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>tfw looking through all the youtube videos you favorited from back in 2006/2007
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>tfw looking through all the youtube videos you favorited from back in 2006/2007

share some of them with us
>tfw you remember the first thread you made on r9k after only lurking for 25 minutes and find it in the archives 2 years later and cringing at everything you wrote.

Anonymity can hide me from you guys, but it can't hide me from myself.
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>looking through youtube videos favorited in 2011

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Therefore be on your guard against theJews, knowing that wherever they have their synagogues, nothing is found but a den of devils in which sheer selfglory, conceit, lies, blasphemy, and defaming of God and men are practiced most maliciously and veheming his eyes on them.

Shall we drive the Jews out of Western society?
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All nigger, kikes, chinks, beaners and their halfbreed abominations should be driven from our civilised Western societies.
I have looked at this problem for a long time, and I'm afraid that I can see no other option.
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wtf this board is /polfags now ??

What would be your ideal fantasy self?
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Thief with maxed out endurance and thievery so I can be an unstoppable nigger
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Male Draenei best
I would be a girl

haven't hashed out the details yet

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Hey guys I'm currently chilling in a sorority house right now, what should I do now
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rape all the stacies
Get laid and leave r9k forever
Dont let the door stop you

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beggars can't be choosers

Stop being a beta and turn your life around through self improvement. Become the best version of you.

What are you waiting for Anon?
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I have been, but what I want is simply hard to find. I unironically desperately want a virgin qt I get along with. I'm already good looking, I'm already fit, make good money, and am still trying to improve more.
It's so hard to stay motivated when you sacrifice yourself and live miserably just for a better shot at what you want.
I never understood this meme. Why does the girl have to be virgin? Aren't you like cutting your dating pool to a tenth?
A combination of not wanting to imagine anyone else having ever been with her and wanting us to be special. It's hard to actually describe, but the idea of being with a girl who's not is nightmarish and I'd be driven insane.

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no thread so I had to make one edition
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I wish you used a capital letter for 'no'
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>expecting a NEET who is forced to make a thread at 4am to use proper grammar
Glenfell tower residents being given amnesty and luxury apartments is fucking bullshit. They have literally been made wealthy for being criminal scum.

The residents were illegal, and they're rooms were being sublet by cunts who had it given to them by the government. Some other immigrant is going to burn they're house down to get a free luxury apartment. I truly hate this country.

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>Get dubs and you'll be transported back to your freshmen year of highschool with all your current memories next time you wake up
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I don't want that. I'd probably end up being unable to make my friends again and I'd change my choices and my life would change radically and I'd fail just as hard in the different timeline.
heeeyya heya
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welp, you're about to find out

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To the 37%, why do you still come on here? Do you miss the remnants of pre revival r9k and just come back out of habit? Or have you fallen off since you had sex?

Just wondering since I can't imagine how a board full of whining virgins would appeal to you.
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I like the drug threads and it's nice having an off topic board that is not /b/
Also I'm a social awkward depressed anime loving faggot so I fit in more or less.
>I'm a social awkward depressed anime loving faggot
How'd you lose your virginity then? Alcohol, prostitues?
I haven't had sex in 6 years

I might as well be a virgin

Fuck what do I say
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bold beautiful woman

just be honest, cause she can look it up
>big beautiful woman
then follow with some shit like:
>girl you curvy as hell/fuck/shit
>I love thicc women

take a shot at honesty, women are crazy these days, she might be into it
Big bad Wolff

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got banned for posting this on /pol/, so i will try here.... am i the only one here being unironically gangstalked?
i suspect they are trying to force me to live a more normie lifestyle, and get into social media, etc and stop 'influencing' neet / robot culture.
was called schizophrenic on /pol/, but i am actually going to the police in a few hours, and if they are unable to help me i will post the evidence i have here.
they have tried to kill me on multiple occasions, suspects were arrested but released, i am honestly done with all of this now and will make it go viral if i have to.
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This is 100% paranoid schizophrenic delusion but why would your "stalkers" want you dead but also want you to become a normie at the same time.
no fucking idea, they are playing 5D chess, i am not even entirely sure if my lifestyle is the reason they are fucking with me.
i suspected it was random harassment at first.
they have a microphone planted in or near my house and can hear what i am saying and sometimes repeat it to me through 4chan posts or yell it from cars passing by my house.
Interesting. How did they want to kill you? Please elaborate.

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Does /r9k/ listen to the beatles? I've been listening to them non stop for like 3 months, and I want to share my love of them here. And also Are they a robot band? I'm guessing they aren't but I feel like their is a robot way of liking them. Anyways let's share our love for the beatles!
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I've been obsessed with them for a while now, they've kind of ruined music for me because nothing else sounds as good to me now.

I know I sound like a cunt.
I occasionally throw on Abbey Road since that was the first album my dad gave me. Still in my top 10.
Rubber Soul used to be my favorite Beatles album but I've developed a newfound appreciation for Abbey Road and it's now taken my #1 spot. I'm also warming up to the white album more. I've grown out of pre-Rubber Soul Beatles albums though.

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Well, I got this night off and I will ask any quesitons you have about bouncing and stories. Please be patient with my responses my computer is garbage

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Are you Gabe?

I believe you mean gabe newell?
I don't think you need a tripcode to answer people's questions

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>tfw you have to memorize all the descendants of adam for your bible test or you go to hell
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pls post in my thread tyvm
alright, fine. I just posted. Now what did you want to tell me?
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>tfw doubted Gods existence for 1 second now am damned without possibility for forgiveness

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The fuck you looking at wagie?
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when I was a wagie these threads bothered me, now I contribute to them.

I hate life.
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Dealing with this thread again for the hundredth time.

I feel bad for how shitty the Neet lifestyle is.
>it's simple

>tfw stinky neet puss
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clean your vagina
Ew kill yourself gross roastie.
Will you be my girlfriend? We can talk all day

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