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>sex is the best exercise
>the guys who need it the most actually get the least

Any more of life's little ironies?
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>sex is also commonly associated with candy in pop culture
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>be born in as a creature that tries to find meaning in things
>no discernible meaning to living
it's the little things :^)
choking bitches to death with my bare hands, thats my exercise

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who here hates your mom. Mine isnt even a whore, but I know she would like to. Many red flags, I hate the world, and women, and Jews.
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I mean, who here hates his/her mother?
I love my mom because she spoiled me growing up but hate most women for cringing and laughing at me instead of having sex with me.
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>Mom made me kill pigeons with my hands when I was 5
>Mom made me drink her piss a couple times
>Mom argued with dad 24/7
>Mom would run into my room crying telling me to help her commit suicide
>Mom is 5'2" but over 300 pounds and ballooned up the second she got married to dad
>Mom is a fucking slob and steals money from dad
>Mom is a fucking slob and leave her period stained underwear on the family's tooth brushes or counters
>Mom is as hoarder
>Mom doesn't take baths or brush her teeth or even washing her hands
>Mom hated me for wanting to eat healthy
>Mom thinks I'm the reincarnation of her dad
>Mom would abuse the pets
>Mom threatens my dad if he leaves her she'll take all his money
>Mom still thinks she's a good mom

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Post music robots can relate to.

Rilo Kiley - Better Son or Daughter
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robot music doesn't exist because creative musician types are always chads.
The musicians themselves usually aren't robots but they do sometimes make music about things that robots can relate to. Like Elliot smith or some Radiohead songs. Even all of linkin park's stuff is about kinda angsty somewhat robot shit.
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Even at the height of fame in one of the most successful musical groups on the planet I promise you this man was more of a robot than you will ever be

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>went to see this in the cinema
>halfway through looked around at the people in the audience
>all the women looked like they were bored out of their minds

thought this kind of thing was a meme
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it's a meme women are compassionate creatures. Men are a thousand % more compassionate and empathetic.
Women can never understand war or fighting. The whole equality idea is complete bullshit. Men and women are completely different creatures. Why the West keeps deluding itself into thinking women are the same is just complete insanity at this point.
Women are stupid
You only need to look at how the majority love shows like tge big theory to understand that.
Women have a wide range of feelings, but can only use them if something tells them to.

This is the only thing that turns me on. Why are today's women so different from us?
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There's something off about her.
It's photoshop, silly. From a page interested in girls like this..
I think I'm living in the wrong era. I will place my bets that this is what homosexuality is. Nothing perverse, but a wish to have your partner resemble you, except with a vagina.

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>no suicidal gf to make suicide pact with
im not asking for much here
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Sounds interesting, tell me more.
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>decided to shoot each other at the same time
>she doesn't shoot
>no suicidal gf that you can save from the brink of death, be the only light in her life, and manipulate her because she will kill herself if she loses you

That fucking feel, man. It's just not fair.

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>gf is out with her gay male friends
>Tells me she's coming home late
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this isn't a problem, they're probably just fucking her up the ass
Lol dump her
>he has a gf that goes out without him
Dump her


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Alright 4chan, I've never told this story to anyone before
>Be me
>Be 16
>I'm "back-up" friend tier(the guy you only hangout with when there is no one else) but I was in denial of it at the time
>Few more days until Halloween
>See some fliers pinned around my highschool for a Halloween Party at local community center
>Decide to go because I won't need an invitation to get in
>Next day I'm browsing normiebook and I see that some of my friends are at the community center during a huge party
>Today is Friday and Halloween won't he until the following Monday
>Apparently it's a different party or something
>Feel bad that he didn't tell me, but maybe he just forgot
>I put on some street clothes and walk for forty minutes to the party
>When I arrive people are dancing inside and outside of the center and doing wild things
>A lot of people are also wearing their Halloween costumes which was wierd because it wasn't Halloween
>When I walk in, I try to find my friends but they seem to have disappeared
>I keep searching around and I ask people I know if they've seen my friends (I use their names)
>They all say they haven't seen them/they don't know who they are
>I do this for ten minutes until a random Chad I asked previously walks up to me
>"Alright anon, I can't do this anymore. Don't tell them that it was me, but here's the truth..."
>Chad then explains to me that Friend 1 had told everyone in the building, before I arrived, that if I showed up, not to tell me where they are, if I asked, because they didn't want to be around me
>He tells me that they've beend actively avoiding me this whole time by moving around the center whenever I got close to them
>I have a hard time grasping this
>Chad pulls out his phone and shows me a messenger group conversation between Friend 1 and him and several other people
>Went something like "Where is anon?" "Don't worry bruh, he's near the game room" "Alright I'll move to the tables." "When do you think he's gonna leave btw?'
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do continue please
holy fuck that sucks anon
bump for feels
Holy fuck... Dude. That's painful. Please tell me you confronted them. I would be devastated.

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Whats the longest you went without cumming (except involuntary nocturnal emission) since you first masturbated?
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About three weeks?
I had to sleep in the same bed as my sister when we were about 17 so as you can imagine if you have a sister my sexuality shut down nearly permanently there.
One week.

Doesn't matter if I'm in a vehicle nonstop, if I'm constantly around people, or if my dick has a cut or I have a testicular torsion. One week is my absolute limit.
Yeah... I'm going to need you to greentext a story for us bud

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Im visiting my shitty psychiatrist today. What sleeping meds should I ask for? Shit I have now doesnt help
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sleeping powder
I wouldnt be asking for meds if I could get herbs

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