth.

Someone is going to report that ass.
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is there a problem 'ol chap

but for real tho it's just a year

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/Dumb Sissy White Boi/ general

>Dumb sissy frogposters
>Dumb sissy anime boys

you may also apply
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>tfw dumb sissy white anime boy
Someone take me already
Nigger, I already made a general for this.
tfw sissy and more importantly DUMB

>Another workweek begins tomorrow

Jesus Christ, I wish I'd just die.

Who else here /suicidalwagecuck/?
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is ur job at least give good pay?
Why do you hate your anon? Maybe try a nice audio book while working?
i always think about dying but at the same time im afraid to do it. maybe it means i dont want to die but i also feel like a pussy knowing even girls and women have do it and i cant blow my brains out. oh well

You know the rules.
First dubs decides message.
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Swiggity swoogity give me the boipussi
How do you feel about Jews? Should they be gassed?
I will pay you $625 for a handjob.

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So, why don't you, you know, just remove the cheese slice from the sandwich?

go back to /biz/ you normie sack of shit

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If you found out that girl you like is actually a male, how would you feel?
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Disgust leading into shame then to anger.
i think there is difference between a boy who is effeminate and has been this way his whole life and one who simply decides mid-way entering his 20s to be more effeminate.
if this boy weren't a girl but their whole life has been effeminate, the real kinda of girly-boy most robots aim to be but aren't in bone, would be fantastic.

lived with interested in gardening, cooking, cleaning... was never really into sports or doing anything too harsh or rough and was kind beneath his bones. that boy wouldn't only earn his right to still be someone liked, he deserved to be loved.
now it'll be easier

>mom was strong-armed by a relative to buying a cat
>too much of a pussy to say no (no pun intended)
>slightly allergic to cat; have to wash my hands and arms every time I play with her
>barely gives any affection and attention outside of sitting next to you
>is boring as fuck
>have to babyproof the entire house, blocking off certain rooms
>afraid to say anything

Why the fuck do so many people like cats?
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>slightly allergic
not everyone is allergic to cats
>barely gives any affection
of course they won't you fucking retard, you have to wait a year or two
>is boring as fuck
this I can't disagree with, but if you want to play with your pet 24/7 get a dog
>have to babyproof the entire house
cats aren't stupid anon, even when they're 7 weeks old kittens can find their way around the house. babyproofing the house isnt necessary
>why do people like cats?
-low maintenance
Think he means baby proofing in the sense that he doesn't want it climbing cabinets and knocking shit off, or chewing wires and shit
oh, that I cant disagree with as well. my cats at least have never severely misbehaved, though they have pushed stuff off of tables before, no big deal though. some cats are just assholes

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> mfw there's someone perfect for you but you just don't know how to find each other.
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im 22 im sure she already had 6 kids by now
>tfw met perfect girl through /r9k/ a few years ago
>she lived half the world away
>didn't have any means to see each other at the time
>eventually just stopped talking since we knew nothing would come of it
>become bitter about women in general since then
>know she's probably been with a million other men since then which just makes me even more bitter
wew lad
You know that you're the only one who's been destroying all the fun
Look what happened when you were dreaming
Then punch yourself in the face
So you kiss and you clutch but you can't fight that feeling
That your one true love is just awaiting your big meeting

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I notice that people complain a lot about the lack of thread variety, and that's a problem. Way too many trap/porn threads. But here is another problem: often when people make other types of threads, they get told to "go back" to another board. If someone makes a vidya thread, people say "go to /v/", if someone makes a thread about woods or something they say "go to /out/", if they make a thread about food they say "go to /ck/"

I don't think people should be doing this, you have to understand this board has no topic and is for general discussion of any kind. If you want this board to be more interesting, don't just tell people to go to another board, because you're driving away a lot of discussion. We have gotten to the point where /b/ literally has far more thread variety than this board
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This board is fucked and has been for years. Telling someone to go back to whatever autistic containment they may or may not have come from won't do jack shit and if anything would probably make them dick around even more. And while /r9k/ could have /v/ level censoring that would backfire hard since it's already the second dump of 4chan and the board would either die or they'd just keep bypassing it like they do for the retarded robot.
Don't forget about pic related. Vidya belong on /v/, outdoors belongs on /out/, etc. Those boards exist for a reason. The real problem is the race baiting and traps. The mods need to either ban them, make /r9k/ a blue board, or make /lgbt/ NSFW.
fucking traps
fucking fembots
fucking "le my life is worse than yours"
the usual

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>tfw basically chad to my family (i.e. never do dishes, make my mom do my laundry)
>but beta to my friends IRL

how do I make my private life = public life?
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I feel you anon

but does that mean that chads are beta males to their families?
>people taking care of you makes you Chad
No it makes you a baby, dumb fuck. You're never gonna make it.
>Chad to my family
>bullies Mom, refuses to do chores
naw dude, it makes you an asshole to your family
Chad is literally about social/sexual accomplishments, strength, and good looks. None of which apply to you.

Hope this clears things up.

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My friend is going out on his first formal date with a woman and he wants me to tag along with him to make sure the date goes well.
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tag along and make sure the date goes badly
steal his girl or treat him like your his son

I'm a female friend of his. He latches on to me like I'm older sister or something. He's not a very bright person and often depends on me to train him or make decisions for him.

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uh oh.png
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Uh-oh! Trouble in paradise?

Chris Chan already upsets his new gf Jessica Quinn by giving compliments to another woman.
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She seems crazy

Perfect for him honestly

Maybe she'll end up murdering him and his mom
Anyone else find it weird this chick has no IRL friends or family on her facebook?
No pictures of herself with anyone else, no tagged photos (that I can see)
Really makes her seem like even more of a troll
Getting no results on google or TinEye for her pics, though.

reverse image search isn't always reliable because social media sites can block image searches

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>go on /lit/
>after 3 hours, become suicidal after realizing I'm a severe brainlet manchild that's done absolutely nothing with my life of 26 years
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Read some cool books, try real hard to get smart
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I felt the same, the difference is I already got my debrainletzation starter pack.

but I'm 26

life is over for me already

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