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Why would someone go to college for an English major or fine arts.
I like reading stories about people who got meme degrees and can't find a job now what would make you want to go into debt just to say you went to college.
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My parents really wanted me to go. I'm a complete loser -- kissless virgin, meme degree, drink too much, depressed, etc. But at least if someone asked me "What have you done that your Dad is proud of?" I could respond with something I did that resembles an achievement. Yes, it was an easy degree, yes, I do soul-sucking work that is completely unrelated to Literature. But at least now, for my parents sake, they can think something about their son other than he is a walking black hole that consumes resources and gives nothing back to society. If I had went for math or science, I would have failed out, or worse just hated life for 4 years. An easy degree was really my only option - I'm stupid. Me going to college was a big deal for my parents, it wasn't the major so much as the degree itself.

That's why I went.
college is a meme anyway unless you're in sciences
the apprenticeship program is the only tertiary education i support
I don't know but it is just so intriguing to watch people willingly ruin their lives for no reason

sometimes I have illusions that aya is typing to me on discord
I jump up and feel so happy
but realize that he thinks im worthless
im just a dreamer
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No one here cares you pathetic whiner. Leave.
aya said that mean peoples words dont mean anything.
Hide my threads!
Wow this is different from when you would just post that you're crying, i like the direction you're going with this

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What does it mean when your 12 year old niece wants to see your penis, do you tell her parents?
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Do you get off on this sick fantasy or something
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Don't tell them, just ignore her
means you should stick in her pooper

original post approved by original police

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/manlet/ thread
this is LITERALLY me
Why must i live this stupid life
why could I grown to 5'8 or 5'9 I'd be happy with my life
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>Anonymous 04/26/17(Wed)18:43:53 No.36578

Same. I landed at a SOLID 5'7 after puberty. My dad is 6'. What the fuck God. Why.

If I were 5'9 I could have a normal life.
>mfw 6'2'"

I am literally perfection in regards to height.
This drunk loser is trying to grope her with a boner. Doesn't matter if he is a manlet. A girl would do this same thing to any creep approaching them like that.

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Just save up and pay for it every now and then. If you're concerned about the law then do it where it's legal.

I had a foursome (A FOURSOME) with three girls in the Oase a few days ago. I've been taking trips once or twice a year for the last three years to fuck girls.

Really all it takes is money and a bit of nerve. I kind of wanted to re-enact the end of the hentai that's part of the image I posted, and it went really well for the most part.
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Paying for sex is more pathetic than being a virgin you sad cunt.

Imagine bragging about having to pay women to go anywhere near you.
But i want to fuck someone particular

Yet women would still rather fuck a guy who's had a whore than a virgin. Nobody cares if it looks pathetic in your eyes.

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Is it true that all women secretly hate themselves?
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kinda curious about this too desu
No, that's just you trying to make yourself feel better.
You seem very confident in that assessment.

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>mfw old timers call me boss or chief
>mfw youngins call me sir
>mfw am 23

Send help
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I used to live in a town where old folks made up most of the population.
I felt like a total alpha when they called me 'boss' or 'chief' until my mother told me they say it just as an expression.
But what does the expression mean? Wouldn't you feel like a bitch calling someone quarter your age chief or boss?

Is it their version of ironic shitposting? Are they mocking us?

It's just fucking weird.
Is it a normie thing to address other people as "boss"?

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I have an interview for an entry level position at a fast-casual restaurant tomorrow. Should I wear a suit?
>wagecuck general
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Yes. Always wear a suit even if it doesn't specify to.
people aren't even expected to wear suits for professional positions anymore.
I'm contemplating why I asked this question when I don't even own a suit

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who here has a gaming pc that they never play video games on?
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gaming cucks are the biggest cucks in the world
I have a 2 thousand dollar 4chan machine

I'm 25 and graduating. After switching majors many times I fell for the computer science meme. I liked the concepts and theory, the logical thinking and problem solving, but disliked actual programming and found it difficult and frustrating.

I played the system to get this degree. I had a shit gpa since year 2 so I gave up on gpa and just did whatever minimum I had to do to get that 50% pass. I got away with skipping many coding projects.

Now graduating, still don't like to code, and due to avoiding projects, I can't code. What else can I do with my computer science degree? Help me escape the meme
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You could just become the IT guy.
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>disliked actual programming and found it difficult and frustrating.

hope this helps
comfiest non-coding positions are doing QA/testing.

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>it's just calories in, caIories out bro
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just eat dude lmfao

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the only thing holding you back is (you)
you're a robot so you probably don't leave your house much
here's some shit that'll get you fat quick
>chicken tendies
>eat cakes
most of this isn't healthy though

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New feels meme: Cold Existential Depression Edition
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Is it fuck
aye Iad
when you die,
you will meet and be with everyone that you wanna meet again.
there will be no more pain or sadness or hurt.
just how it was and felt when you were around them.

>Sorry anon, but to be perfectly honest, I'm just not into mixed boys. Not really my thing you know? B-but we can definitely still be friends, okay?
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The funny thing is that this actress only date white guys (her current bf is white) and her love interests in movies are all white men. Her next movie is about a biracial girl growing in Nazi Germany and falling in love with a Hitler Youth.
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>Hey anon, think you can give me a ride to the rally tonight? I got some new boots so I'm ready to stomp some dirty kike skulls in!
so who are you into cutie?

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>scrolling through /r9k/
>ctrl-f 'vin diesel'
>no vin diesel thread

Since apparently no one else is motivated to make one, here is today's Vin Diesel thread

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He looked shredded in the new fast and furious movie. Can't wait for the next inevitable riddick movie.
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Shoo shoo, Vin.
*sniff* Hey, can you guys smell that? Kinda smells like somethings cooking maybe?

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What do you autists do when someone approaches asking for money? Do you acknowledge them and say sorry or are they completely invisible to you?
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>give them money
>"thanks Anon, God bless you"
>"y-you're welcome"
>inwardly seethe at my inability to say no
If captive (like I'm pumping gas or in a drive thru line or something)
>sorry i don't have any cash

If just walking on the sidewalk
>just walk right on by
I was almost robbed by some homeless nigger when he stopped me to panhandle.
so now i just ignore them

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