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Why are there so many gay threads on /r9k/?
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We are loosing hope
Then stop writing them
A lot of us are realizing it's either be gay, be lonely, or better yourself only to be a beta provider for a used up roastie with 2 kids.

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How do you deal with the lingering pain after finishing a series? I was connected to the characters, invested in their lives, pretending for a second I was actually going ot make it, and then it ended. Now im back in my shitty unit with my shitty body and my shitty job going nowhere fast. I stopped watching a lot of shows because this would happen so often; Id get so upset after finishing them.

Im not the only one, right?
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I think babylon 5 was the one that cracked me. I honestly cried my eyes out when they blew up the station.

Recently I was watching World Trigger and I got up to episode 73 and apparently there isn't any more. So I never get to find out what happens.

Every time that happens, my faith in humanity dies just a little more.
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I've stopped watching rom com and slice of life anime because the pain is just unbearable
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The show that made me stop watching anime for a while was kon and clannad. It was just too hard to get back into anything else. Idk man I try to forget about sad shows.

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What's the point of even being like this? Being racist sounds like an awful existence.
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It's a curse. Whenever I read about anyone on Wikipedia the first thing I so is scroll to the bottom to see if they're Jewish.
Just a brainlet.
That's not racism, that's noticing the (((patterns))).

or just how you're doing in general
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fuuuark oregami
nothing feels real
that's exactly how I feel anon
drawing it would just be a rip-off of your drawing

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Im telling my therapist about 4chan and r9k in particular at my next appointment.
Im going to spill all the beans.
Im going to tell her about Stacey an Chad. About how this board affects me and how it influences me.
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try to fuck your therapist
Tell us how he reacts, that'll be fun.
don't do it anon, your therapist is a fucking stacey, they all are and will think you hate women and call you out on it

>ywn capture a robot and pour tabasco sauce on his penis and slap his face and shove a pen down his peehole and move it around until he loses his mind and swears to be your slave for all eternity because he wants the pain to stop
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>Put broken glass in his asshole and make him pay your taxes

Where is this robot?
Aaaaa don't you think it's a bit too cruel desu maybe just cut his thighs a bit and rub salt in the wounds desu
I showed you my lewd pls respond

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is a thicc qt better than a thin qt?
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both are roasties so no
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Not even a debate
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You tell me. Not super fat, but a bit of chub can really accentuate features.

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lower your standards shallow hal
>Forgot this photo
So it has came to this point eh?
Even Chads 9/10 have to settle for 2/10

Sexual market inflation went out of control I think we are reaching point of saturation something has to give.

Roasties are getting more and more deluded and demanding 10/10

One nothing wrong with me

Two nothing wrong with me

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have you ever *seriously* considered suicide robots?

By that I mean you had a full thought out plan that you wanted to excuse.
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I am looking up various ways to end it. It seems jumping off a building works given that height is tall enough. There's a 6 story parking lot structure nearby that might work. I don't know how much it will hurt or if I'll survive it so I'm a little concerned.

I would prefer ending it with pills. I would need to procure to barbiturates or painkillers.
Why do you sound so bitter? Is it just this place?
has anyone ever drawn one of those but, points up against the base of the chin?

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Stop what you're doing. Get on your hands and knees, and give me a blowie ;)
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lmao nah this motherfucker got eczema on his dick

u see that shit? wtf
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It's called fordyce spots you dumb nigger. Everyone has them. They occur where hair grows on your dick and ballsack. I suggest you take a closer look at your own micro peen.
fordyce spots, over 50% of people have them you fucking virgin.

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Should sports players be paid so much?
>get millions of dollars to play a children's game
>most of the time my team loses anyway
>some sports look like literally anybody can do them with a week of training
>doesn't really contribute anything
>convince too many chads to become athletes instead of an actual useful career
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I blame boomers
>get millions of dollars to play a children's game

>isn't regulated by the market
>millions of people pay to see them play
>"why do they get so much money? :/ "

as long as you have customers you're rich, nigger
>as long as you have customers you're rich, nigger
Until your body shits out on you, anyway, and then you better have made bank or you'll be looking for a new job.

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For the non-virgin anons, where's your favorite place on a woman's body to blow your load?
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her face, asshole and mouth. It's fun
>tfw impregnation fetish

in the pussy i guess
Inside the vagina is definitely number 1.
Inside mouth is number 2.
On boobs are number 3.
My ex wasn't into facials nor anal.

>tfw erections keep getting weaker
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>>caring about something you wont ever get to use
I don't use my smallest toe I wouldn't want to lose that either. Still rather that than my erection
>tfw no erections means you have to be a trap to get any kind of sexual pleasure from now no

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I'm going to go super Saiyan yogurt chip
What's inside the folder anon, loli?
His childhood, his youth, his adolescence, his entire wasted life.

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I had my man boobs removed. I'm in pain from the surgery. Cheer me up r9k?
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Hope you get that confidence boost there, Anonymous.
How much did it cost? I dunno if I have gynecomastia or I'm just fat. I've never gotten skinny enough to find out.
your going against nature OP, you were supposed to beco

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