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What do you think she does in her freetime since she isnt online anymore?
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do not reply to coalburning, braindead camwhore worshippers

ignore coalburning, braindead camwhore worshippers

sage coalburning, braindead camwhore worshippers

tell coalburning, braindead camwhore worshippers to leave /r9k/

leave /r9k/

coalburning? what
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her boyfriend plays Guitar and she lives in London, attending Social gatherings with people in similar circumstances is an adequate existence.

>s-*brap*-sCHEZWAN SAUCE
>crowd expodes
>big bang theory cast comes out from backstage
>roof caves in from the laughter
>sniggering continues

This got old UNBELIEVABLY fast.
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I can't stand the whole burping thing he does. It adds no comedic value and just breaks up his lines.

Such an over-rated show.
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It's a reference you have to be a lot older to get. I can't imagine it being funny if you don't actually know about how awesome McDonalds used to be.

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Whats the best way to feminize myself without hormones and what some porn I should watch during the feminization process
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I-I also would like to know
Buy some cute panties + a good quality razor/hair removal cream.

Shave everything, then put on your panties. Watch porn that's like POV stuff that denies you pleasure (like don't touch yourself) or you can just get another anon to command you, and make you into their sissy, whatever is your speed.

Just relax, and watch your cute little femme-boner leak pre-cum c:
To add on to this, what's the most feminine way to masturbate with a penis, so that it still feels good?

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>Look up HS classmates 12 years after graduating
>Most stayed in town
>Few moved farther out
>Only a couple actually went out in the world
>Most are just regular wagecucks with families
>Only 2-3 are what you'd consider very successful

I wish I knew this back in HS. Back then, I thought the chads were the center of the universe when in reality they're just big fishes in small ponds
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>Most are just regular wagecucks with families
I could have been happy with that

What are you in comparison to them?
Heh, they've age like crazy, not my type of life

Also literally even the 600 lb guy got married

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I'm at a loss.jpg for words.
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Hopefully normies read this book and kill themselves
Every time I see something like this I get a little closer to going on a rampage. They'll probably read this post too and think i'm joking. I'm not.
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Oh, we know you're not joking and so does the FBI.

>just won yet another game of chess

My powers are becoming unmatched lads
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>becoming good at obsolete abstraction of abstraction

here have a cookie
Until you have over 1500 FIDE you're still a scrub
Try this on for size, OP.

Knight to D4. Checkmate, heh, better look next time, kid.

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>be ugly 4/10 bitch
>have ugly guys hitting on me
they are actually the kind of guys who think "a hole is a hole" and just want to get their dick wet
>i get it in my stuoid head that they see more in me than just my pussy
>get stuck up and think im a catch because have a lot of ugly desperate losers hitting on me
>that must mean i can get at least a sold 6-7/10 long term boyfriend
>wait for prince charming to arrive and sweep me off my feet because im so beatiful
>prince charming never comes because he can actually get with attractive girls and wouldnt fuck a 4/10 wilderbeast
>wait and wait and wait while more ugly guys hit on me and feed my ego, but i turn them down and act like they're beneath me because in a hottie
>he never comes
>stay alone because i have it in my head that im a pretty girl
>become decrypit old bitch
>die alone

Now before you try and tell me im just pissed that an ugly girl rejected me, ill go ahead and say that i never asked a girl out so i could never have been rejected by them. Girls ask ME out usually, because after orbiting me for a while and realising im a retard they say "fuck it" and do my work for me.
Anyway, thats why there's so many ugly stuck up bitches. Because ugly guys will do and fuck anything as long at it has a warm pussy. Not that im blaming them. Its their choice, but they're creating untolerable whores.
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Watch it there edgelord
for the first half of the post I thought you were a girl. Now I think you don't know what you're talking about and are just trying your hardest to imagine what it's like to be female.
>realising im a retard they say "fuck it" and do my work for me.
Is that really it? This has happened to me but i didnt think they noticed im an autist

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>good body

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>average looks
>average intelligence
>not entertaining in the slightest
>slim but height makes me look sickly

If you're not ugly and stupid you're not a robot.
I feel you OP, that's pretty much the only problem I have too.
He said he's autistic. Ugly people get pussy, retards do not.

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Hey /r9k/, fembot here. Around two weeks ago, a male classmate of mine started texting me out of the blue. He seems like the lonely type, not too many friends. Over the course of a few days, we talked about our interests, classes, etc. everyday. He would always be the one to initiate contact everyday. I'm not really sure what the end goal with this is but we haven't talked in around three days. I feel like sending him a message but maybe he would think I was disturbing his life?
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He's afraid that he was bothering you. Text him first this time.
ask if you could suck his boner
he's probably dead. killed himself because he thought you weren't interested.

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>look at me compiling strawmen to fit into my argument
>no one will ever suspect that /r9k/ is more than one person

Brilliant thread, OP.
>not knowing this board is 100% satire

and someone actually wasted their time making this image. lol
>r9k is only 10 people

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Be honest. You weren't 18 when you came to 4chan. How old were you REALLY when you first came here and started posting?
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I actually didn't start regularly browsing until last summer, a few weeks after I turned 18. Gotchya

Pls I know I'm a newfag be gentle
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Like 16? I didn't post until I was 18 though or very often. 21 now btw
I came here a few times out of (normie tier) "morbid curiosity". Everytime I came to /b/ I never saw a thread I wanted to post in even though it was "cool" and "edgy". Just fucking dice rolling. I became a regular about 2 months ago when I found /fa/

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>Raised in Arkansas
>Dad shaves with a knife, teaches me how to do the same
>Have to move to Maryland because my dad is military
>In class today at community college
>Feel bit of stubble on chin that I missed this morning
>Take out pocketknife and shave it real quick
>People stare, teacher yells at me after class for having a "deadly weapon" and "brandishing it" during class

Fuckin Yankees
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You should be mentioned in Those /That kid threads
That's weird dawg.
You want to trim your nose hair in class too?
It's normal where I'm from

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Lookie what i have
And i'm not sharing.
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Bumping for the reeeee
Looking at garbage food like that just reminds me of how glad I am not to be fat anymore.

>nothing tastes as good as thin feels

I had a pile of perfectly roasted and spiced vegetables with a couple scrambled eggs for dinner and it was fucking delicious.
Eating healthy food feels better afterwards, you feel like you've actually put nutrition into your body (because you have) and can almost feel it working in you.

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Why are you making virginity this massive thing that is inherently bad and loserish?

You're only making ((((them))) more powerful with this mentality.
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Because it's an insult that a lot of people go for if you want to shut a guy down. Male virginity being bad is practically ingrained in our minds. It's not something that's going away overnight and its definitely not something only robots propagate. Nobody listens to our pathetic asses anyway.
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I have no problem with being a virgin. Everyone else seems to have a problem with it. You're confused, OP
because virginity is intrinsic lifeform failure, as death

Why are blacks inferior?
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Because sub-Sahara Africa has never amounted to anything throughout the entire length of human history.
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not sure. heck, they are outperformed by whites in almost everything. think about it....
they are a primitive subspecies of human with brains capable of lower intellectual capacity and higher tendencies towards aggressiveness

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