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>tfw listening to kendrick lamar
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Kendrick Lamar is one of the best rappers today. What are you even trying to say?
His new album is lazy on every level even the title and album cover are lazy.
Go on, why are they lazy?

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>when the cashier flirts with you
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>When your grandma calls you a handsome young man
>when your mom sexually assaults with an umbrella in your sleep
Facebook is that way normalfag.

>tfw no vanille gf
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>/r9k/ - Video Games
Fuck off
I used to fap to this character every day. I never even finished FFXIII. I never even made it past the 40 hour long tutorial.
I remember buying Final Fantasy 13 at launch seven years ago and even to this day I still regret it

Final Fantasy 13 is my biggest buyer's remorse I've ever had when it comes to videogames nothing will ever top the regret I have for that game

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ITT: Post your rarest pepe. I'll start.
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Behold, the invisible pepe.
the illuminati paypay
yellowrare pepe

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You know Chad is not your enemy, right? It`s you.
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bro chads >>>>>>>>>> regular chads
if a "chad" is your bro, he's not a chad.

he's just a high-level normie. True chads are untouchable and they don't impart their knowledge on mortals. Einstein never taught anyone. He let normies do it for him.
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>he never got told to b himself from a brochad

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Fembots, how hairy are you?
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Actually hairy enough. Not too much but not shaved, like a middle ground.
I regularly shave if I go out anywhere but my hair is almost invisible even a month without shaving. It's like it's blonde compared to my head hair being chestnut. My pubes are very dark, though.
Meh. Shave the legs and armpits because thats the bits anybody would see.

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How do you feel about Four Loko anon?
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Are you in a hospital right now?
wtf is a four loko
The drink?

It's literally ghetto tier for people who can't handle colt or bud ice.

Also it's so overly sweet that it makes you want to vomit

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>decent finances though

So, when do girls start valuing money and security before looks?

My looks really hold me back but I'm holding out for when they hit the wall.
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maybe you act like a creep
age 18 and older.

>hold me back
mental retardation holds you back. if you met 100 girls every week you'd have a top tier girlfriend in a year. i wouldn't recommend it though, since you really are mentally retarded - she'll just take your money and run.
That implies I actually go out and socialise. I'm lonely, no friends, truthfully I don't even put myself out there enough for anyone to know me.

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> fuck on me
Look at me
> fuck on me
Look at me
> fuck on me
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is there a chance you are European and are simply making basic mistakes in your English syntax?
>fuck on me
that doesn't sound natural in English senpai, use something else

t. slav
It's a song you dingus
Sounds like a shitty song tbqhwy

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>tfw brown
>tfw no white bf to feminize you and make you worship his BWC
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is this a /brownboibot feels/ thread
>tfw no bf to impregnate your boyhole with his seed
Why do we have so many /lgbt/ raids every day?
it must be so exciting to see the world like you do
it's like everything is a game or something

>they are raiding us guys xD we gotta gather our forces and retaliate /b/ros!!!

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Are there any people on here who have managed to turn their life around? Share your stories to motivate others.
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If you come here, there is no hope. This is where the hopeless lay down into their silent grave. Society doesn't want us because we aren't normal. Feels bad.

? : -3 | >)
This. (orig1232)
>graduated high school almost two years late
>gf of two and a half years left me
>now I have a retail job and live in my friends living room for 300 bucks a month
>job is full time and my boss wants to teach me more things so I can maybe work up
>expenses are minimal and my disposable income is like 1100 a month if I don't feel like saving

I sometimes fantasize about shooting up everyone I've ever hated though

>tfw there are people who get enjoy your favorite pornstars and you never will
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>favorite pornstar
Sounds to me like you know the source. Hand it over and I'll contribute on topic to your 2-minutes-0-replies post
Kaho Shibuya
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Nigger the exact source! The code! Don't fucking play with me or I'll abandon you!

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I seem to only have 2 modes:

Either I go 13/4, or I go 4/13

Any tips to play consistently?
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League is all about emotional control, that's why I'm hardstuck silver for 6 years. Reeeeeee

I'm a support only player so can't give you the best advice beyond league is almost entirely a game of keeping your cool and concentrating.

Turn the 4/10 into 10/10 and win, rather than 4/13. If you're gonna get 4/13, go all the way to the 4/20 and run it down mid.
Take care about the Matchups. Always take more than one page of runes to be prepared against an Ad champ or Ap champ, this will help not feeding throught the laning phase.

You are TankTeemo, you can either split all game (no one can really 1v1 you once you got the mask since you can just flee and wait for them to take shrooms) or go with team helping your assassin or any team diving champ to kill the adc (blind the adc=he can't lifesteal, so he has to lean only on his teammates to survive). Tank Teemo doesn't really have damage to kill people in a teamfight but he can prove to be a real pain in the ass with the Aoe Slow both from your aa and your shroom.

Watch the motherfucking map FFS.
>that teemo build
>swifty boots
>no tp
Anon what in the fuck are you doing?

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Who in the fuck in their right mind would name their son "Sue"?
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My name is Mountain-Ryver.

Youre not that bad, sue.
People who listened to the song A Boy Named Sue
Not the only Gasser I've heard of

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has anyone ever catfished another? what was it like and did you get anything out of it?
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Don't get into catfishing if you are not 100% psychopathic. If you have even a shread of dignity left, you will fall in love and want to trap yourself.
No, never
Why dost thou ask?
I've considered trying it on steam for free items

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