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Is there something wrong with me r9k
Today just barely thinking of what Aya said to me brings me close to a breakdown
I can't help but cry. I feel better if I try to forget who I am and how worthless my being is.
I hate waking up with these feelings.
my psychiatrist said he can't diagnose me with anything. What should I do to stop the panic attacks
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Stop making these threads, they are only aggravating the situation.

What do you mean your psychiatrist said he can't diagnose you with anything?
Posting on an imageboard with no identity makes me feel better instead of trying to bother people on my friends list

>What do you mean your psychiatrist said he can't diagnose you with anything?
He can't find anything to diagnose me with
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>He can't find anything to diagnose me with

Either you aren't being honest with him or your psychiatrist is a moron, consider finding someone different to go to.

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A girl that's a friend of mine asked me to go to a movie and it's a Monday night. Before we were friends, I asked her out and she turned me down because she had a boyfriend. A few months ago she broke up with her boyfriend. Do you guys think that this could go somewhere? I've never had a gf.

Pic unrelated
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go to the movie and see how she's acting, maybe flirt lightly (not friendship ruiningly) and see how she responds. it could be going somewhere, or she could just want to go as friends.
>she could just want to go as friends.
I'm going into it with that attitude. I can't help but feel nervous, everytime we've hung out before, there have been a lot of her friends with us. Now it's just going to be the two of us. On a monday night. Seeing Beauty and the Beast. idk, I'm being over analytical I'm sure.

Whatever happens happens I guess.
suga <3

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I want to go out on comfy nightwalks but I live in the big city and am afraid I will get robbed/beaten up by niggers. This happened once before.

Anyone else know this feel?
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>walking around my small town with black friend
>we are both 6 feet tall
>see manlet with cuckold glasses ahead
>he spots us
>he crosses the street

it was a mixed feel. he was wise tho because my black friend was a sketchy scumbag
I live in a big city, enjoy night walks, and have never once been accosted.
carry a knife with you. i would be damned to let a nigger rob me with out getting his face carved up.

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>dad was in the kitchen while i was having sex in my bedroom
>he saw the lamp in the kitchen rattling, and swinging back and forth

he mentioned it because he was concerned about the lamp.
>this feeling kills the man
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I'm glad my mother's that oblivious.

Shame, because I'll never be able to fuck a girl to test that.
no, he knew what i was doing up there...
When a man knows his son is getting some, why the fuck would he be ashamed? He probably mentioned it as a subtle congratulation.

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>tfw you'll never have friends like these
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>Tfw you'll never have friends like these
>Tfw you'll never have friends
That looks like Mac from Always Sunny judging from the thumbnail
>tfw you have friend but you cannot be friend

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>12 page paper due tomorrow morning
>haven't started on it
Who here /comfortably apathetic/?
I don't feel stressed at all, and I'm not even sure I care if I finish the paper or not.
Have I ascended?
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Have you ascended? I mean that's me 24/7 but that's because I'm literally autistic and couldn't care less about snything
that's the reason I only lasted a semester. i couldn't even pretend to care by the end of it
This is my last semester of college though, I graduate this month.
Maybe it's because the class that the paper is for doesn't matter at all, except a small effect on my GPA. I could fail it and still graduate.

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Alright guys I'm about to order pizza. Anything you want on the pizza before I make the order?
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Cheese crust
those pickled small green peppers i forgot the name, white garlic sauce, chicken, sausage, onion, thanks!!
the box has to say
>"Anonymous No.(my post number) has an enormous penis."

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>We have social anxiety just like you!
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>such raw levels of pure sex-appeal
How can noon-grumps even compete?
yes but Arin is married, therefore normie
I used to like Arin but now I only like Danny but only because he seems like such a nice guy.

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Dear robots,

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>Dear robots,
>>sacrificing my individuality
No thanks chadbro
Dress like a upper middle class 8th grader. Lmao, roasty trolling betas.

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Have you ever been publicly humiliated? Have you ever humiliated yourself or revealed your power level? Discuss
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>uncle tells me i "need to get my ass to flordia" because my mom likes to go to disney world every year and im not too big on it
>he leaves and i tell ny dad it nakes me madnto hear stuff like that
>i think about it some more and just start cussing and punching my hands together and my dad stops me and i start uncontrollably crying
>this has happened in front of ny mom before and i tried telling herni think i may have sone problems
>she tells me her "nature doctor" treats autism even though nothibg has to be prescribed it all extracts and vitamins
>tells me to eat better and im just shy
>anytime she says im autistic i ask if i need a diagnosis she tells me there is no point

some days i feel crazy and i feel so many moods through the day but i always act the same around eveyone and never talk about it. maybe im just a pussy fag. i wish i could just fall over dead but at the same tine im too pussy to shotgun myself because id probably live

my mom told me after i sperged out "if you ever kill yourself ill be so damned mad ill find you in heaven and beat you" and even though idont believe in heaven i just know if inlived through kms id be treated like shit so i just smoke a lot of cigs and hope for the best
Kel dude

youre actually a tard
Wown that sucks.


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do you think she smokes cigarettes
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No. The real question is if she works in a physics/science related field. Imagine if she was a cashier...kek.
lol i wonder too

i hope shes okay
>. Imagine if she was a cashier.
let me google that futurama meme about taking my money real quick to repost here

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>Dad wants rent money
>My part time work would barely cover it

I don't understand how he can want me to move out but at the same time cripple my ability to do so.
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>parents leeching off their children as soon as they turn 18 without having raised them with the necessary survival skills before kicking them out

Murrican parenting sure is great.
If you can barely afford to pay him rent then you definitely can't afford to move out, so I don't see how he's crippling your ability to do so. If you actually made enough to move out, then you might reasonably ask him to let you save up for a few months.
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>Anon I'm charging you and your brothers $150 in rent a week
>$200 if your rooms aren't clean
>if I'm happy with your behaviour you might get $50 back :^)
>Be thankful that I'm not asking for $300 because thats the average rent around here
>he has 3 sons
>$150 x 3 is $450 a week
>$200 x 3 is $600 a week

Its not that hes being a Jew. He is just that stupid.

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>tfw even a fucking dog is more attractive than you
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That is an extraordinarily attractive husky 2b fair though.
no homo
that dog is more attractive than almost everyone i know irl
most dogs are objectively more aesthetically appealing than people
skin is a big problem - almost always ugly and filled with boils and zits and rashes and so on
fur? can't beat it. these dogs are like four legged representations of comfy

So i have been best friends with these 2 guys from middle school for 4 years. We would hangout everyday and watch movies, smoke weed, etc. But for around 3 months now both of them never responds to phone calls, msgs, and always makes up excuses when i want to hang out.

All the ditching and ignoring is making me feel extremely lonely. any robot with the same experince as me?
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Ever hear the saying, "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?

What do you think it means when they don't have anything to say to you?

They can't tell you to kill yourself because of http://kxan.com/2015/03/02/teen-girl-charged-with-manslaughter-for-encouraging-friend-to-commit-suicide/

What they CAN do is just ghost you and hope you take the hint and get a clue and just go ahead and kill yourself. Kill yourself, you fucking retard. Just fucking do it. End it right now. It'll never get better. It'll always get worse. Only the neverending void and blackness of death will be your sweet release. No one will love you. No one wants anything to do with you. Kill yourself.
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I had a friend who left me after finding other people to do stuff with. It's shitty but it happens.
yea you didn't improve in terms of social utility so they left you behind. they won't tell you they did that either because they're probably faggots and don't want to stir the pot.

>dumped/cucked ex gf
>she created a whirlwind of pity and whiteknighting
>moved in with, and started fucking, rival chad in previous social network
>everyone boxed me out and rallied around them
>stopped going out
>no place in the social circle
>no social life anymore

I could've won the day if i was more socially viable, but rival chad is outgoing, a coke dealer, and has better social skills. i knew i was fucked.

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