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>offer genuinely helpful advice to someone """"""""""suffering"""""""""" from """"""""""depression""""""""""
>"lol haha thanks you sure cured me haha xDD"
the fuck do they want, then? why are depressed people who bitch and moan about how depressed they are so fucking insufferable?
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Is that Heather Mason? She's unironically my waifu, I mean not really but if I met a girl like her irl I would be in love
They don't actually want to fix their problems, they probably just want to talk to someone about all of their shit going on in their lives.. Or they're just attention seeking whores. Could be the 2nd one idk
A depressed person would sooner fix their social deficiencies than any other malady they have given the choice.

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Just thought I'd say hi anons
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Fuck off already, you original cunt.
Get on my dick, bunny whore.
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>"Hunting vermin is what I do. Joseph, get the big knife."

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Robots, how do we save /biz/?
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wait until after august 1st when BTC doesn't hardfork and the market will resume it's growth
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What is there to save?

Biz might actually be the most retarded board on this site

Whenever I want to feel good about myself I go to biz

The "advice" that gets posted there is usually insanely retarded. Do the opposite of what biz says and you will find financial success.

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>Family preventing me from moving out
>work 36 hours a week plus 18 more of slave labor (that gets ignored on applications)
How do I perform a proper murder-suicide, robots? I live in a noguns state.
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why/how are they preventing you from moving out?
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Threatening to kick me out for attending driving lessons and obtaining a used vehicle. Says that's not "the right way" to do it, and that I should wait on/ask them since I didn't do it as a teenager. Then its "how dare you disobey me after all the times you failed" and then death threats.

You would think that if I was such a fuckup, theyd be eager to help me become self sufficient. I'm 20 now and its clear I have no future.
Bump for the year

>tf no goth gf to tell me about how good sisters of mercy is & that peter murphy has nice cheekbones
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>tfw no goth gf to listen to Paradise Lost with
I want a girlfriend who actually listens to The Smiths, not just Asleep and There Is a Light.
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Who me?
goo for you, pal

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Sex is icky I don't know why anyone would want to do it


Humans in general are fucking disgusting creatures
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It's not that anyone wants to do it, it's that they're compelled to do it.
I ain't compelled to do shit nigga
That just means you're defective. Every other sexually reproducing creature on Earth has been compelled to fuck since the dawn of life.

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I fantasize about being in a fight with a hot chick that "defeats" me with a single kick in the balls.

Does anyone have similar fantasies?
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Nope, you are the only person to have such a fantasy.

I don't thin so.
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Oops, meant *think

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>tfw you are not a cute girl
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Why do you want to be a cute girl, OP?
you can be, through the power of makeup. thats how i do it
Why wouldn't you want to be a cute girl?

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why do so many of you people like overweight women?
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Thicc is a fucking meme
Fat will always be gross
Real high test /fit/ women with curves

fit >>> thin >>>>>>>> overweight

If you're a fat lover, kill yourself for being a fat acceptance enabler.

>Being this insecure about your preferences
inb4 Greek sculpture of thick women.

>tfw you feel too innocent and too childish to have sex with anybody
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It's a feeling I know well.

orange orange
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>tfw I'm waiting for marriage and waiting for a virgin who is willing to wait with me
>tfw no such women exists or would be interesting in me so I've gone full degenerate and fetishistic
lol I didn't know anyone else felt this way.

I just got xanex. Is this good for getting high?
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It is, but you won't want to do anything. It's better taken alone.
It's supposed to be like drinking, but they just put me to sleep.
They're good but don't fuck with them long term. That shit FUCKS you up, and the withdrawals can actually kill you

Modern music is fucking Patomuzic tier even 10 years ago this would have been absolutely shat on
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I just listen to pop music from pre 2010s now, including music from sweden and denmark.
Ehh, I think the issue is that everyone today thinks that they can make music and the actually good modern music gets drowned out by the endless ocean of pure shit normies listen to.

this is a quality track

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>eat 2 meals a day
>usually eat berries vegetables or plain bread
>fat saggy gut

Also what is with this caption shit

>select all street signs
>do it
>wrong select all the street signs
>do it
>wrong select all the street signs
>do it
>wrong select all the street signs
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you shouldn't eat bread
bread is extremely fattening
eat some damn protein
I don't bother anymore with that captcha bullshit. Always skip it until you have to select all bridges, stores, buildings etc.

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Who's your favorite fictional hero and why?
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>caring about capeshits

Lol, kids. Read some actual books.
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>Mt. Lady
>my dick

Okay, in all seriousness it would probably be the Punisher, he actually kills the bad guys and he isn't rich or superpowered.
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What an intellectual and adult guy you are..

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Mom brings home panda express, it's our first time trying it. We finish our food, was pretty good, but the small Chinese place we used to frequent when I was a kid was much better. We get our fortune cookies and mom reads hers: "you will receive confidence from an old mentor".

I open mine up and there's no fortune. "Oh, there's no fortune in this one".

"I'm pretty sure you need to have a future to get a fortune". Mom laughs. I laugh. I die.
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At least she's accepted it.
She's right you stupid NEET.
Don't die bro. Thing will change. They always do.
Also if your mother actually felt that way she wouldn't joke like that.

Heads up!

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