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Is suicide really a cowards way out? Every time I think about it I always pussy out. I think it would take a lot of balls to kill yourself.
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i feel the same way. when you think about it, suicide is the ultimate form of taking control of your life. you go out on your own terms when you want to; not by accident, disease or old age like a less determined person might. i only wish i could summon the strength to take my own life. just cant make the jump it seems
>taking your life into your own hands and on your own terms is cowardly

the only idiots who genuinely believe this are just trying to shame those who've had enough because they don't understand it
Who cares either way? Isn't the rejection of that type of shit kind of the point of suicide?

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>tfw BPD gf
>tfw she's going full retard over the most minor things again
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>tfw BPD
>tfw if i get a bf he'll complain about me on the internet

i hate men
She's been BLACKED, hasn't she?
be my BPD gf now

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please send funny images. thank you.
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this titillates the laugh chords
Only the funniest for my fellow anon
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Why doesn't my dad love me anymore desu

what's up northeast bros?

how are we holding up?
what are you doing tonight?
played any good vidya lately?

please refer to pic related, if you are either not explicitly labeled on the map, or especially if the "fuck off" zone, please do not respond to this thread or join our discord. thank you for your understanding.

join our discord!

>just active enough without getting crazy
>one actual girl
>one """girl"""
>sometimes we play vidya together

but seriously anyone from the fuck off zone is getting instabanned
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>Not including based Ohio
shit list hombre
We need more MA fags in here
>putting NYC and LI in the same category as New Jersey

You can fuck off you fucking faggot

516 reporting in

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how do you feel knowing that essentially all human behavior is simply a game of 'climb the dominance hierarchy'?

I find it incredibly depressing. I look around the streets at the cars, buildings and people and it's all I see now.
and the fact that the majority of humans never even realize exactly what's happening to them in evolutionary terms is like some absurd joke.
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I use to really respect this guy and enjoy his lectures until he got his /pol following
He's raking in fat stacks though so I'm happy for him
Why would lose respect for him due to something he can't control?

That's ridiculous. Most of /pol/ hate him when they find out what he thinks about Nazis
>Why would lose respect for him due to something he can't control?

He's a smart guy, he knows where his new audience is coming from and is pandering. I even suspect that he shares some of their extreme views.

Either way it just tainted him for me, I feel like any of his new material will be permanently affected by this

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I'm posting kakyoin with cool sunglasses every day


please no bullies this thread
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i despise jojo and its fans but you are ok
youre a good jojo fan
What's wrong with jojo? I thought it was good. (I'm very early in part 3 so if there's something that makes it shit, I haven't seen it yet)
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>implying jojo isnt the best anime to come out in recent years

I hear that the manga is pretty dope, but I haven't started it yet.

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>Anon, I'm leaving you for the dog.
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why would such a beautiful girl, fuck up her body like that..
This girl is nasty as fuck. Qt Latina who fucks dogs all day, I'm not really into the whole dog-fucking aspect but the fact that she's so disgusting turns me on.
>quick Google search
>dog blowjob and literally doggy style sex
>dick is diamonds

What has this place done to me?

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>be me
>college fag
>go to another party bc thats what we do right
>qt comes up to me, grabs phone. starts typing
>she puts my phone back in my outstretched hand
>drunkly says 'call me sometime' and walks away
>'y-y-you too'

>not gonna lie pretty chadish actually
>inb4 get out normie
>figured just another roastie. just wants me for my body
>start texting
>can't tell if she regrets putting number in or is playing hard to get
>meet up and she has zero response to chadcharm.cpp
>now I know all the roastie tricks and they usually keep this up for a week so you don't think they're fresh off the cock carousel
>but this one's maybe a 7/10. she's in no position to be choosy
>ff a few months and she still hasn't put out
>I don't care, I keep coming back again and again
>There's just something about her

>other girls are still coming at me but it's not the same
>stop putting up with their annoying giggles and drunk gropes
>friends don't get it. Always trying to outchad each other
>'just bang 'em all man. Right?'
>'ya sure man right....'
>finally after months of work touchdown
>I slip her the beenus
>now it's my turn
>morning after move 101: 'treat em like dirt and they'll stick like mud'
>done it a thousand times. works everytime
>doesn't last a second on her
>she sees right through the facade
>like she always has
>she knows shes making headway on me
>always teasing me cuz she knows no one will get how 7/10 is locking me down
>'No one's gonna get us anon. They don't understand'

>ff four-ish months
>shes right. friends are starting to think I'm a whipped cuck boy
>dropping subtle hits
>'Remember so-and-so anon? she just got a modeling gig. looking great. you should hit her up'
>'Mhmm I'll get on that'
>eventually just ask what I think I'm doing
>I try to explain but I can't. It's not looks, it's not personality
>'theres just something about her'
>she was right
>No ones gonna get us. They don't understand
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you played yourself triple 0
cool story bro

Now get the fuck out of here normo

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I'm being ddos'd by (((tolerant leftists))) for saying mean things and being a spic and not knowing what's best for me. What do I do?
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Bump. Hackerz help anon
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Maybe ask /pol for halp. They love a good autistic challege

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I am currently in a party watching normies playing beer pong.. ask me anything.
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Just join in yourself you fucking normie.
Take a picture with a timestamp
Why do you watch people. Do things. Just have your idea of a good time.

Fembots, why aren't you at least average looking?
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Because I eat to much like a total fat fuck.
Same for you.

Are you comfortable walking in public?
I'm a cutie. I may have gained weight off and on but, I still have cute face and woman curves.

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Seriously, its Friday night, I don't got work for another two days, and its a beautiful summer evening. Crack open a bottle of something alcoholic and enjoy turning off your brain cells. Why are you drinking tonight? Why aren't you drinking tonight? Pic related, I fucking love wine.
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because i have no friends and drinking alone is sad
It's not a good idea to drink while on hormone replacement therapy
I'm in withdrawal from weed and xanax and dope

What is the longest you've stayed awake before giving into exhaustion or just general boredom, what did you do to keep yourself from falling asleep?
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75 hours, vidya and talking to people over Skype eventually had to get outside and even a couple weird games of bowling on the third day to keep going. It was strange and not comfortable from the 30-60 hour mark but after that I started to get an almost zen like feel from how little I could react or think by the end of it.

I wonder why it is that going for a walk or something helps rejuvenate you after you've been awake so long. I remember when I was awake for 30 or so hours and I went for a thirty minute walk to get some fresh air and I ended staying up for another thirty
Just over 72 hours. Just played video games, ate, and walked around.

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This is the result of professors obligating robots to make YouTube videos in order to receive a complete grade


I need 100 views.

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impressive lifting
Maybe this video belongs in /fit/?
Grade-A autism right here, hope your professor is amused by your lack of intellect

have an upvote

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It been 3-4 month now? After 3 years, I just couldn't deal with the numbness of zolof anymore. I try to take up gardening as a way to cope with it and it help. However, I start getting nightmare again, browsing /pol/, and just want to stay in bed and cry as I am now overfill with all kind of emotion. I feel lonely even though I have gf who care for me or just want to live here cause of cheap rent. I'm just here waiting for everything to end, maybe I finally be happy.
It started when I miss one appointment, I got too nervous to call and it been months...i still have my refill but do I really want to go back at being numb?
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>Boohoo normie babby is numb boohoo

Antidepressants are a meme. Get on some real meds fag
Like what? Estrogen?
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