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Where did it all goes wrong for you, robots? I want to hear your stories
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I now blame everything on losing part of my hearing as a child.
I never learned to communicate properly with other children and you can't really relearn that shit later.
I couldn't understand what anyone was saying in group conversations/classrooms/outside, I could only truly understand one on one.
It is exhausting to try, and I would just give up and sit quietly and daydream.
People didn't have any reason to enjoy my company because I couldn't contribute much.
People were quite dismissive, so fuck them I thought, I isolated myself.
No social skills, years of isolation, lead to being too scared to get a job, permanent neethood.
It never went right, senpai. My entire life was fucked up from the start.

A lot of people go through the same or worse and have successful and fulfilling lives. but i'm just an over sensitive pussy and am unable to move forward.

i'm 28 and just dont fuking care anymore. I feel like i'm 80 and spent.
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Probably around the time I started going through puberty and got acne all over my whole face. I looked like this

> Be Dylan Klebold
> be 1/4 Jewish
> be left handed
> listen to Metal
> be an avid player of doom

> be Tyler collinsworth
> be 1/4 Jewish
> be left handed
> listen to Metal
> Be an avid player of doom
coincidence? I think not.
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has he killed anybody or is this just some random person
huh, didnt know they really liked doom
thats a fun fact i guess

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>friend tells me she's selling nudes to help pay her rent
should i buy some?
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That is precisely the reason she told you originalamente.
i'm not sure, i think she might be venting to me. she almost might be a borderline sociopath/psychopath but maybe i'm projecting or something.
>female friend


Fuck the robot

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I watch a lot of nasty degenerate porn and have for many years, if I STOP will it really help me out? anyone with experience? thanks
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Yes, but as soon as you get back to porn it will all come back. Unless you're able to get laid its not worth it
I started watching porn at 17. I'm 19 and now and I hate thinking about porn. I've got a oneitis so I no longer want to fap. Do you have someone like that?
Overdose on wild porn, There used to be a rumor where i live that you could get so high that you'd become sober. That turned out to be false, but it's not the case for porn, there's a threshold that once you pass you'll only be able to get off to a few vanilla things that you've been ignoring.

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I feel totally out of place in this world. Now, this isn't just some dumb existential rant, it's about how the sensory aspects of the world unsettle me. It's not just civilization, everything about this world feels odd. The color and feel of grass is unnerving, the sun shines in an eerie way, trees look strange, like they don't belong. Especially the trunk and the area around the base of trees looks awkward and wrong. The shape and color of clouds is wrong too, it makes me want hide from them, especially when you can see the sky above them. I've been all over the world, and it all feels wrong to me, deserts, mountains, forests, plains, it all look strange and unsettling to me. I feel like I want to be as far away from it as possible. Mountains and hills feel shallow and isolating in a creepy way. Rivers, dirt, rock, everything just doesn't look right at all. I feel like everything from the minute details to the overall shape and size of everything is off, it's an uncanniness I can't articulate. I feel like mountains should be taller and more rugged, and plains should be flatter and wider, and rivers and canyons should be deeper. And the worst of all is the sky, it's this disturbing shade of blue around the edges that makes me feel trapped. The only time I feel alright is when I look at the stars on a clear night, but everything about this planet, from it's civilizations to it's wilderness, just feels very wrong. It's not a violent thing like volcanoes which are beautiful and calming in their own way, everything feels half-done. The length of days, the sun, the moon, everything feels like something is wrong with it to me. I can't often accurately say what that something is, it's just an uneasiness that everything around me gives off, it makes me want to get out as soon as possible. Everything about it, from the man-made to the natural, doesn't feel right at all. Anybody else sense this feeling about the earth? To anybody else, does this planet feel not right?
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I often feel like something is off with me, like I'm possessed almost. During those times, nothing really changes in my sight but how I perceive it slightly changes and yeah it feels kind of like that. Is it a mental illness or something?
I don't know, it probably is an "illness" technically, but to me it's the world that seems sick. I've felt this way ever since I can remember, nothing about earth has ever felt right. It's why, as much as I hate the inside of houses, I'd rather be inside than having to look at it. I played outside a lot as a kid, but it always felt off.
Inside isn't natural, and I hate it. Do you find the world beautiful? Like if you look at a large expanse of land with no people or houses what do you think or feel?

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im walking around my room pretending to save a girl from a falling object again

dashing with my arm to cover her
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It's good to be prepared when the time comes.
Go outside and get some fresh air anon.
put your energy into something like art

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>if I drink milk I will get the shits
>but if I drink milk with ice cubes I can drink 2-3 tall glasses of milk and no shits
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>if I drink milk I will get the shits

How's it feel, not being white?
Write a paper about it.
I'll drink your milkshake

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What are you supposed to do when you realize that you'll never be happy
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I don't know, I'm thinking about that recently. I think I can't change myself because I've been years trying it and it doesn't work. It even gets worst.

I still think that with time things can change but I'm starting to lose hope.

Try to simplify your life, be a decent and good person and try to enjoy the few things you like.
Wait it out, or check out early. I'm not sure what i'll do, but i've got about a year and a half to decide
personally I take solace in the fact that my life isn't actual hell, and at least I get to look at cool shit online

meditation is also good for "resetting" the waves of depression that show up every now again

after long enough, life stops being happy/unhappy, life becomes motion and repose.

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Am I the only one who's terrified of a casual hookup fucking up my life? Any opinions & experiences from anyone?
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Just kill them when you're done, nothing to fear after that.
I don't ever want to have sex, no problem for me, but posting even though I can't contribute
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Any other bots working this Saturday night? Super bored, what are y'all up to?

Pic related.
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>not NEET
Being NEET doesn't pay the bills.

As much as I hate everyone and everything outside of my house. I still gotta do what I gotta do.
What you do for living?

What did I do to deserve to live in constant pain?
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You must have done a horrible deed in a past life.
You weren't Chad enough bruh. Try again next time.
>tfw dicklet
>tfw manlet
>tfw chronic body odor

Why live?

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Will you insecure overweight, skinnyfat, skeleton pieces of shit get off my /fit/ board already?

you have this habit of feeling bad for yourselves and taking not responsibility for the shape you're in. Yet you go there asking for advice. Not that it matters if we reply to you or not because your "problems" are so much worse than everyone else's that you just cant do what it takes to achieve anything.

You're pathetic, you really are.
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/fit/tards are literally the most self conscious, cripplingly insecure people on this site. All of them have a massive inferiority complex which they try to compensate for by trying to be the biggest guy in the room.
its like you think we're all trying to be >"bodybuilders"

Nah dude, if you ever have been to /fit/ you'll see its a constant shitshow of oneupmanship and self hatred. Everybody is desperately trying to cover up their own flaws while attacking others for every little thing they can find so they'll look better in comparison. Cant understand how people can live with such unhealthy levels of insecurity

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What does your annual income need to be to get a 9/10 gf?
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Oh god anon, the fact that just being born looking like this = a male's hard work and income really gets my blood boiling.
Two trillion dollars and fifty cents.
Enough to afford a comfortable living in a clean and nicely furnished apartment in a major city with lots of money leftover for vacations and nice dining.

So a lot. And she will still cheat.

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>Meet hot Finnish dude on Omegle
>He says I'm cute
>We voice chat
>He stops replying to me
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It was me. Be my gf.
>think a chad will continue talking to you if he cant bang and dash

stupid fucking roastie.
<implying OP isnt a big guy

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2007 was literally 10 years and 4 months ago
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Playing Maplestory with my e-girlfriend. The nostalgia.
eat shit you pathetic virgin faggots
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>tfw graduated high school in 2007
>still browsing this fucking website

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