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let me make this clear...i know this whole board is a set up, it's bait, you are setting people up for murder.

none of you are virgins, you most likely do have girlfriends, and you are all in on it pretending to be khv.

What do you plan to do now that that jig is up?
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what's the meaning of this astrology chart?
figure it out cunt
wow that's pretty rude of you anon

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Times when being white has subjected you to stereotypes and prejudice?
Mine needs just a little backstory

>be me
>live very poorly
>just recently started getting a disability check for my autism
>am self employed but i make less than min wage
>basically i go to gas stations, check out a machine to see if any thing has broken or leaked in the underground system and get paid 50-110 dollars for doing so
>sometimes have to do a fuck ton of paper work because i do this for 20+ gas stations
>moving on one day i come in to collect my cash
>that fucking spic who asks me for money is working the till today
>as he always does, he asks me for 10 dollars out of the 50 im supposed to collect
>he wants to get food
>AGAIN i tell him no politely as i can
>he looks at me this time and says
"Hey i work hard all day, harder than you.."
>im grinding my teeth at this point
"...your job is easy i bet you make alot of money and here and all i want is food!"
>i want to slam this fuckers face into the counter but i control myself
>decide instead to explain my situation
>look Dingbat, i work hard, just as hard as you, and i make less money than you, i have a fucked up back, and im homeless (i live in an airport hangar) and my life is just starting to get better
>i have bills to pay and my own mouth to feed, so im not giving you any money EVER
>he sits there patiently and simply says hes not giving me the money im owed
>i stare at him but come up with an idea
>i directly talk to the owners of the stations i work most of the time and owner of this station in question ive known for a few years
>i tell Dingbat thats fine
>i go outside and call the owner
>tell him what happened and that Dingbat refuses to pay me
>"ill be right over anon"
>10 minutes later im standing with the wide eyed cashier as the owner screeches
>hes always been a pretty strict guy with his employees but he was letting this wageslave have it
>i stop him and say we should call the cashier Dingbat from now on
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hurry up and cont cunt.
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>he looks to me, still very angry looking and nods violently (yea really) while saying "yes yes thats a great idea, your nametag should say Dingbat from now on you..."
>i stop him again
>well buddy you are all set here i just need to be paid and ill leave you to it
"Oh of course anon, im really sorry about this ill talk to you soon!"
>he hands me 100 dollar bill
>go home for the day, and buy a new game on steam with the extra 50 bucks i made

Wagie wagie got cucked, the owner is a jew btw, which makes it kinda weird hed over pay me just for a little inconvenience.
This website is so retarded

what did he mean by this?
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Potentially that he and Dylan were above everyone and anyone below them (literally everyone minus the few friends they had) were intellectually insuperior to them and should be killed. If you read Eric's Journals it definitely seems that way. Eric used natural selection as his term for performing afformentioned actions btw.
If he was still alive he probably would have lurked on /pol/
>anyone posting here don't go to columbine high school tomorrow

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I'd rather suck dick desu. I never understood the appeal off eating pussy and i'm not even gay.

>inb4 ur gey annyway
The only appeal to eating pussy is to make the girl cum, it's kind of like a game and you will know if you are winning. The taste though is not exactly bad but not exactly good either.
>Be 12-years-old
>Be consumed by unfathomable lust for pussy
>Fantasize about it constantly
>Finally decide to take the chance and look up porn on the internet
>wtf vaginas are disgusting they're not like the little slits I had in my head
>years later realize that the vaginas I fantasized about were the kind little girls have
>oh shit I'm a pedo

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Clean your room

(oregano flavored comment)
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Y'know what? You're right.
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Nigguh I DID. Get back in your yurt, Varg!!!
Being this 12

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gf template.png
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Sometimes I see these GFs you people make and wish they were real.
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raccoon gf.png
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commencing ideal GF dump
>it's ovar 9000!
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dead gf.png
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anyone else around or nah?

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download (6).jpg
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>it's a mom is talking to dad about you becoming more shutin episode
>"who do well call? there isn't anybody to help."
>"he never showers, he never even went to see me in hospital"
>"he's selfish and doesn't realize how easy his life is"
>"his life is spent on the computer all night, he's only awake in the night"
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>its an anon gets drunk and violent and they realize how good they have it with quite keeps-to-himself anon
That sounds like a rough fucking deal. I need to move out quickly as to not make your mistakes.
I know. It's sad af. Nearly 30.

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We joke around and use the word 'cuck' a lot, but is anyone here actually a cuck?
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You'd be surprised.. there are a lot of "unironic" cucks.
I don't think we get many California posters desu
Don't know, I fantazise about fucking a girl with another dude, but I'm a KHV so it's not like it means anything.

>Male 34 living alone
>Go home at 6.30
>Hit the gym 30 minutes to feel good
>Crack open a cold one, light a joint
>Start PS4, JRE and 90's hip hop beats in background
>Try to eat something healthy
>Go to bed with 2 joints and watch some movie or some shit.
>Sleep (faint)
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>go over to friends house and play video games until 6 a.m.
>go back to work
>come home buy more chocolate milk
>do the same thing over again
>sleep on saturday
My weekend starts on Wednesday
any drugs? booze?
>listen to brand new Brand New
>sadden myself to sleep
Also, what hip hop exactly my nigga

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How do you catch up on years of sleep deprivation?
I have a couple months off uni in a couple weeks and I want to make it count.
Any medications that'll help?
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Melatonin is over the counter and uses natural processes to induce sleep.
>over the counter
Not in my country, Anon.
Can you order online? What country

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>be thyself
>exist without a purpose. experience thy life as it blows its wind thru my whole being
>but suddenly
-scene fades-
three weeks earlier
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>but suddenly
>have a change of hearth
>not myself anymore
the end
question mark
so did you guys like it?
why no comment?
what the fuck was this bullshit

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Why doesn't /r9k/ give her some credit and stop hating?

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I wanted to play sports but then got myself suspended and put into homeschool.

ruined my own life a long time ago
Problem solved
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The Chinese have been doing this to their gymnasts for ages. They start doing it at a much younger age though.

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Where can you go to practice being social? I thought I could maybe go to some kind of cafe, but the people that work are usually pretty dismissive, like they serve you then they run away.
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Dammit anon, please don't tell me your plan was to go to a cafe and make conversation with the waitstaff. I have no idea what to do either but I know not to do that
At a job.

at a job is a really good idea. To get social for real you need people you see on a regualr basis

Fuck you faggots. Polfag here. What the fuck do you call a ROBOT! Explain!! NOW!
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A robot is a non-sentient organism constructed using electrical circuitry and designed to emulate specific, low-skill activities.
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>no friends
t. wizard apprentice
so that's what you guys call a robot. Thanks anon, I can go in peace now.

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>get into argument with mom about loli
They're just drawings!
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Look, being attracted to sexualized drawings of little kids doesn't really hurt anyone, but it's abnormal regardless of that
try explaining that if you don't jerk it to cartoons, you will molest real little girls
this will convince your mother that loli is the lesser of the two evils
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>Mom sees nude loli wallpaper, says It's cute and buys me several lewd loli posters afterwards.

Why everyone being so uptight about art?

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