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What kind of creature is this?
His name is JimmyThick and he is 12
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His name isn't Jimmy, it's Timmy and I'm sure he's at least 16. My only question for TimmyThick is, where are your parents, TimmyThick?
Oh yeah, you are right

This is his twitter

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What's the last awkward conversation your parents had with you?
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I've been hanging out with mostly girls lately and my dad asked me if I was having safe sex. I don't know if he knows I'm a virgin, or that I've never kissed a girl, or that I probably won't be doing any of those things for a while. My mom asked too on a seperate occasion but I think they'd feel bad if I told them I don't get involved in any intimate stuff, so I just go with it.

are normies really that fucked in the head?

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*dabs on the haters*
Who is this faggot and why am I seeing him everywhere?
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this. I too would like to know why he is recently so popular.
what the fuck did he do?

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is economics a good field to go into nowadays? want to get my shit together after neeting for two years. but i dont know shit about this degree. could anyone pls give more info?
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MBAs are comfy if you go to a good school. Don't believe the haters.
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I find economics really interesting as a topic but didn't go to school for it
Please listen to this podcast
Some good episodes
this one is on how a market system can make food banks more efficient and help the poor
This one is on the Iranian Kidney Market, I thought it was cool
There's also a favorites section

What lesser known youtubers do robots enjoy?

Mumkey Jones (Off Topic Anime Reviews and Elliot Rodger Historian)

Sassy and Opinonated (Anime and 4chan Rants)

Captain Comedy (Short Comedy)

Normie Twice Removed (Video Memes)

kmlkmljkl (Video Memes)

Homeschool Dropouts (Video Memes)

Life Eternal (Spirituality / Philosophy )
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Louis Rossmann. He's a madman.
>Mumkey Jones
r/4chan incarnate
vpro documentary and vpro world series are really good. they are barley in english but all subbed and they make new high quality documentaries every week about various things.

caspian report is good and is mini docs about various geopolitical issues

the daily conversation has a good long series called megaprojects

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>this is the state of modern women
Your a cuck if you chase them
I am redpilled/greenpilled and now I only fuck femboys and read Crowley
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Went to a house party last night. Started socialising with a Estonian girl who is here for 2 years to learn English and works as a cleaner.
I'm not good looking but very strong and fit, white and have my own house, car and above average job.

During the night she seemed pretty interested was flirty to me. As a group of friends we all got very drunk and even more so at the bar .

At the bar I kept buying her drinks and we would taste each other's drinks, she would let me share her cigarettes.
Basically I ask for her number and she gives it to me but says we can only be friends because she has a friend with benefit (some black Brazilian guy who is also a cleaner). She seemed pretty serious about wanting me to text her the next day (which I did and surprise she didn't even read my message)

We are both 30. I thought it was only young women who liked being used as side chicks to handsome guys.

Unless you are really handsome you won't get one night stands, fwbs or a girlfriend. This only happens to desperate women over 35
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>tfw internet politics harmed you more than porn ever could
>porn gave you a couple weird turn-ons
>politics, drama, and assorted interpersonal bullshit turned you into a paranoid recluse with a grudge list a gig long, who obsessively checks major websites for evidence of shit he hates and obsessively devotes himself to chronicling goings-on of literally no IRL significance, because otherwise he won't know what's happening
>you would literally have been better off in a furry anime IRC channel or something than having ever being introduced to 4chan or anything like it
>tfw you didn't end up an autist OR a normie and now you're in hell
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I get drunk.
Then I look up girls I knew/liked in middle/high school/college.
I hope they're married and happy and starting to have kids. No need for all of us to be pathetic, eh?
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No responses?
Typical. Maybe I should just kill myself.
I just replied to spite you. Kys and sage
You're too good for this board.

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Does it suck to be black? I am honestly curious.
>Inbefore u mirin white boy?
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I'm black
Wait no that's my gfs bf
Yea it fucking does. But I guess I got wgat I deserved. If I were a white boy I would become a man worse than hitler and exploit the shit out of everything. White=easy mode.
I'm Indian does that count

it's ok

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>I know that you're embarrassed about my past, but I'm with you now anon! The past shouldn't matter! I'm not proud of what I've done but there isn't anything either of us can do about it now. I've put all that behind me and I want to settle down with someone who I love. Yes, you, silly!
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>not smart enough to do anything useful with my life

>not dumb enough to be happy with the utter waste my life has become
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what did you want to do?

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please uniquely post in my thread
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I will post an unique post in your thread
And it's a great. DAAAYYY to be alive I know the sun's still shining when I close my eyes
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A unique post for a unique thread

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robot user catalog here: /yqvcS
petty panic attacks day
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aint no one is online you moron
do you have any friends you want there
first time joining that server, I recognize no one.
I don't mind having a conversation with total strangers though

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Thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4pqPdAIbkt8

>YWN go back to middle school and play Flash games after finishing your assignments early

It was such a blissful time. I would ask my teacher to use the computer in the back, bypass the firewall with a proxy, and play simple, yet fun and addicting games, and I wouldn't feel any guilt, meaninglessness, or boredom while doing so. I wouldn't judge the content I'm consuming, and would genuinely enjoy it for what it is, getting fully immersed, not fretting about anything else. What a simple time it was.

>TFW you will never make your first ever online friend on Territory War Online and brag to him about your nonexistent GF, then proceed to immediately close the tab out of guilt when he asks you for contact information

>TFW you will never fight over who gets to use the only computer in the classroom with that slightly mentally-challenged orphan kid

>TFW you will never experience momentary popularity when the normie kids inquire about how to bypass the firewall

Anyone else know these feels?
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