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Which mass murderer/spree killer/serial killer would you like me to write a short biography of and put on youtube?
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Richard chase
Good choice. I'll be tallying up the responses.
Marc Lepine, the Polytechnique shooter

A customer gave me a cigar from Cuba. He said he was going for 2 weeks and said he'd bring me one. I didn't think he'd actually do it.

Now I might sound paranoid, but is there a chance it could be laced with something? It doesn't have a plastic covering but it has the brand around it. Should I not smoke it if it doesn't have a plastic covering? Will post pic in second post.
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You're paranoid. He went out of his way to bring it back for you. It would be literally rude not to smoke it
What's so special about cigars from Cuba though?
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You're probably right

What do you think? Looks good?

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>family is composed of low IQ southerners
>parents both have IQs in the 90s
Will marrying an asian woman raise the IQ of my descendants a bit?
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No, proper education will.
I'm in college and I'm still dumb as a stump
How do you plan on wooing an Asian lady without a good degree and a good job?

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Has a girl ever tried to seduce you? Doesnt matter if she is ugly. What did she do?
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a girl on the train made eye contact with me once so yeah
Women only try to seduce CHad.
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yes but only to make me blush so that she can laugh at me with her friends

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Submit your pale twink asses to Islam.
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You are pretty redpilled when it comes to roasties I'll give you that.
I saw the same thread on /pol/.
I love baiting too, but please keep that to /pol/.
>be muslim
>visit /r9k/ too much
>start liking trannies
>whenever I see boys I want to feed them estrogen and dress them in female clothing
>get these thoughts even when praying the mosque and a teenage boy is praying next to me

I feel like a monster.

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My parents signed me up on Match.com behind my back and have 7 dates lined up with a bunch of fucking ugly and overweight women. Help me robots I'm freaking the fuck out with rage. MY FIRST DATE IS FUCKING TOMORROW AT 7PM. My parents have even threatened me off ending my NEET life for good if I don't go. FUCK THIS BULLSHIT REEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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fight fire with fire. act as degenerate and neckbearded as you can. ask the girl what her favorite pony/anime is and talk about how you love hitler as much as possible. then she won't want you and you get that weight off your back
Anon are you also ugly and overweight? I have to think there's a reason why they picked those types of girls for you,.
He's frogposting and literally reeing right now. Do you really even need to ask that?

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Can you consider yourself a virgin if you never used your penis, got fucked in the ass once in a glory hole once and consider yourself straight (or maybe bi but only sexually) and never kissed or held hands with anyone?
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Greentext story that time senpai, go into deets.
is it important?
noone on here knows whether you had sex until you tell them so if you still feel like a virgin cause you never used your penis to penetrate another living human then you are a virgin unless you tell others that you arent
Where do you find a "glory hole"? I love those porn scenes with the old ladies sucking off the benis in the glory hole

Suppose you lived in a future, not too far off from now, where war and disease are eliminated and everyone becomes immortal but stops aging past a certain point - in take, people also stop being born because of this.

Humankind has largely resolved its problems and the only one remaining being "well, what do we do to pass the time?" The world is also post-scarcity. You have all the time in the world, if you need anything it's right there for you, and on top of all this you don't have to get a job and do work unless you really want to.

How do you spend the rest of eternity here on earth?
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Creating art. Improving myself.
And culling all the insufferable faggots.
get a mountain of weed and play vidya 24/7 until the aliens take over
AJJ is bad, loser

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>26 neet never had a job
>decide to spend my vast amount of free time on learning a language
>fluent in 6 languages
>got an easy mode job with the turkish ambassadors office now

whats your excuse neetos?
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I'm too stupid to learn a new language.
I just can't learn. Brains better at learning in childhood.
You used your time to better yourself while everyone else here just whines and dreams of winning powerball.

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All the threads today are garbage.

How is everyone's day going, fellow NEETS? Surely you've done something productive today.
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Studying my japanese.
made pasta and going to do the laundry later today
I guess I'm not a NEET because I go to university, but I've trying to pick my courses for the coming fall and winter semesters but I'm an upper year student so I've taken a bunch of stuff already and can't get the last few classes that I need/want because my uni takes more students than they have class space for.

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>Goes to sleep
>Hear screaming in head
>Wake up in cold sweet
>Rinse and repeat
>Happens all night
>Don't get more than 20 minutes of sleep at any given point
WTF is wrong with me?!
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Someone is molesting you while you sleep.
You may have exploding head syndrome.
Happened to me once, turns out i fell asleep while watching porn with headphones on and the girl started moaning a lot.

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How do you dispose of your cum after fapping?

I'm looking for the most effective method of doing so as everything I have tried has negatives that out weight the positives.

I have tried the following;

>using a sock
I'd pick an old sock that is starting to get holes in it and use it until it started getting solid and hurting my dick. I'd keep it in my wardrobe but after a while it would start to smell and as I occasionally have visitors in my sleep out this made me paranoid so no go.

>using a new sock every time
Most of my socks are black as I get them as work uniform and pretty much just use them all the time now. My mom does my washing so this is a no go.

>fap in the bathroom
I like to read H manga after work and fab before sleeping so this doesn't really work. I don't need to fap any other time.

I've done this for a while too but even throwing a cummy tissue into the bin every other day starts to smell after a while and makes me paranoid. Also I'm a wageslave who doesn't spend a penny on consumables (I leach off of my parents) so asking my parents to buy me tissues would raise flags.

>swallow it
Tried this twice and just couldn't do it. Would rather not fap at all.

>don't fap at all
I do this from time to time but I really like reading H manga and VNs which have a fap inducing side effect.

>Cum in your bed
When I was in high school I had a blanket between my sheets I would cum under then sleep on top of it. Sometimes the cum would seep through and I could feel it. Never again...

I'll post more if I can think of any. I'm sure you autists have some more creative ways of doing things though.

Pic semi related. This has been my finishing material for the past couple of weeks.

>mfw I'll never caress a thin, small breasted girl's sides through silk lingerie as she blushes and tells me not to stare.
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Be uncut and catch the cum in your foreskin and dump it into the toilet. Works everytime
what in the fuck? tissues my nigga, tissues
Or just wank in the shower.

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She was the only one who was sweet and nice to me in college (we went to the same one). Unfortunately she fell for the AMWF meme and seeing these two always breaks me up inside.
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lmao please go on
gigguk is such a normie
you must be a total loser
>t. 3" gook bugman
fuck off bao ling
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Why do these above average looking white girls have the shittiest taste in Asians? Am I just seeing asianmasculinity propaganda?

t. asian in asia

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If your parents were arranging a marriage for you and you had to choose one of these girls, which one would you marry?
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Innocent girl

I have no friends to fuck
Preppy barely edges innocent based on looks for me. But throw in the descrips and it's preppy far ahead of the pack.
Preppy wont fuck my best friend

I feel like I can only take it if I know that this world is somehow fake like a simulation or a dream or something similar and nothing that we experience actually matters.
It would be really depressing if this is actual objectively true reality and the only shot at life that we have.
I think if I were 100% conviced that all of this is fake then I would do much better and be less depressed and stressed about my life.
So does anyone have any believable information to "prove" that this is not real?
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We live in a simulation
you're retarded OP

anyway once you die it's like before you were born and you're dead forever so in that sense you can believe that nothing matters.
How do you know? Also is there any way to escape it?

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