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I'll be homeless tomorrow.
Anybody fucking know any good shelters in Florida?

Or maybe can help end my suffering ifyouknowhatImean?

I'm too pussy to do something painful but if you have a tier2 archery weapon I can borrow it will help ifyouknowhatImean.
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how'd you become homeless

>tier2 archery weapon
Anyways, you should just whore out your body to earn a bit of cash.
florida is too wild to sleep outside as a homeless man
are you sure you don't have relatives or friends? whom you could ask to stay with?
If don't just ask some hobos man and move out to another city i guess ,if you have an ID or documents take them with you

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>tfw you will never know what it's like to feel up a cute girl's firm, round, well-shaped supple ass

I just want this experience once.
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That ass is nice.
You can do that at strip clubs.
>inb4 brap posters

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been a long time since the last one

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My favorite kind of threads desu
File: 1492344163291.png (612KB, 722x1759px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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women should not even be considered human, they are like pets at best.
checked her post history, never seen such an obvious fat feminist stereotype

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>Go to McDonald's daily for lunch or dinner
>girl cashier begins to notice me
>Go in tonight
>She says "Hey you! Getting the usual"?
>seems like she likes me
>She always has a Disney World pin on her shirt

I have enough money saved up. Should i book a trip to Disney world for the both of us and surprise her? Give me advice bros
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I'm guessing this is bait.
But in the event that it is not, no, absolutely no. You should not jump so far into the deep end, at the very most, gift her another Disney related pin and ask for her number.
If the only contact you have with her is basic retail courtesy, then she'll probably be taken aback by this.
Sure, its a perfect plan, buy everything and just tell her the day of the trip

I'm so alone that I chadfish on Tinder so I can have someone to talk to. How about you fellows?
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Is she retarded?

>"How are you handsome?"

uhh genetics? winning the lottery that is called life?
strange and kind of pathetic. do you at least set up dates and make them drive miles to meet (you) and obviously just ghost them ?
i wanna see your face when you realize that youre the retard for being unable to understand a phrase of 4 words

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Nice dubs and sort of
what a surprise another queer little faggot

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Get this faggot shit off the board, put your shitty mspaint comics on /lgbt/.
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I stole this but I'm sure it applies to other people's ideal bf too
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heres the template guyyz

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big cock.jpg
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>Size doesn't matter anon, it's how you use it.
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I'm glad my dicks now as big as that
>have sex for first time with 7ish incher
>hurt female
>she hurts inside 2 days later
y-yea size totally matters guys!
i wish i had a big cock. being a dickelt sux

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post in here to keep r9k clutter free and appease
the mods so they may allow discordthreads again
thank you

>post name of your discord
>post invite
>say something nice about your discord
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>tfw i got banned from 3 discords for posting chubby porn
I'm not sorry
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r9k chan


slow but steady chat, welcoming atmosphere overall
I made a board on 8-c-han for this. everyone use it already >:(

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Why are fat pussies so much more visually appealing than smaller ones?
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Cause they're mature and ready to be BRED.
They're not, you're just so used to seeing fat rolls on yourself and everyone around you that you've developed a fetish for them.
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Tfw fat but not even a landwhale. What does this mean

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i just want someone to talk to.
can you people reply to this thread so i can feel like i have friends?
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Hello friend. How has your day been?
>i just want someone to talk to.
>can you people reply to this thread so i can feel like i have friends?
hello summerfriend
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why do you gotta be mean

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>"Just offer to work for free, Anon. It shows you're enthusiastic!"
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>tfw got into a field desperate for people to go into
>tfw doing something you actually enjoy
>tfw internships are nonexistent here
>tfw make more money than most people my age do
This actually works, though.

>offer every prof at local university volunteer work
>offered a job
>one prof I turned down offers to get lunch with me to talk about his research
>the prof I am now working for and the one who wants to do lunch both offer student research scholarships

Offering to do free work and actually doing it are two different things, OP.
Doing internship/volunteer work is nice for the experience, but some people are really struggling to get some money and can't afford to be using up their free time for work with no pay. Rather work right away and get the money to afford living expenses then work for free and rely on someone else's income for the time being.

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Can we get one of these chart threads please. Template is pic related, let's try to find someone for someone. If one couple comes out of this then it's been a success.

This is an opportunity for other robots to meet other robots, please don't remove mods.
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Post yours to keep the thread bumped while others fill theirs out op
File: IMG_2623.jpg (492KB, 2564x3072px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Here's mine, original bump
>not posting his to keep the thread bumped
Have you not made one yet, op?

>Teen love was nothing, dude. You didn't miss out on anything.
Is it true?
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>birds shitting on your head is good luck
Is it true?
We missed out on teen love, but those who didn't will miss out post-adolescent sexual discovery. We lose something common, but gain something rare in return.
>didn't miss out on anything
>If any females find out you haven't dated or lost your virginity she's going to pass.

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>tfw 7.5 x 5.5 dong
>tfw I'm known as ' the guy with the big dick'
>tfw I show it to a woman and she says 'wow' or 'oh my god, it's so big'
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I wish you nothing but a slow painful death.
>micropenis reporting in
>tfw born with a micropenis
>it's my mom's fault for using so many (((beauty products)))

She literally injected my fetus with artificial estrogen (xenoestrogen) that completely cucked my genetics.

I fucking hate women, they ruined my entire life.
I'm sitting at 8.5 inches and 7.2 girth whats funny I was always paranoid thinking my dick was to small because limp its hardly there. That being said I use to get laid just for having a big dick it was great

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