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My mother is literally Norma Bates

>explosive emotions
>borderline PD traits
>uses men for her benefit
No wonder I am the way I am. Still love her tho
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My aunt raised me and she was the same deal.

>borderline, histronic, and anti-social PDs
>emotions were intense but she usually turned icy
>explosions were rare but extremely violent
>not so much anxious as deeply paranoid
>hated men, except for me and her father

She's objectively evil and yet I still love her. C'est la vie.
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>implying not all moms are overly histrionic BPD ticking time bombs that are overly protective of you and would do anything to protect you
>mom is old 54
>I'm 20
>mom is not weird though
>lets me smoke weed in backyard with brother 18
>accidentally knock over pans for chimney
>pick it up
>put it back up
>put the thing that stands up to hold it on the carpet
>we have occasionally had it on both the carpet and the brick of the chimney
>she snaps because she asked why it was on the carpet and I said because it fell
>argue for no reason
>she occasionally shit talks me
>tell her to stop
>don't want to be loudly shit talked about to my brother it makes me really mad
>snaps at me
>I argue
>waste 38 minutes of my time
It's FUN old women are fucking weird what a surprise
>Mom also says weird shit about giving birth to me and how much she loves in me in overly emotional smotherings
>I cringe

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I just started taking this and i feel fucking amazing, anyone else have experience with AJ's products? At first I thought it was just a meme but did some research and decided to try it, I'm pretty glad I did desu. It's unironically a 360 win. I can fund the resistance and get high quality organic supplements
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How can I get girls to let me rub oil on them?
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Why are women so fucking dumb? Are they that dumb to where they want early skin damage and skin cancer?

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robot channels/rabbit holes you've stumbled into... whatever... I dunno em.. fuck it.

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WARNING: disturbing and sad shit ahead.
Lost at the pic. Fuck your video

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>tfw you are so degenerate that you browse even trap threads in public transport when people watches ur screen
I wonder what they think
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They probably don't care.
Nobody ever cares.

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Have you people actually fallen for the m.a.n.l.e.t meme? Fucking hell my friends are not even attractive and they get girls all around them. Just find a short girl jesus
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>it's another ugly and fat guys get girlfriends all the time I've seen it episode even though I'm not attractive to men

young western women don't date ugly or unattractive guys.
Manlets. The word is manlets.
>dooming your progeny to a life of dwarf below manlet existence

To decide whether or not abortion is wrong by popular vote, please fill out this survey:

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Im sorry, can you repeat the question?

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I'm in love with the gurl that doesn't even know I live

Can't stop thinking about her, how to forget about her and stop these torments
pls help
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Listen to sad music and cry. Then get over it. Women don't care man.

Come have a Sunday afternoon chat with us lads.

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>final year at college
-girl from next door literally tells me she wants me to be her bf
-I got burned by women not too long ago, so I said women are no different than any other sensual object
-next week I meet her at uni and she asks if I had recovered from my depression to which I replied that I never was depressed
-never see her again

>at graduation
-girl from other class keeps looking at me
-I was still in recovery from past crush so I did nothing
-she changes look from sexy to angry
-never see her again

>meet old school mate
-both very excited to meet but I really hated my old life
-we talk then she suggest we exchange numbers, etc
-I tell her with a straight face I dont like hanging out with school mates
-she gets very angry
-never see her again

>go on a vacation to Turkey
-later receptionist chases me because I forgot something and gets VERY close to me
-I smiled but internally felt absolutely nothing as if i was made of stone
-see her next day, wave, she waves back but doesnt bother looking again after
-never see her again

>same vacation, this time on a trip with other ppl from my country
-a literal 10/10 dream girl I had always wanted keeps looking at me while on the boat
-I did nothing because I didnt want to get my hopes up and she was probably from another town so a long distance relationship would suck
-nothing bad happened and I never saw her again

>this girl at previous job always smiled at me when I entered her office. I never really liked her thou.
-get summoned at a meeting where boss discusses to all employees financial bs
-she smiles at me again from a distance but I just found out my current crush was a slut, so I accidentally made a 'Never happening' expression
-she starts avoiding me in the corridors and gets all sad when I walk by her
-never see her again
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Do you seriously expect people to read through this entire shit?

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>tfw this good looking man died a virgin
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>he died for our sins
>he died for retribution
>he is us
He's not good looking. Raise your standards OP. Do better.

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r9k gf thread.png
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Let's have a comfy gf thread huh?
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how can vanilla even compete?
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Voo 2.png
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Comment on other's voices (Some ideas listed below):

>Is it nasally?
>Is it deep?
>Is it high pitched?
>Is it soothing?
>What kind of accent does it sound like?
>What impression does it give?
>What does it remind you of?
>Is it sexy?
>Is it cute?

Or you can request others to record things if you'd like!

I'll start:

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I make beats and write rap lyrics to them. I wanna be a ghost writer someday cause i sound too white on the mic. Heres a phone rec i did a week or so ago:
You've got a pretty soothing voice, anon! Could see that being fairly appropriate for books on tape or something like tthat!

The beat is a little overbearing, but I legit think you've got some alright flows. Liked a couple lines, too

Your voice sounds comfy, if that makes sense. Just a soft, pleasant sound

Here's me singing a Fleet Foxes song. Let me know what you anons think


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Why do these people exist? Are you one of them?
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