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Just a reminder that there is no such thing as a virgin failed normies. Virgins of all kinds are welcome here as long as you're not female. If you're female above 18 (<18 shouldn't be here) then you're a virgin by choice and have no good reason to be here.

This is not open to debate.
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This is the how the future of the majority on this board looks like. /oldfags/ probably recognise themselves in Skippy.


I truly feel sorry for people for who aren't here as failed normies, they never stood a chance in life.
It must be heartbreaking for them to realise that the best that they can do is becoming pathethic wizard.
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Looks like I hit a nerve with my post. People are so shocked about the realisation of them turning into Skippy that they won't respond.
Check mate robots.

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>23yo virgin
>only 6.5 inches cock and literally not even fat

I was never meant to lose it to begin with

Any other /dicklets/ here? Is surgery the only option?
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kill yoreself
seriously kys, it's above average
i have 3.5 myself
>6.5 is above average
>its only like 17cm or so

I always overhear woman saying only 7+inch is above average

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>get a massage
>cutie pie pie
>talk for a while
>rubs my bunghole, balls, thighs
>slow jerks me for a while (told her to)
>dump a full load and then some into her grip
>have my eyes closed the whole time
>feel her mouth suck the tip of my dick right after cumming hard for a second

I'm Chad. Asian masculinity btfo
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You fucking normie, fuck you. It's not enough you guys take our women but you have to rub our faces in the dirt too.

Fuck you!

You were born a loser, you were destined to be one and nothing you could've done would've changed that.

You rolled a shitty hand and are too ugly/socially awkward to be accepted into the general populace. All those regrets you have, nothing would've changed if you'd acted on them. You'll forever be "That weird creepy guy" no one likes.
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anyone else hate hearing people say normie? reminds me the "lel whacky" kids i went to highschool with whod post the slef proclaimed "dank memes on instagram" and tell the english teacher they have dolls they call "waifus" or someshit

i do say it some but strictly as normalfags or normalshits
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Saying normie is now the normie thing. "Normalfag" was always /ourguy/
Normalfags are terrified of saying fag

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>mommy seeing therapist for a month now
>mfw in that time she's grown a lot more assertive, making me clean up after my self and do chores and stuff
>mfw she's probably gonna make me get a job soon
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the nutmeg starts kicking in
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why is there so much interracial shilling here trying to get whites to fuck blacks; its like somebody really wants to see an uproar of biracial kids

pic related is the average black woman, most will have nappy or shitty hair, will be fat lard balls, most niggers have an iq below 90

explain again why any of you would want a "nubian" princess. I already know some retard will mention
of course there are outliars in a population but face it there are much better options than chimps as literally a majority of other races do not have the same shitty features like niggers do
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bait the vn.png
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You probably knew this.
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Anon, let me let you in on a little secret.
When people are shitposting about black girls, they are not referring to the sheboons like in your pic. They're referring to girls like my waifu.
there is not a single attractive black woman on this planet
or man for that matter

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>"so anon what was your first time like? i mean, you're not a virgin are you?"

*everyone starts laughing*
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Well, I'm not married, am I?
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>so anon, are you sexually active
>no? That sure us unusual for your age. Allright drop your pants now
>oh (giggles). I definitely see why now
Thats a very ethnically diverse gathering of people

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do you think if i would go to the gym i would enjoy it? antisocial overweight neet here and i was thinking if it was good for me if i had a everyday routine to go there for 1 hour or so i dont know

whats your opinion on gyms
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Gyms are pretty /comfy/ once you get over the initial nervousness. You don't have to talk to anyone and you go late at night there's usually hardly anyone there. You just put in your headphones and ignore them. They're doing the same to you.

It takes a LOOONG as time to lose weight but if you stick with it you see some pretty big changes in a few months.

>>38491619 is right. I go to a nearby 24/7 gym at 1am, usually only 1-2 other people in the whole thing. I can put in some earbuds, listen to music and spend hours there.

The gains are nice too :^)

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>Chads are getting Asian gfs now
we're not gonna make it lads
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Holy fuck, an ugly Mex dating a Pinoy Flip

no one cares
You fucking retard. Chads are the ONLY ones getting an azn (or any) gf and have been for a fuck long assed time.
All that bullshit you read online about "betas" getting an azn gf is mostly butthurt projection from fat tumblrinas and Christmas cakes because Chad rejected them. And the men you see whining about it are usually analcrucified Asians that refuse to admit that women are the fucking problem.

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I'm 18 now, no job, no money, can't afford to even go to a community college, I have a long distance relationship that's probably going to end soon because my significant other thinks I have nothing to offer them, I'm fat and covered in stretch marks, I have no goals or directions, no friends that invite me anywhere, I've always been garbage at school, I have no directions and I'm so lost. I feel like a child still, like mentally I never got older only my body did.
How did my life get so fucked up? Why did I end up like the way I am? How do I fix it?
I've been trying to take walks every day to help me lose weight and it seems to be working, I want to get a job but have no idea how and I'm too spergy to figure it out. I just want help with life. I don't know why but I'm just generally a disliked person, yeah I have fun with someone one day but then they never want to hang out again.
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Just save up sum money and get the fuck out of america

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