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Thoughts on this great man?
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mostly good ideas gets a bad wrap. Hyperbolic at times but he's a really good dude. something something frogs gay VITAMINS.
every time i see him i can only think of GAY FROGS and MALE VITALITY
psychotic clown incapable of having a real debate

he just shouts over everyone

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Is there a worse feel than being shorter than young people
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Tfw I was teaching something to a 15 year old and he thought we were the same age because he's 6'5 and I'm 5'8

>I'm 23
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>just turned 20
>cousin is 15
>Almost taller than me

5'8 loser here

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The purity meme was started by the jews as a way to emasculate men. Fuck sluts, you'll gain confidence and increase testosterone. It doesn't matter how many partners they have had. They're a commodity serving their societal role.
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How to fuck sluts though?

>step 1: talk to sluts

You can figure the rest out from there.
Get them drunk. They are usually drunk anyways

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Give me 1 (unu) reason why you're not learning and speaking the ultimate robot language.
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Because Interlingua exists and it's a 1000x better.
Because I'm already creating my own language
Us robots should learn it to keep the normies out of our threads

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why is everyone so buttdestroyed over some kid's toy? Why are this spinny things so upsetting?
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Too similar to a swastika
why do they have 3 bearings on the outside? they are meant to be spun from the center right?
I thought it was pretty cool to see playground fads that weren't technology manage to make a comeback.

I miss my Yoyo

What did you get your Dad for Father's Day?
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The same thing he got me for all my birthdays.

Fucking nothing.
a card
We aren't close

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Broke my 3th monitor this year during a rage, induced by a lack of sleep and competitive overatch. How do I tell my parents all the monitors we had are RIP?
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>competitive overwatch
>playing a casual game competitively
>getting mad at a casual game
please consider suicide, friend
Not the point ese
Just start sleeping and stop playing that shitty game you fucking retard. Also go see a shrink. Rage breaking things from vidya is retarded and you show a terrible lack of self control. You'd get a complete meltdown from having to face real problems.

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If I cut off an arm or something for Saber, will she understand how much I love her and love me back?
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No, you don't even deserve her, faggot. She's too pure for a piece of shit like you, please fucking stab yourself and die in a lake of blood
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She doesn't want your shitty mana
I know of no lakes filled with blood, so I cannot fulfill your request. It might please you to know that I will be taking my life in a lake though

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Why do white women overwhelmingly prefer black men?

How can we robot virgins compete?
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>we robots
Could you sound more like a shill if you tried? Saged, of course. No one else respond to this thread unless you support literal cuck spam.
>how can i get this premium fap without paying for this

t. balack man
Why does Jewish women exclusively have sex with black men now? Why have they completely and overwhelming abandoned us Jewish men?

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Clean your roomio, bucko.
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don't post Nazis
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Nah. I like the way my NEET kingdom looks
Why? Nobody ever sees it except me.

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>tfw make a new friend
>just end up ghosting them in the end

Why do I do this?
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>make new friends.
>Never contact me unless they need something from me.
>They never text me unless i start texting them.

Are they even considered friends?
My hatred cannot be put into words.
Because you are a fucking fag anon
>Why do I do this?

You're a faggot scumbag. KYS bitch

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Canadian Autisum test, are you truely autistic enough?
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Canadians are autistic enough, so does that mean we are guaranteed autism?
sorry mom i cant go out and get a job or gf because i have a special syndrome that million of other people on the internet have too!
As long as you don't get a four or something, you should be fine.

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>tfw pranksters ask for 50 Mcdoubles
>pranksters leave
>manager humiliates me in front of everyone for making 50 Mcdoubles
>get fired
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>This lazy ass NEET nigger can't even b8 correctly
McDonalds is pay first then food is made.
mabye that is why he was fired
as someone who worked at mickey d's in the past i can say that if the restaurant isnt a total disaster or just extremely busy, your food is already being made the second you say your order, even before you pay for it. Managers pushed us to make the food as soon as it comes up on screen to make times go down. This isnt rare and OP just be thankful you're out of there because McDonalds is pretty much as shitty as it gets when it comes to jobs.

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>tfw no gf
>tfw never had a gf
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Ploprof is gay
guilded is shit get on my level fag
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Give me (you).jpg
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Join my trap discord

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does anyone find sad stuff comfy sometimes?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umKANwsxi0Y this video for example is sad and comfy at the same time for me
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I miss the winter so much.
Melancholy is one of the best emotions you can feel imo.

Sometimes its the only thing that makes me feel human
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i miss winter, i miss my friend, i am afraid to die, i'm afraid to be old and alone.
Oh hey, Wong Kar-Wai with Grouper.


I've always like this version with DJ Shadow. I think it really fits with the tone of his films.

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