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Any woman who isn't a feminist has no dignity
What? They're meant to aspire to being a house wife? Her dream is to become a parasite sucking off of a man's hard work?
It's a very simple question, would you rather be a man or a woman? It's rhetorical and why I can never respect a woman who isn't a feminist
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your opinion doesn't matter

you have a fucking micro organism for a penis

now go tell your mom you need help you sad piece of shit.

if you're not a feminist, it means you're not a slut ;)
what is the purpose of a man's hard work if it's not for attracting a woman and supporting his family?
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>implying modern women who identify as feminists aren't almost always damaged goods, just like neckbeards who identify as meninists

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Are slutty girls capable of enjoying delicate things like having their buttholes and pussies eaten or having their feet massaged? Or are they all about getting blown out by big dicks?
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You can be gently plowed by giant willies and be roughly licked out in the bottom and front bottom.

I think it's a matter of personal taste.
I like these butthole spread pics. But I always wonder how they take it, I've done timed pics before but it's always shitty
i cant tell if its a meme, but the slutty chicks i know are all about being loudly in favor of ass-eating

I think we should all get off our computers and phones and go outside! If it's dark where you are, do it first thing tomorrow! Doesn't an early morning walk sound nice?
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I already go on jogs. My area is a polluted piece of shit with ugly scenery. Look up pictures of Riverside County if you don't believe me.
im going outside tomorrow to see my girlfriend
Im going outside tomorrow to shoot you both in the face.

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>talking with babyboomer dad
>talks too much
>don't really listen to him
>say, "yeah" or "uhuh"
>have a sad tone about all the time
>"Luke you're really starting to be a downer!"
>"you know you remind me of that donkey eeyore!"
>"yeah whatever"
>"well you're going to be out of my house if you don't cooperate"
I hate this asshole, he's loud and obnoxious and annoying it's hard to be "happy" even content around him. he's also done bad things to me as a kid and I don't rly consider him a parent anymore just someone I live with to leech on till he dies.
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What sort of gay shit does he talk about, Luke?
>"just someone I live with to leech on till he dies"
That's going to be a long time from now anon. I would seriously consider looking for a job in order to lessen your dependence on him. You'll waste decades of your life waiting for him to die otherwise, this way once you save up for a year or two you'll be able to move out, he really sounds like an ass and it's only going to get worse the longer you leech.
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okay so I bring up how oreilly was fired because he usually watches him every night at 7

and then he talks continuously about him much like his hero on tv does with all his guests. Doesn't allow me to speak and when I do try to speak he rudely stares at me or says "what"

also he's ridiculed me before in public a alot of times and beaten me up for stupid shit like disagreeing with him, sounding as if I'm defiant to him, or not doing putting one little thing away if it's out of place

he's a fucking OCD fag with anger issues

and I don't feel comfortable around him, I swear if I was stronger than this fag I would beat the fuck out of him I'm so pissed off every fucking day

probably why I have IBS and anxiety disorder

and what's worse, he's a doctor treating my problems and I don't even trust him or his doctor friends over any of my illnesses anymore

I will die alone

Why are women so awful?
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ur ugly???

why are you talking about an ugly person you ugly ass?
I'm ugly, it's a girl talking to her friend who she set me up with. I am the ugly one.
>He's at fault for being born with undesirable traits
This is bad critical thinking, just like:
>This person shows bad critical thinking skills, all people of the broadest demographic this person belongs to must also show bad critical thinking skills

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Anyone notice that phone posting is no longer allowed on 4chan?

Sometimes I like to post on the go. But had to rely on my mobile network until the internet was finally set up at my new place. Posting was always "blocked due to abuse from ISP, IP range, or country." Which seems to be more prevalent these days. Especially considering I live in the big city.
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My only internet connection is my phone and I never run into that problem. You're probably just in a retarded region like Australia.
I'm posting from one right now.
What service?

Likely not original.

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>dad has a full head of hair at 53
>I'm severely balding at 20
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Bladness comes from your mother. Blame her.
Your dad got cucked op
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>everyone in family has full head of hair
>norwood 2 for 3 years

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>that guy who took his job very seriously.

He must have wanted to become a sales rep, or store manager, etc
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>he does become the manager
>now gets paid a six figure salary and only shows up 10 hours a week because salaried people don't have to clock in
>tfw seeing retail managers acting like they have a great job

>He thinks retail managers get paid six figures and work less than 40 hrs a week.

I got some news for you anon

>your willpower increases when you don't masturbate and do push-ups more than you regularly do.
This is true.
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This is true, to be certain.
For what purpose though? A lot of times things are harder to get the more you want them, girls included.
Then the solution would be to stop wanting things.

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Anyone else here really worry about excessive political correctness?

I recently started going back to college after 2 years of leave because muh schizo. People there act super careful around me because they found out I was gone for having a brain malfunction. Everything is uncomfortable as fuck in psychology class (yeah I know it's a pleb class but I think it would be easy as hell for me to help people) because they somehow found out I was gone for muh brain problems. I feel very uncomfortable and alienated because people censor themselves on that subject around me, but all I want is for them to joke about it like I do. I consider myself to be a classical liberal (you can do anything as long as it doesn't directly harm someone else). I feel like "progressive" liberals are actually regressive in this sense. I can't make a joke about myself without some asshat telling me it's offensive. Can someone please wake me up?

Pic is my parrot who recently died, but lived a long and happy life.
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self-bump because i want to discuss this
please respond guys im bored and i wanted to have some sort of discussion.
If I were in your situation, I would joke about it regardless of the fact that it offends someone. If some dickhole hears you making a joke about your own mental illness, and deems it offensive just tell them something like,"You're offensive to me for dictating how I am able to speak about a mental disorder I suffer from." Or something along these lines just to get the PC people to fuck off. I wish I could give something more than this, but this is the only solution that's logical to me. Finally, I suppose the only thing I would do besides the previously mentioned case, is wait a bit after they told me I was offensive, and start hitting the shit out of said person then blame it on schizophrenia.

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>yfw you realized your thoughts and feelings appear out of nowhere and you have no free will
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But that's a great feel, op. There's nothing better than realizing your sense of self was a lie and that your body is running on autopilot handling all your problems for you.
Regain control.
Life is scripted for the most part, your only decision is which script you want to run.
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>tfw you realize that it's only you/me/us (singular) here

If all girls want the alpha male provider how do you explain this
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nigger women are not desireable
Average face and he's got $$$
He's no Chad but he's no beta either.
>that fucking virgin walk

do ya think he's saving himself for the consummation of his wedding?

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A year ago i failed a suicide attempt,spent all my days in a dark room browsing this cancerous site (i don't qnymore,i'm just here yo post this) ,barely ate,only left the the room to piss,constantly getting abused by family with made me sink even lower,went from 4.0 gpa top of uni promo student (was about to start medschool) to someone failing all his classes and barely being able to study 1-2 hours A MONTH

Needless to say. IAfter my suicide attempt,it took a very long time to see improvements in my life, but 1 year later and i'm doing so much better, i still have much progress waiting for me but i'm hopeful for the future

Disowning my toxic family helped me a damn lot,i'd be in a grave right now if they were still around me. I'm working as a lab assistant under a PhD student for a paper on brain injuries , i'm thankful because working there truly helped me gain my passion back and boosted my recovery.

Anyone else got out of a crippling depression?
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You are so special and unique, anon!
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>suicide attempt
>medical student
I mean if you know about the human body shouldn't you have been able to kill yourself because you know which veins to cut by memory?

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Who here /pathetic/ and knows it
>always tell mommy about my adventures on r9k
>always pick the most autistic stories
>refer to people I talk to online as my "friends"
>never go out

I try to stop but it always ends up happening because I have no one to talk to.
I'm always so excited too, and it slowly fades away as I realize and remember how disappointed she is in me and how autistic I am.
She tries to act interested and be nice, but...
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what kind of stories do you get from here?
all I can imagine is you talking for hours about the life of cwc
Tell your mom about me op
Just do it man,or just find a job and GTFO of the house of your mom.

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anyone else like eating toenails or at least ripping them off with your teeth then spitting them out? i build up a collection of toenails behind my bed and hoover it up every few months when i can be bothered. i like giving myself ingrown toenails as well its fun. most of the time i rip the toenail off with my teeth, take a few seconds to admire it and then throw it behind my bed, but sometimes i eat them i dont know why doesnt really taste nice but sort of satisfying
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i used to love chewing off my toenails like a dog but i lost the flexibility
only my measly fingernails remain these days and i have to nip at those carefully to keep them presentable
No, but when I cut them I stored them in a pot. I'd also mixed in mucus and cum and let it dry out.
what the fucking hell is wrong with you "people"

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