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I literally did nothing for almost a year.
>5 P.M Wake up
>browse 4chan
>sit in the garden, listening to some music
>browse 4chan again
>play some comfy games
>get high
>go to sleep when sun rises
Who else here is living the dream ?
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>be me
>start pc
>browse 4chan while listening to music
>browse 4chan again
>watch jewtube/anime
>go sleep
Not rly living the dream. Its fucking boring
semi-neet durng summer

>get up 11 AM
>4chan and jew newspapers
>watch show
>sleep at 00:00

I only go to sleep past midnight during weeks I need to be outside so I catch up time wasted on educuckery
That was my life for around 5 years. just made me want to kms

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"Thank you for visiting! On October 1st, 2017, massive welfare cuts are set to go into place that will slash food stamps by 25% while adding a requirement that all able bodied people without dependents must work to receive it, and in addition, massive cuts to section 8 will also occur which will result in rent prices finally coming down for Americans who have long seen rent prices skyrocket because they were constantly competing for rental properties and units with people who were living off section 8. This website is celebrating these cuts with a wonderful timer counting down to the very second that these cuts will go into effect"

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Did Barron design that website? Shit looks ugly

Trump can be impeached before then, right? I haven't been following the news recently but his son did some illegal shit, right?

Fuck fuck fuck
File: trump troll.jpg (76KB, 1484x1026px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
trump troll.jpg
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>want to join a martial art
>be afraid that I will lose my teeth/permanently fuck up something
>will feel like a pussy as long as I don't join a martial art
What do lads?
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aj mark.png
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(((martial art))) oy vey goyim pay me $100 a month for classes.

My dad made me do karate just buy a mouth protector
I felt the same way when I started Muay Thai/MMA-style striking and grappling four years ago, largely inspired by JCVD/Scott Adkins movies. But grew to see martial arts as more of a meme than anything. You could do them for awhile and still be skinny or fat and weak as fuck. Nobody gives a damn about how high you can kick in real life, either. Any benefit you get from it, you get ten times better from something else: If you're looking to get stronger, then just lift. Self-defense? Get a concealed carry and don't put yourself in shitty situations. Most robots are shut-ins anyway, so they usually don't have to worry about that.

But if you must, I'd recommend getting into something like Muay Thai, Boxing, Greco-Roman Wrestling, or BJJ -- something practical, has a conditioning regimen, and that won't take more than a year to get good at. If you're a poorfag and concerned about your teeth, get one of those boil-and-bite mouthguards. But somewhere along the line, you might want to look into getting one custom made by a dentist. Those fit best, and you don't have to worry about them slipping off.

Good luck!
>wants to join a martial art group
>doesn't mind having to leave the house and socialise

I smell a normie.

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best couch.jpg
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What are the places or areas normies never never hang out in? Are there any places safe from normies?
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Is it weird that I've never seen a porn video involving that couch
My Room. My House.
no its great

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>have horrible social anxiety
>can't even tell anyone I know about it let alone go out to see to a doctor/therapist about it
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hmm its almost as if an invisible hand were at force behind the scenes here to make these occurrences happen inexplicably to almost everyone in our age gender group and social class
really made me think
this + being too retarded to word my feelings properly
fucking delet this at ONCE

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"you're powered up, get in there, anon"

what is your reaction?
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Overwatch is a pretty shit game dude.
>notice I am playing as Mercy
>run towards our spawn
>get killed by an upcoming Genji
I'm pretty shit at overwatch

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>Normie gets job out of the hundreds they applied for

>A week or so later
>"UGH! Work tomorrow..."

How are people able to get so excited about starting a generic, soul crushing job?
I fucking hate it even when i'm asked for an interview
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>I fucking hate it even when i'm asked for an interview
Then stop applying for jobs, ya doofus

Jobs give money, which can be exchanged for goods and services
>"UGH! Work tomorrow..."

this is a secret benefit. it's like the second best thing about having a job (besides getting paid). "Work tomorrow" is an excuse that can get you out of almost any social request you don't want to fulfill. It's a golden excuse that everyone understands.

Try getting out of helping a friend move when you are unemployed and sitting at home all day scratching your ball and playing video games... there's no good way to do it. With the work excuse, it's a piece of cake.

What the fuck is the appeal of this show?
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Normies think it's insightful and deep in meaning, plus nihilism is the "in" thing so it gets lots of appeal through that.
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You really do need to get into the mindset of the faggot atheist Redditor to understand why this show is so popular. These people have never heard of adult animation in their lifes that wasn't stuff like Family Guy, it was completely alien to them. And they can't laugh at these shows because they consider these shows stupid. They want a show that isn't necessarily smart or funny or well-written, but that appears to be to appeal to their surface-level taste. Because these people live for that mindless self-validation. They don't actually understand what makes for good writing or good comedy, nor have they ever picked a book about physics. They want to pretend they do so and circlejerk themselves, that's what matters. Rick and Morty is just perfect for its demographic: these same college-age self-important Bernouts who "fucking love science". The entire foundation of the show is built upon the dichotomy between "silly sci-fi humor and references" and " things are super deep and tragic bro". This pseudo-intellectual "nothing even matters, I'm insecure about existence, we are all going to die" bullshit that R&M shits out in almost every episode is what appeals to it's audience. The show doesn't actually have the tact to even begin to offer an interesting presentation and discussion of any philosophy, so it spouts these edgy teenage catchphrases. Nevermind the bean-headed, noodle-limbed unexpressive character design, or how the story is non-existent and only comes up when the writers beg you to feel something for these characters so devoid of substance, or how the entire show is a trendy forgettable scenario of the week memefest with just enough sci-fi references to trick kids into thinking they are smart for understanding them, or how the characters have somehow been reduced to even more obnoxious caricatures than before, none of these things matter. What matters is that it appeals to the millenial redditor audience, and that's what's selling Rick and Morty

hahaha burp I'm so funny burp

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>Find out roomate didnt put me down
>lied to my face the whole time
>no regulsr rooms left
>stuck in transitional housing
>probably going to get stuck with some random douchebag that will make me hate life
>or worse, a nigger.
Give me one reason why I should trust anyone. I've never had anyone I could rely on, ever.
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I got into a similar situation.
My roommate abandoned me to take up an RA position after the deadline to pick your roommate. He also abandoned me many other times during the year in different instances, but I won't go into that. He is a little high maintenance beta bitch with sleeping disorder problems and allergies to everything. He would get mad at me for walking around the dorm in SANDLES during the night because it would wake him up. He also spent the entire year orbiting different girls but could never get into a relationship. I consistenly tried being nice to him, but he was always a depressed beta bitch getting mad at me for different reasons. He got pissed that I didn't go to parties, but then he would return at the end of the night sad that the girl he was orbiting was fucking another night. I tried going to a party with him at the end of the year, but he just ended up abandoning me. The only redeeming quality about him is that he never had sex in our room. Thats the only thing I care about. I am really scared now that they are going to put me with a guy that is going to want to fuck girls in my room for next year. If they do, I'm going to go psycho and throw them out of the room.
>fucking another night
Meant fucking another guy
I feel the same way. I hope I dony get (*insert Chad roomate meme).

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>Spent my entire Saturday and Sunday at a storage facility fucking my doll
>decided to go in the morning before work to get some morning pussy
>end up calling in sick so I can fuck my doll all day again today
>pic related
>Ive been here since 6:00am, and probably wont leave until 10pm
>things will continue this way until November when my new apt will be ready

Ask me anything
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>all those condoms
holy shit she is ready to go
a real cool guy
What do you do? Where and how did you get the doll? Why do you like fucking it so much?

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When did you realize you are a product of a conspiracy?
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Hello /fa/
What's wrong with death grips and kkb? Nothing else applies
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>hurr anime bad xD

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Pics, gifs, webms and stories all welcome
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>ywn bury your face in this
File: 1502040810320.jpg (156KB, 640x2400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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The face when you were the nice guy .
>tfw the balding has finally reached beyond salvation and shaving it all off is the only solution now
>tfw weak and feminine face
>tfw no beard

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How do I get a hot japanese gf with big fat tits?

Are they the holy grail of grills?
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I wonder how many timid, generically pure Japanese titcows are out there. Or if they're all sluts, hostesses, and the equivalent of Western roasties.
>>>38914650 (OP)
>I wonder how many timid, generically pure Japanese titcows are out there. Or if they're all sluts, hostesses, and the equivalent of Western roasties.
Bump I like japs

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>tfw I have fallen in love with a girl who lives in another country
just fucking kill me already
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iktf anon... how you holding up??
Just remember that distance doesn't rule out the ability to be intimate and love someone. And I should know, 12,000 miles
My brethren of feels...fuck this life

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how do i politely tell my asian girlfriend that i would never want to have kids with her because it's unethical to raise Hapa boys because they always end up fucked up
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Just dont talk about kids till after marriage. Doesnt become relevant, u may break up anyway.
>refrain from telling her because we might split up before marriage
>get married
>tell her
>split up anyways

(makes you think emoji)
tell her you like lolicon and she'll shut up about it real quick

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