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>tfw 19yo and still kv
at what age should i kms if i still a kv?
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Like 30. Dude, 19 is fucking YOUNG in the game. You have so much time and growing to do.
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I'm almost 24 and a KHV

frogposting till I die
>tfw just a couple of months until Im 30
>Pretty much guaranteed to still be a khv by then

Im still not going to kms

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would a girl I get along with really well date me knowing the fact that I have a shitty car? Like a really embarrassing car.
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Keep it clean, and with good painting.
I understand what you mean. My car's AC is shitty, but I don't mind
My best friend has a shitty car with paint peeling off, scuff marks everywhere inside and just generally unkempt. Despite that, he still has a good girlfriend who loves him.
It likely depends on the girl. Her culture, upbringing, etc.

Poor girls probably wont give a shit. Anyone else will likely not say anything about it but most likely wont like it and may not want anything to do with you afterwards.

It also may depend on what country you're in also.

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What's the coolest life you can dream of? just the best possible version of you

within the realm of reality though, no spaceships or time traveling

Maybe I'm a simpleton but I'd like to have money and fuck lots of women all around the world
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i love how trashy adele sounds when she talks
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I don't really care about money or fucking. I want to succeed academically really hard and become a respected intelectual, and be able to make a comfortable living off that, while still having enough time to do shit that I like (videogames, playing guitar, etc). I also would get together with my oneitis because I don't really want anyone else. I'm not sure she wanting to be with me is within the realms of possibility, though.
one without anxiety and depression

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I have you OP
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This thread is my best friend.

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Why don't we force the rich into labor camps? They don't produce anything. It seems like a good way of making them give back to society for once in their fucking lives.
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First real wagie paycheck of my life.
Feels good man.
I know it's jack shit in the long run, but it still feels nice to know that I earned this.
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How much do you make per hour?
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guessing you get payed about $12.50?
Minimum wage.
Like 12 bucks

Fat women make me so angry. Women have ONE job in their lives, all they have to do is not get fat.
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Not like it matter to them. Fat women still have pleanty of people willing to date them....probably more so than you.
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how do i eat a lot of food without getting fat?

please respond
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get ripped
get a parasite
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tfw skelly.png
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Skelly here, tell me how to get fat from eating a lot of food.
Do ALOT of physical activity or eat strictly vegetables

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>you will NEVER live in Japari park
Why even exist?
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stay in your containment board

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How many pl8 do I have to squat to get a gf like this
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buisness pepe.png
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>Finally got the argon
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Got a spot of welding to do OP?
now you can weld in oxygene-free envinorment

Is that unmixed argon, you gonna do some stainless or alu mayhap? Bit of TIG?

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To all the mothers out there, my name is Decoration, and I've been living inside your daughter for 12 seconds now.
I am the embodiment of beauty itself.
Like a vase brimming with infinity.
But maybe a little taller, and more detailed.
Yes.. that's perfect.
Oh please, don't be angry, there is really nothing you can do.
Just sit back and enjoy the story of what's going to happen next.
In a couple of months, she'll accidently squeeze her pet hamster to death which I will find deeply inspiring.
The small hamster shaped theater will be grown in her bioducts.
It is an expression of sweet tenderness for your daughter.
Inside the actors are made from living tissue, like warm puppets, they are my voyage towards the perfect theatrical hamster squeeze.
All this lavish effort just to impress your child.
Puberty hits, her body throws an adolescent tantrum, and one morning I will find myself covered in bile.
It's... embarrassing.
Something cruel will be neccessary to prevent further mishaps
After six years.. and 72 productions of the great hamster squeeze, ballets, operas, vianese waltses, sonnets, it becomes quite clear that your little princess doesn't give a shit about art.
Worse, by this point she will be seeing a young man, her innocence rots away.
It seems this man must physically enter her body in order to reproduce
What a horrible species you all belong to
I'll go to her womb, where the opening is and block it off with a massive baby, MY baby.
They will Cristen the child cervical cancer, but I prefer the name.. Decoration.
Fading away..
I suppose I'll finally understand the love she felt for her pet.
And perhaps why she squeezed too hard.
And sure.. maybe I'll feel a sense of regret.
But there you have it, if it makes you feel any better, I reccomend taking a vase and dropping it out the window.
Vases never die slowly, pissing a life away into a hospital cancer tube, oh no.
We are fragile that's true.. But we are much more poetic.. than a human.
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>be 6`3
>23 yo
>body looks femenine af
>puffy nips
>small dick

afraid of becoming a tall shemale bitch for some big fat old man
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How'd you like to be my tall shemale bitch? I'm a big old fat man and your twink body sounds right up my alley
check my pics first, im afraid of sex as a woman


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there were at least two long and funny as fudgy greentext threads that got pruned here, or was it on /b/. What gives? Annoys me
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wahts a fudgy?
probably dont have one, but curious

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>win genetic lottery
>still get shitty face tattoos
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he looks like a faggot desu
>those cheeks
>those lips
literally trash
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what the fug3.jpg
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>women will still be interested in him despite his faggy freckles and tattoos

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