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Party rock is*

Everyday I'm shuf-f-f-ling

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I'm drunk and I love every single one of you robots.
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I love you too man, I wish you the best.
I'm sober that's why I hate everything
>Chain mst

You fucking faggot

>tfw you're a shut in and no one knows you exist
>tfw the only social interactions you have with people are on a shitty(the best) image board on the internet currently
>tfw every one assumes you're a creep instantly even though they don't know shit about you, even though they're in the same places as you.

>tfw you'll never be anything more than some text and maybe an image to any one.
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iktf, this is exactly me.
I started learning meepo recently, good hero
I was done after they decided to nerf meepo because there was 10 players abusing him to 7k, and the nerf only effected 3 players effectively. Then they nerfed every hero I liked into the ground.

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Is it immoral to condition my sister to think me groping her is acceptable?
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Nope, lolis were meant to groped
All conditioning is immoral m8o
That's why reality sucks so bad

But that is especially bad op.
it's fine, just don't get caught

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retail stories, but other wageslave jobs also welcome

>dad dead, mom alcoholic
>finish high school and look for job instead college because short on money
>get job at walmart
>few months pass
>girls from my high school class find out im a wageslave
>they go to college
>come to my walmart almost every day, laugh at me, and make me get them all kind of goods, which they dont buy anyway
>cant leave my job
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>gas station clerk in the ghetto
>guy comes in almost every day to buy beer and cigarettes (nothing new, probably 50% of my customers i see at least once a week. everyone needs cigs, booze rolling papers etc)
>he's an older man, high and tight haircut, shirt is always tucked in ans he always wears combat boots
>try to make conversation, he speaks very quietly and stammers when i ask him how his day is
>wouldn't look me in the eyes and generally seemed nervous so i figure he might just be an awkward dude
>every time he purchases something he lets me keep the change, usually $2-$8 which is great considering i don't make that much
>continue trying to get to know him and always ask him about his day, figure it's the least i can do since he helps me out a lot despite never really talking to me
>one day after i finish out his transaction see him pull something out of his wallet
>he's handing me an extra $5 bill as a tip
>there's something else in his hand
>it's a picture of a girl, maybe 15, who looks a lot like me, same facial structure, hair, glasses
>he explains its the anniversary of his daughters death and even though it's been almost a decade he still feels pain as raw as when he first found out
>i'm terrible with words but offer my condolences because outliving a child seems like the worst thing a human could experience
>if i was right about her age she wouldn't have been that much older than me right now
>realizes that he's trying to care for me because he probably sees a little of his late daughter when he looks at me
>cry in my car after my shift ends

i actually have a lot of stories, ghetto gas stations are one of the most entertaining places to work especially if you work evenings and overnights like i do. never a boring day there.

also op, fuck those bitches. they're wasting away time doing nothing of consequence while you're gettin money and getting paid. seriously, they sound absolutely pathetic you honestly have to pity them. stay strong fellow wagie
I used to work at a water park owned by the city. Because they technically were government owned, I got hired at 14yo and whatever the federal minimum wage was at the time (the state minimum wage was a few dollars extra). Anyway.
>cooking pizzas
>walk over to walk in fridge for more ingredients and shit
>this old ass lady is following my coworker (Kenny) around
>nobody knew who she was
>Kenny starts to notice and walks in different directions to make sure she's following him
>she keeps rambling about her daughter or some shit under her breath
>he tries to lure her away
>I shit you not she fucking pisses her pants
>it smelled like asparagus or some shit
>he runs outside the back door and she follows
>he runs back inside and blocks the door with empty boxes
>everyone in the kitchen is laughing their asses off
Do you have any other stories, Anon? Also, does that guy still go there?

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>Browse m4m casual sex ads
>be HUNG
>please be able to host

And worst of all EVERYONE wants to be the bottom but that's what I want to be.

Why is life so unfair?
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Just do ass to ass
why not just go to a gay club

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>Two Fucking Bitcoin threads
>Both have replies not calling them spamming faggots
What the fuck /r9k/? HOW ARE YOU THIS RETARDED. REEEEEEEE NORMAL FAGSSSSSS!!!!!!! its /official/ boys we are taken over by normies.
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this shit belongs on /biz/ not /r9k/

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I've had a history of anxiety and depression, and for the past three years I've been on a decline. I've been hearing voices and pointing out and seeing things no one else seems to see and it's frustrating the living daylights out of me. I hide in my room all day now, stare at the wall and browse the internet all day. I also talk to myself, as in I have full conversations. I have moments of clarity but they're getting shorter and shorter. I'm getting scared, and I'm losing myself.
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what do the voices say?
Nothing I can understand, just faint whispering.

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Is it even possible for average guys to get girlfriends these days?

Do all girls really want Chads with perfect bodies?

Obviously you see girls with average guys every day but you can't help but think that she's settling.
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Would you want to date a fat screaming faggot such as yourself? Ask yourself that first.
do you realise some girls care about personality first? ofc you dont because you have neither looks nor personality.

>Do all girls really want Chads with perfect bodies?


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>hear female laughter outside the window
>day ruined
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>group of girls walk by my house
>they're walking side by side because they're black
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>its a teens drinking, spraying graffiti and yelling swears in the park next to my house episode

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Should we do it guys? It's not like they can think we're bigger weirdos than they already do, and just maybe we'll get laid.
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My friend's sister is constantly posting stuff like this for her photography classes.

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Have any other robots have "awoken" about life? I did a month ago and it's awful.
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I have a feeling this could potentially turn into a very depressing thread.
Awoken as in what?
Do you mean when you realize that you've wasted your life and potential and that it doesn't really matter anyway, because nothing matters, but that's not enough because it implies that you're not allowed to complain, but not being able to complain drives you insane and the despair of being helpless and realizing that there's no point in complaining, because others have complained already and it's fueling a painful type of despair where it feels like your mind wants to run away, but your body is holding it, but it's not like there's anywhere for your mind to run towards and then you just want to lie down and die, but that never happens?
You sound like you should write, or paint, or make music.

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everyone but me
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No replies in the DB for this post!


How can I meet new girls and make one of them my gf?
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if youre asking then it probably wont happen
Be patient that's all
Bee yourself


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>tfw oneitis is sweet-talked by communistic chad

Why do girls love radical ideologies?
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Because Chad is rad.
they possibly think he is unique or something for thinking that way.
you know, being unique and rebellious to current standards of thinking.
Don't you fucking dare to let that commie speak. Challenge his views.

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