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Fuck me.
I have a series of medical issues from arrhythmia to scoliosis. I've had kidney stones, my tooth exploded, my hip is bent wrong so I can't even run. I have no job, I have no money. I can't get a job because I'm too broken to keep it, applications mean nothing because I have no real background (worked mostly in foodservice and retail, nothing special)
My education is GED level because my own father stole my tuition to buy guns and then died a couple years later. I can't get longterm medical proof of my conditions for the sake of assistance because I can't afford insurance. I can't afford insurance because I can't get a job. I have no fucking contacts either.

I'd get up and just walk away, except walking for longer than an hour exhausts me to the ground.

What the FUCK am I supposed to do? I'm tired of being broken, and I'm too fucking broken to get over the hurdles to do somethiing about it. And nobody cares enough anymore. The one person who takes care of me is about to be rid of me.

I will be alone, and I will die. What the fuck should I do?

USA, since it will likely come up

pic unrelated
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bump. I'm tired of things hurting. I just want to write a book.
God damn.

Have you reached out to social services? Get some kind of advocate referral from your local crisis hotline.
I'm not exactly sure where to start. I live in fucking Oklahoma where if you aren't an alchy native then nobody has anything for you.

FFS, I'm not afraid of work, I'm just tired of literally always being tripped before I can get anywhere.

Plus when your resume is a line of bullshit, nobody wants to see it. And yes, I have made a professional resume. Literacy helps.

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>roasties can't be depres-
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you are not really depressed if you don't kys imo.
just more attention starved toasty roasties
>2014, 2015
>"anon, you're a piece of shit, an autist, a loser, a scumbag, you're privileged and women are oppressed not you"
>meanwhile, all these years, women get to think they are 'depressed' because cute boys won't date them and yet everyone finds that legitimate and pours out sympathy for them

Get in good shape, fix your diet, and realize some hard truths about the world. Men are disposable, people are the way they are, you have a God given right to exist in your own space and be who you want to be. Never stop improving.
Now, I hope I can not come on this website anymore.
Au contraire mon frere, the vast majority of clinical depression and anxiety in the U.S. is women.

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I'm not trolling r9k help me

>Be me
>spend all day on internet watching shitty memes
>don't read news so unaware of whatever's happening
>don't know where to read from to be able to participate on the internet
>don't read books
>don't watch movies
>don't play games
>don't know history
>can't locate no country other than my own and africa cause of a meme
>basically a default character in the game of life without any ability other than music and creative shit
>be guitarist and singer in college
>innately talented so never train that talent
>don't know how to sing properly, kinda just fake it with a nice voice
>don't know how to play songs on guitar but fake my way cause innately talented with guitar so have dexterous fingers (Not even kidding, this is an instrumental of nosurprises I made earlier)
>https://vocaroo.com/i/s0ubJVbHOiBR (not the best but its enough to fake)
>so people on college know me, but still have literal no friend other than these two ghetto dudes who have shitload of confidence
>meanwhile have none and always listen to these fags talk to how they like sex in dark while other likes it with lights on
>okayish handsome 6/10 but have real issues with self
>don't gym so will remain 6/10
>joined this acting group and be the worst actor cause afraid they'll judge so I poo more thinking less poo performance is better than them laughing and saying "haha he cray" I'm already unlaidable I don't need this
>can't quit cause everyone is now like "oh the okayish dude is joining the drama society wow" I didn't even want to join it /r9k/ I just told my friend I was considering it and he told everyone and I got cucked

I don't know what to do /r9k/ I wanna be aware of the world, I wanna be able to participate on the internet, I wanna be a man man

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Start reading books. /lit/ has a good starter pack
>spend all day on internet watching shitty memes
>don't read news so unaware of whatever's happening
just go on /pol/ or /int/ or some shit a few minutes a day
>don't read books
not a lot of people do these days
>don't watch movies
why not you'll probably like it
try watching the essential stuff so you can have quirky punchlines on rebbit
see pic related
>don't play games
good desu
>don't know history
just read some general superficial shit on the internet for meme purposes
>can't locate no country other than my own and africa cause of a meme
most americans can't either

1. cut down on the memes
2. you dont even really WANT to be that aware of the news, it mainly doesnt matter (well some of it might)
3. as far as books go, i cannot help, i dont read either
4. doesnt matter really
5. what, not even basic games?
6. although history may not be that important, perhaps you should try learning? if matters to you.
7. look at a map, learn about the countries of the world.most people *should* be able to spot a country on the map.
8. the guitar playing was quite good for not knowing any songs. quite relaxing.
9. just quit. youll regret if you really dont want to be in that.

i tried

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Should I ghost my oneitis?
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Most likely, yes. Why do you want to do it though?
I've tried it and it worked. Girls like it when men don't give them special attention.
Are they on the other side of the world or otherwise logistically unrealistic for you to reach? If so yes, otherwise yes

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post your BMI
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originalli 16
My BMI is 23.1
28.2 tbqy

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So, what is robot drinking tonight all alone?
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give me quick rundown on your situation
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Miod Pitny dwojniak Kasztelanski
A polish mead with 16 % alkohol
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Well, I am alone sitting in my flat infront of my laptop shitposting and avoiding work.
>I have no friends
>I am a dateless, kissless, virgin
>25 years old
>master student
>having chronic illness that periodically causes suvere pain
>diminishes all attempts to get back into sport

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How do I leave Canada? I fucking hate this country and everyone in it
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can't u just cross over to the US lol?
Doesn't sound legal
we are full mmkay?

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> quit job I hate
> move to parents' empty second house
> went for swim this morning
> walking around naked, playing lowfi hiphop and drinking champagne right now
> lemon pepper salmon is roasting in the oven

Jeez maybe NEETs are on to something. I'm sure this gets old, but right now it's 10/10.
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Wait for loneliness to kick in
Most NEETs spend 95% of their time in a small bedroom and eat cheap, processed foods. They also share their house with their parents. You're not really living the lifestyle desu.
Enjoy it but not to much is my advice

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How do I get a cute white gf as a mexican american male
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I fucking know that grill
is she from florida?
does her name start with an R?
idk i just saved the pic from a thread yesterday
Find one that's sort of innocent and clueless, get her hooked on drugs, profit.

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Any other robots with agoraphobia and acne problems?

Is it just me no scars yet but I'm so fucking depressed because of this I could literally be a pain normalfag but for this
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I have acne problems too. Fucking 19 in 8 days and I'm still dealing with this shit.
Please shave yourselves, friends.
Here's another pic.

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artificial womb.jpg
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This is all you are fembots: a plastic ziplock bag.
How does that make you feel?
>Im a goddess that creates life
KEK! Youre a plastic ziplock bag.

This thread was too awesome to only feature it once.
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projecting much?
just because all you got to offer is your roast doesn't mean all other women are like you.
fuck off slut.
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Dude, the shills have got you paranoid.
Im legit a dude.
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As soon as we have the technology to make genetically modified babies women will lose 100% of their manipulative power in society.
>no more socialism
>no more birtrate of 1.5
>no more cucking
>no more pathetic weak version of men

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>"Oh yeah? Well my dad can pick up a whole care with 1 hand!"

Wat do????
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My dad is present in my life.

What an original and unexpected reply. Pat yourself on the back.
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>"Huh? You guys' dads sound boring! Anon has a loser dad! Anon has a loser dad!"

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pleb filter.jpg
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Do robots like durian?
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I never tried it. Is it good? I hear it tastes like a gimped mango and smells like gasoline.
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It's an odd fruit. 30% of calories from fat and big cats will eat it even though they can't taste sweet.
It's like a rich custard that also tastes like wet garbage. I like it, but for what it costs I'd rather have a 40 pound box of bananas most of the time. I get a durian sometimes when I'm at an azn grocer for other good stuff. I can spend less making similarly yummy stuff in my big boy blender.

If you get one, don't hurt yourself trying to use a knife. Just find the seam and pull. It wants to be eaten, just not by small critters who won't move the seeds, which have an edible bit inside after boiling.
Fuck no. I've heard about it's smell and it's taste,finally tried it 3 months ago. I can tell you it really smells bad,but the taste isn't nearly as sweet as you'd expect it to be.

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post scores.
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>score: 71
Who /cyborg/ here?
OP here, i got 70
Robot here
Explain how i'm not original

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Can you legally fuck 14 year olds where you live?
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I would have no reason to know or want to know this information.
>Japan's is 13
>Germany is 14
Well, at least I live in a state where it's 18. If only we enforced this shit.
Personally, I'd like age of marriage to be 16 and up and then we do what the mudshits are.

I would say waiting until marriage is ideal, but in those countries, that's at like 12 anyway.
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>be in muslim shit country
>marry a 10 y/o
>fuck her tight underage pussy and she dies the next day

Yep. there is a rape culture, it's called islam

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