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>20yo neet
>only ever go outside to fill up on soda and ramen
>walk because i have no license
>have to go to the dentist across town yesterday
>forced into being driven in a car
>on the way i feel disillusioned at the thought of all the communities we were passing. all the people ill never meet, all the lives i couldnt live. even when we passed through a ghetto i felt a longing feeling for contact.
>passing businesses made me think of all the jobs i could have and all the experience and knowledge they could bring. i was truly motivated to do something when i got home, to possibly better myself and go out into that world i saw on my trip!
>but then i went home.
>sat down at my computer desk.
>opened up a game.
>and forgot it all.
theres not really a point to this thread, i just wanted to share this experience with you all. it was awfully depressing and made me feel isolated all over again. i thought a presence online made up for not going outside and socializing, but i guess i was wrong.
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I know it can feel overwhelming, looking at the gulf between where you are now and where you want to be, but don't give up. Channel that desire into taking simple steps each day, just something small to get you a little bit closer, and you'll get there eventually. You'll feel better acting on that desire instead of abandoning it, too. Maybe walk around a little bit more when you go out, see a little bit more of the world. Maybe take an interest in nutrition and try a little bit of cooking to improve your diet. There are a lot of areas where you could improve yourself, stretch outward and expand yourself, and if you can learn to break them down into small, achievable goals you'll have taught yourself an invaluable life skill.
Get a job you big puss
I miss being a human sometimes. I remember when I had friends in middle school. Going to the movies and getting food was some of the best time of my life. Now I sit in my room all day. I have no one close to me except my mom and brother.

>There's so much to live for anon! Sure, you may spend 40 years in a dead end job slaving away for Mr.Shekelstein but you get to retire at 70 and spend the last 10 years of your life living like a neet! You can even save up for a 2 day trip to Roastie Island every year!

What did they mean by this?
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This is bullshit because any robot is likely to be dead way before 70 just from the mental and physical issues that go along with prolonged social isolation and depression.
They mean give me 70 dollars every week you filthy goyim scum

Lowest IQ degrees for women are psych, don't have the graph but someone should pull it up, it's why I can't trust my shrink
Shit, that explains a lot.

Got the chart?

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>be 6 days since I had food
>drink only water
>lost 10 pounds
>acne is gone
>confidence boosted

Why are you still eating? I went from a 4/10 to a 6/10 within days
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Keep eating faggots
Don't overdo it OP, how tall are you? I do this occasionally to maintain 154 lbs at 6'2

As soon as you start eating again at least half of that is going to magically come back

If you want to lose weight do it the right way, there are extreme diets out there that work fast and are maintainable but starving yourself is just gonna wreak havoc on your body

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i've been playing this game on my phone called "your life simulator"
NEETs, is this how you live? this game is actually pretty nice, lots of posters and animu pillows to collect.
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Seems pretty relaxing
I'll bite. first impressions..yeah, this pretty much sums up my life. I kinda like this.
>Work x2

Nope. It's not how NEETs live.

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Who else here a former member of the meme depression club that moved on to the real deal

>thought i was depressed for years
>would talk about it to people or hint at it in attention seeking ways
>would often think about and sometimes even talk about suicide even though i always knew i wouldn't do it
>never hide bad moods, never pretend i was fine
>in hindsight i was actually just very bored and a bit sad because my life was one long identical day and i was wasting my youth because of the monotony
>then the real stuff hits
>suddenly understand why so many people are so secretive about it
>not only do i feel no need to talk about it or hint at it, i want to hide it
>for the first time in my life start pretending i'm fine
>don't attention whore with friends about it
>don't even want to think about it
>the sadder i get the more outwardly normal i become
>tfw heart feels physically heavy and i sometimes feel like i'm drowning
>actual suicidal thoughts start appearing
>beginning to get unironically afraid i'll end up offing myself

Help I'm retarded and have no idea what to do now
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Same year, i just can't understand if i'm just stupid and lazy or have serious depression

the future is bright lads
its probably going to be okay
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Who here is the light of the world?
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what beverage will you be having tonight, for me it's the coca cola
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Robots! Post your cocks! Every other boars does it, so come on, let's see em


>pic related, mine
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you have one of the most disgusting bodies I've ever seen
Your comment doesn't count unless your dick is posted.

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Pepe 102.png
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>10th grade
>Parents made me go to some christian school
>By the end of the year my overall score in religion was literally 66.6
Was an edgy fedora at the time too, post other frightening coincidences.
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>Watch Lego Batman with my brother
>Next day Adam West dies
>Play Shadow of the Colossus the day before its E3 remake announcement

I have the power to make things happen!

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This youtube chad is facing 30 years in jail for recording two 14yos showing their buttholes

>Newly released federal documents, obtained by PEOPLE, reveal the lengths YouTube singer Austin Jones allegedly went to in coaxing underage female fans to send him sexual videos of themselves.

>Jones, 24, allegedly solicited two 14-year-old fans (one last August and one in May) instructing them on what to wear, what to say and what to do in the videos deemed child pornography, the court documents state.


My question is: are you happy because he's a normie getting what he deserves, or angry because feminists have created a reign of terror where every white male is treated extremely harsh for even the mildest of offenses?
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>Some dude does something reprehensible and gets convicted for it

I see no issue here.
I am fucking happy that a sexhaving normalfag gets fucked. I have feminists, but I also love them for raping THE SHIT out of normalfags. If you don't see the LMAO in some successful Chad having his life destroyed by some rape accusation, you're not a robot
I'm neither happy nor angry.
He broke the law, he knew he was breaking the law and still carried on anyway.
He's just an idiot that got caught doing illegal shit... it's his own fault for being such a fucking dumbass.

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Why won't my oneitis love me? I'm very attractive. Just because I'm not yet a Chad, doesn't mean she should ignore me
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Nice 4head
What's wrong with my forehead? Looks normal to me

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just another morning i wake up with no gf laying next to me
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Get a body pillow, that way you have something to hug in your sleep

you can also cry into it when you realize it's not the same
I try to fall asleep again in order to forget about it

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I miss the old days Z79ndms
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so if I buy me those nikes, I get the chance to act like a massive nigger?
you got yourself a deal, sir
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