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Should I get a daki to deal with the loneliness?
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Aren't they expensive? I wouldn't want one of these things unless it was cheap enough that I could throw it away after realizing I was pathetic enough to sleep with an anime girl pillow.
I really don't think that getting a pillow with a cartoon girl drawn on it qualifies as dealing with loneliness.
I've only ever seen the covers, and they're generally in the 50 buck range.

>You wake up in ur grave
>God is looking through your SIns and deeds

Be honest /r9k/ do your sins over weigh your deeds
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Fuck no. But lucky for me, according to the Christian faith, my good deeds mean shit as far as getting into heaven goes.
I honestly can't say. I've done good things and bad things. I've done a lot of degenerate things, but none of that actually harmed anyone. I think God says to me, "Well, at least you tried." before dropping me into the pit.
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>do your sins over weigh your deeds

is this retard hell? I knew I'd end up here.

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They had the same robot rage. The same unpopularity. The same anger towards the world at making them outcasts.
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No, they were failed normies as all shooters are. Robots are benevolent, and you are clearly not one of us.

No, apparently they were average in popularity in high school. Edgy cyborgs? Yes.
Elliot Rodger was a failed normie? Blasphemy

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How do you detach yourself from the natural instinct of wanting a gf? Every so often I will fall deeply for somebody and won't be able to get them out of my head for months.

I don't want to pursue anything with these people and I'm not interested in awkward sex. I just want to not have to concern and waste my time with this aspect of life but nature overrides this with natural instinct.

Have any of you guys managed to break the curse and overcome this?
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>I don't want to pursue anything
Yeah, I mean it would take away from your time spent playing video games and eating cheetos and masturbating.
You eventually realize that every single female you will ever meet has had multiple partners or thinks you are mediocre looking and they can do better.
Then you start to only view women as co workers and sexual objects. It hurts but only in a really numb and cold way.
I'd choose that over losing my mind over a girl

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I just got fired from my job

But they didn't tell me they fired me, they just took me off the schedule without talking to me at all

Is this legal?
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no, but what the fuck are you gonna do about it? bend over and take it, wagie
u can actually take ur boss to court, did you have a contract anon?
No contract, it was at will employment, but I was under the impression that while they don't need much of a reason to fire me, they would at least have to tell me, right?

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trump and miss.png
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>major disaster happens
>president does nothing but go on tv to say "this is bad mmmkay"

Just once can we get a president who would be down with the salvage teams helping to clean up the mess?
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he's an out of shape old man who hasn't worked for real in decades if ever, you think he'd help much
This, he'd actually just get in the way. Let the real men work.
>putting your countries commander in chief in danger
>expecting a guy who never served his countries armed forces to do anything at all for his country

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>be lonely pedo
>want to buy loli sex doll online so I can dress her up and make sweet passionate love making
>live in jew country so can't import directly or will die in jail
>read about some special shipping carriers that will deliver stuff for you under the table
>decide to go for it
>spending thousands on my perfect loli sex doll
>talk to carrier and they say they can do it but it will take a lot longer to get to me
>agree and pay them
>2 months go by and still no doll
>pretty much lost hope and cut my losses
>hear doorbell ring today
>two guys with a ginormous box outside my door
>its finally here
>they apologize for the delay but a bunch of shit happened
>pay the good men and rabidly start unboxing
>take my lovely girl out her box
>she's perfect and has all her clothes and accessories
>had prepared ahead of time and bought tons of little girl clothes for her
>spent 6 hours dressing her up and cuddling with her
>took a nap and snuggled with her
This is the best day of my life. I'm not leaving my house for a week.
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Post pictures or else, nerd
nice dubs glad to see your dreams come true
I don't know about you OP but I wish to become the loli

Redpill me on robots, /r9k/. Why are they somehow special and cant get gfs? I see lots of meh and undesirables with significant others what are the guys here doing wrong
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Awkwardness, lacks the ability to form relationships, unwilling to break the daily routine cycle.
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This, also old robots lack the ability to feel
80% of women go for 20% of men (Chads). The average guys you see with girls are betas whom girls settle for for money, resources, and security. Robots either refuse to settle or are so undesirable that they can't even get that. Most of us are relatively young, so our female peers are still riding the cock carousel. Many of us will become normies when they get dried up and settle for us.

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How many different do we have
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uhhhh lemme see about like uh 7
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different what?
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God of Thinking.png
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you tell me


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Controversial statements on /r9k/ that are widely accepted in real life:

>a girl's past doesn't matter
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McDonald's>Tim hortons coffee
>>a girl's past doesn't matter
Only accepted by white people

t. Muslim
Canadians belong on r9k

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I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die I wanna die l wanna die l wanna die I wanna die
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same tbqh famalamalam
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my brain fog is so intense right now I can barely type this.

I'm not even a conscious being at this point, I don't think I qualify as human besides some ego resistance that gets crushed into mind haze.

The voices are back at medium level, I can get through the day but what's a life of just getting through.
how is this originally an original post?

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>"You need to learn to drive anon"
>"Get off the computer anon"
>"Why are you always in your room"
>"You need to find a job or we're going to kick you out"

I go to college isn't that enough for them. If I can't be in my room the majority of the day I should just die. I have a belt and a stable door knob. What are some key things to do before suicide?
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Hurry up faggots im not trying to wait this is my breaking point how do I hide my power level after death?
Well first you need to rape your dad
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>Belt and sturdy door knob
How do you even hang yourself with a belt? Serious question. Also, that's probably not a good idea, as you'll thrash around while unconscious and you'll likely slip the belt off the knob.

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how would one embrace nihilism? post ideas.
>in the end, nothing matters, so i can better myself any way i want.
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nihilism is the ash that the existential pheonix rises from. You must burn down all societal norms, vestigal morality and untested beliefs through constant questioning. eventually nothing is left. that is where you begin. you can start to actually become your own person with your own thoughts and convictions when you realize that nothing matters. you can arrive at that correct conclusion and be a piece of shit, and realize you're a piece of shit - or you can begin to actually stand for something
It occoured to me today that due to the fact that everyone has a different life, everyone has a different worldview. Therefore, no two people can possibly agree on anything completely.

So why fight with people when you can acknowledge that they have different experiences, and then move on.

This has brought me great peace.
>this is what the depressed nihilist tells himself not realizing his personal beliefs are little more then a pathological thought process of a diseased mind

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>tfw you see multiple r9k discords being shilled here
>you join and they're full of normies and attention whore fembots
>tfw you have to make your own to talk to fellow robottos

Get in faggots - /yfjhxE
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Can I get a Chad tag ?
Pretty /comfy/ I guess, needs more people though REEEE
I rode a dinosaur once, his name was Fred.

I'm a trailer trash NEET for years. I huff all day long. Air duster, rubber cement, model airplane glue, gasoline, febreeze. If I can huff it I'm down. Best part is you don't even need to know dealers to get this shit. So antisocial NEETs that wanna get high try huffing.
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Enjoy that brain damage mr. Jon Schlomstien
thanks man i owe you one here is a nice song https://youtu.be/EK0IFHJZRO8
No brain damage so far. I've got nothing better to do. I can't hold down a job.

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