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>10YO in a crop top
Why do mothers purposely dress their young daughters in slutty clothes?
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Because they are oblivious, but let them be so, because it benefits me.
>Why do mothers purposely dress their young daughters in slutty clothes
To catch a predator.
Because it's hot out and they want to try and stay cool.

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You will never have a fat waifu who is confident enough to show off her belly.
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Good, I don't want a stupid fat wife.
>he fell for the thiccness meme
>he idolized negative body traits
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I've always been into it desu

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Only last night I read the chilling tale of Nick Bate, somehow this passed me by and I never heard of him till then.
He makes Chris-Chan look like a normie.

Is there anyone worse?
What freaks should I look up next?
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"Nick Bate, is a convicted child molester and scat fetishist from the United States"

Jesus fucking christ
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Nick spent years online stalking young girls, and confessed to one of them that he had molested his step-sister. He remained free and gloated about his perversions to anyone who would listen, until the victim stepped forward to testify against him.

On April 29th, 2015, Nick was arrested. Most people believed that Nick Bate had greatly exaggerated both his fetishes and stories to get attention, but on June 17th, 2015, Kiwi Farms user Saul Goodman attended the arraignment trial and recounted the victim's testimony. He claimed that "the things she described were brutal and disgusting to a degree far beyond what has previously been reported, and that her testimony was both assured and utterly convincing, which made having to listen to it all the more horrible". This testimony and the following conviction shattered any disbelief that Nick Bate was not as horrible as he said he was.

As a result of his crimes, Nickalaus has been sentenced to 40 years in prison (the maximum sentence for his crime), and will not be eligible for parole for 16.5 years. Despite his incarceration, his infamy lives on, and he is still mocked by trolls to this day.
There's a video of him jerking off with his own shit to prove that he's not a pedophile. He apparently sent this video to the detective who was investigating him.

He also never brushed his teeth, showered once a month and never wiped his ass after shitting.

He faces 40 years in prison for molesting his 8 year old sister.

Would you date a girl with no legs, /r9k/?
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Absolutely not. All cripples should be euthanized
I'm a footfag so that's a huge downside for me, but yeah, why not, if she was cute enough or had a great personality.
I'd date anyone who'll truly love me and accept me.

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>mfw I completely deleted my Facebook accounts to try and become normie
>mfw I ended going here and I've slowly gotten worse
>the pain in my head is hurting all I can think about is dying
>I'm always crying mentally because men don't cry irl
>was this all apart of god's plan?
>I just want to go to the Ukraine but they stopped taking foreign fighters back in 2016
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Have you tried Bulgaria?
>deleted my Facebook accounts to try and become normie
This is stupid. You need normiebook to be a normie.
I was on the heavy meme side of Facebook I couldn't help shitpost memes girls from work would add me then act werid around me or call me a weird cunt. Memes made me laugh sometimes idk why I find it funny when some cunt falls from a building with music I just do

I was also a meme page admin so it was basically all I had to cope but you can't beat the ZUCC

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So I'm on 20 mg of Olanzapine (anti-psychotic) and can no longer enjoy anything, I mostly just lay in bed doing absolutely nothing. Any schizo/psychotic bots that know what I should do? I can't live like this.
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I have no idea how you live as a schizo without killing yourself.
I'm not schizo, just have regular anxiety induced psychotic symptoms, which is why I'm on meds and waiting for therapy
I have bipolar disorder and my manic episodes are effectively psychosis, so I'm on a low dose of abilify. I also take a few other medications. The abilify is the lowest dose but still has the strongest effect. When they first started me on it I was a fucking zombie. Now I have the worst of my symptoms controlled without it affecting my ability to function.

Try asking your psychiatrist if they can try lowering your dose OP.

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just became a millionaire out of nowhere, but am robot. where should I live in the USA? I want to be around the smartest, whitest people. was thinking new england coast, or maybe seattle
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> millionaire
> still wants to live in a third-world country
Move to luxembourg or monaco
Property with good internet access and an electric fence around it
how did u get money?

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what was the worst normies did to you in high school?

INB4 didn't get bullied, normies get out RREEEEEEE
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I am a Russian immigrant, some time in our middle school somebody made the rumor that my father was KGB or Russian mafia and is in prison. This story stuck up through the end of high school, I was a loner but I have never been bullied once. My father is not in prison or in mafia he is dead.
>tied to KFC bucket pole naked and left all morning in the freezing winter to be found by the opening staff
And I though they were my friends...
>My father is not in prison or in mafia he is dead.
Because he was on a mafia mission and a rival gang killed him?

the 21st century is the most fucking useless time to be alive there has ever been
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Why did you post a Mark Rothko painting then? He was a 20th century artist.
oh your so fucking smart
pic unrlelated
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>wagekek bachelor life
>go to work and produce value for other people
>go home and consume media
>maybe get a week or 2 off a year to live

>wagekek family life
>go to work and produce value for other people
>go home and live for other people
>get an occasional moment of respite from the grind

>neet life
>leech value
>sit home and consume media all day
>wallow in depression while you pretend you're an artist or some hermetic intellectual

how do you even get out of this shit

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>be blonde haired blue eye'd woman
>fair skin
>good body build
>constantly get hit on by disgusting dark skinned black guys
>constantly deny them
>black guy comes up to me and tells me im racist if I don't go out with black guys
>starts telling me that white women are the only woman for black guys
>laugh in his face and call him a retard
>tfw not even racist just find dark skins disgusting for relationships

I used to think black guys were alright until they became entitled beta man children who started thinking every blonde haired woman was into "muh bbc"
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My gf is blonde with blue eyes and everytime we go out shitskins can't stop starring at her, glad she thinks they disgusting
>tfw dark skin
>told I'm pretty much a white guy in a darkie body
>still always get rejected cause no one likes dark skin regardless of personality and all dark women i know are coons
Life sucks
It's understandable man, birds of a feather flock together.


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in switzerland you can
>peaceful country
>provides weaponry to all of the world
I don't understand how you guys get away with it.
You can buy them illegally, if you don't mind getting ass raped in jail.

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No personalities allowed edition
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First for tilde should be banished for being a manipulative cunt

Hi Pikeyanon
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i did a thing lads
dont get mental its just a joke

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Who the fuck is ready for comfy TROPICAL STORM EMILY!?!?!?
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I'm ready to see everyone act like they're in the battle royal for water over a tropical storm kek
Join our little server FL bros, we can be comfy together if the lights don't go out
I just moved across the country from 561, I miss hurricane feels. Go surf the storm and enjoy the parties my dudes

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what did they do to you in the first place?
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Normies have alway tormented me, but I want to concentrate into BAD PEOPLE to have my revenge on. Bullies are one ot those. I dream about sending bullies to concentration camps and killing away the worse scum.

I replied because there is Elliot's image.
I'd kill myself to get back at them for killing my innocence a long time ago.

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>That guy who uses green color on his terminal
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>that guy who uses keyboard shortcuts instead of the mouse
File: IMG_3961.png (7KB, 407x362px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>that courier who uses VATS
>that guy who uses windows

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