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Tell us about your shitty neighbors, /r9k/. Ever been in any altercations with them?

>obnoxious white trash getting piss drunk and taking all their family feuds out to the front lawn so everybody else can clearly hear their business
>exercising their Second Amendment rights as loudly and frequently as possible
>blaring honky-tonk music all hours of the night, especially on weekends
>guys don't even work, they just collect Social Security and food stamps for "back pain" or some shit
>routinely poisoning free roaming pets around the neighborhood because they don't like to see them running around
>dealing drugs right out of their houses
>more than one Confederate flag proudly displayed on their property (and vehicles) because you gotta stand for those good ol' fashion values, right?
>any time they unfortunately make contact with you, the conversation quickly gets taken over by crazy religious fundie conspiracy theories and their dozens of bizarre prejudices

No, they're not black.
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I've never really had any shitty neighbors.

Yours sound pretty annoying though. I don't know how much honky-tonk I could take lmao.
Not wrong
Man up
U Jelly?
Literally nothing wrong with that: control your beasts
Call the cops
It was Her Turn
*tips fedora*
>Literally nothing wrong with that: control your beasts

no that's wrong, man. I know you're just being edgy, but there's better ways to go about it than poisoning people's pets.

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>my oneitis from ages 12-15 is now pregnant at 22
>used to text her/aim her every single day for hours for 3 years
>she used to tell me "i love you, not like that.. friend wise lol"
>when i was a kid i thought one day we'd end up together
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You should be relieved. Bullet dodged.
Nice. Mine is also 22. She isn't pregnant or a mother but she started camgirling, stripping, and doing just general hoe stuff. When we were in high school she became the pass around for the heroin addicts that were in my class. I was broken for a while but am now free from feels

I wish I was gay. This women things is just fucking cruel. I feel for you OP. I do

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MFW I realize that companies can see the password you've created for your application
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Wait, they can?
no OP is an idiot. passwords are encoded in the database. there would be way more password leaks if that were true
No they can see it. That why you never put a racial slur there

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I have seen many retards on the internet (Down syndrome) and I've noticed white, Asian, hell, even Hispanic people with tard syndrome. But there are literally no black people in this group. Literally NO black people. Not even babies. Is there a link to racial differences or something?
or are niggers already retarded on their own?
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img not related
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no, youre retarded, it happens all the time
There was one black tard(down syndrome) in my elementary school and one Arab one at my mosque. I think it's because tards in general are rare so you'll only see ones of the main population/demographic

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Where have all the woman hate threads gone?

origami original spaghettio
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/r9k deep down has accepted that the male role is one of worshipping and the female, to be worshipped.

Woman hate threads is a cry for help that a man partakes in when he has no woman that allows him to worship her
>Where have all the woman hate threads gone?
are they not allowed anymore?
is hating women not allowed anymore?
Fuck off roastie whore, nobody asked for your opinion.

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What are your most shameful faps /r9k/?
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This shit here, don't even bother with the full dojinshi
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I don't know what it was about it that seemed so enticing at the time.
Would a jar of peanut butter and a condom feel good?

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Does NoFap really work, /r9k/?
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No, I did it for a month and the only effect it had on me was just being hornier

Im happier jerking it once a day
porn might be bad, but releasing semen, with a girl or by yourself, will not negatively affect your physical or mental health
No. People on antidepressants lose all desire to fap. They go months - years without fapping. You don't see them getting better, do you? The ones that claim to pretend that antidepressants helped them are either shills or just a placebo. Some end up even killing themselves because that magic pill didn't work.

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Is acid-throwing the best way to deal with women?

>disfigures their face thereby eliminating their default/entitled sense of social superiority
>humbles them in relationships because they will always know their bf is overlooking their melted faces
>works as a blocker in case the whore is out looking to be a whore
>lesser self esteem makes them go out less therefore less likely to be whores

Are the arabs more red pilled than we think?
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Do you post this same thread everyday? At least use different pictures.

Literally my first visit to r9k in two years, maybe the idea is catching on?
Two years yeah right
And i am black.

>get a part time job at a factory after being NEET for 2 years
>meet a girl there
>7/10 looks, but 4 years older than me and already married and divorced once
>oh well, i can't complain as a 23 year old sperg living with mom
>she asks me if she can sit with me during lunches because everyone else smoked or is a foreigner
>sure, better than sitting alone
>we talk everyday during work and eventually we exchange numbers and text at night too
>asks me if i want to come with her walk her dog
>we walk her dog every day for hours, go to the movies and amusement parks over a period of two weeks
>kiss and cuddle everyday, she even gave me two blowjobs
>hitting it off really well, feel like i'm doing good
>all of the sudden she acts really distant, doesn't want to walk her dog with me anymore, gives one word replies to my texts, no more kisses, cuddles or bjs
>ask what's wrong
>keep asking
>''i feel like you could too easily abandon me so my mind is telling me to not get attached to you''

what the fuck do i do now? should i try harder or should i just give up? this might be my only chance at a gf
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>this might be my only chance at a gf
Leave her alone, you jerrk. Grow up some more and try again.
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Comfy 197.png
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Tell her she's the only person you've ever had. That this is the first time you've felt real and honest affection from a girl, and because of that, you'd never backstab her or leave her in the dust.
literally don't do this

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>tfw the tinnitus is getting worse
Is there a more suicidal thought inducing feel?
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you are not alone anon
sometimes im sitting down when it starts and makes me feel anxious and depressed af
>tfw the T is getting better after i stopped taking ibuprofen

hoo, I was worried there for a while
I don't hear ringing but instead I constantly hear hoots from an owl

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How do I turn my friend gay, r9k?
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depends, are you HIV positive? and are you unattractive? if you answer yes to either of them, don't try.
Otherwise idfk desu
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Why turn your friend gay when you can just be gay with me, desu?

As for your question, just suck his dick by force.

How does it feel knowing that you will never truly be taken seriously?
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In which capacity do you mean? As a boyfriend ?

I do my best to be a good friend first.
Beta males take them seriously and see women as equals
As a 5'4" overweight, androgynous faced man, I think I know the feeling very well.
It's an incredibly shitty feeling, people younger than me look down on me as if I was their younger sibling because I'm short. My face combined with my height make me seem like a kid or a girl, and I'm overweight so I'm pitied by everyone.

There's no winning. Even if I lost weight, I'd just be a fucking twink.

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How do you ghost someone without them feeling bad?
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Tell them the truth. Ghosting is for faggots.
Tell them your depression is acting up and you are having problems so you won't be online for a while. Bonus from using this strategy is that you can go back to them if you are ever desperate and lonely enough to need company.
This is some expert level shit.

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>be me, recent grad from high school, 18
>got into weed the last few months of high school
>really enjoy how it makes me feel
>can get a really solid high off of barely any weed
>because of this, have been getting invited to some weedbro parties
>about a week ago this happened
>showed up, mostly everyone was drunk or high, weedbros happy to see me
>did half an edible brownie, smoked a few joints
>having a good time, vibing to the music, good atmosphere, good friends
>unfortunately there were two whales there
>one of the whales was drunk as fuck, became disgustingly slutty, pretending her bra came off, etc.
>the other whale was nice enough
>throughout the night i became more and more paranoid about the whales
>they would suggestively touch me
>follow where i was sitting
>normally i wouldn't give a fuck about this, but this is on a really solid high
>start actually getting disgusted and paranoid
>eventually leave to my car to chill the fuck out
>vibing to boards of canada or something idk
>knock on my car window about 30 mins later
>someone tells me apparently one of the whales wants to talk to me
>high me is like, alright ill go see
>as im walking over back to the party room i realize wtf is going on
>party is over, its quiet
>whale wants to mate
>hell fucking no
>i sperg out, drive home on an extreme high in the early morning hours
>at this point im paranoid af
>worst weed experience to date, felt awful
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>get message from a weedbro the next confirming what high me suspected
>whale is thirsty af
>cant blame weed bro, he's just trying to get me laid
>get number but never text
>find out from friend whale took a picture of me
>go on her vsco on insta, theres a fucking picture of me high (!!!)
>just me fucking sitting
>creeped out to the fucking max
>is this some sort of roastie whale ritual, claim a male as their own by taking a picture?
>i know i sound like a little faggot bitch about this but this was after the whole paranoid high
>week later
>get invited to go to another weedbro party
>hell fucking yeah
>work sucks over the summer, looking forward to having a good time
>cant wait to chill with weedbros again
>wait all week for the party
>day of, wait all day
>cant go right away, have to help the family with some stuff, but eventually im able to leave
>about 2 hours after the party starts i leave to go to it
>get a snapchat from a weedbro
>its him with the whale
>sperg the fuck out
>i remember my paranoid high
>nope the fuck out
>end up not going to the party, no explanation to any weedbros

i feel bad about blowing the weedbros off, and i dont know how to make this fucking whale go away so i can chill for the rest of the summer i need advice

Literally all you have to do is tell that fat bitch you're not interested if she keeps hitting on you. Plain and simple.

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Who was in the wrong here?
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It's old news. She can do as she desires.

Garret did nothing wrong.
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please dont post this anymore. I start sweating just by looking at that picture
The people who fed him stupid delusions, encouraging him to embarrass himself in public, just for advertising.

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