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>Typical Asian whore
>Shitty fucking English
>Barely have any interests outside of putting on makeup.
>Makes some stupid photo begging for attention
>Instantly gets validation from orbiters

This is why I don't talk to you in class you fucking shitstick. Stop being fucking butthurt about it.
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i don't think she would want you to talk to her.
...Are you stacy>?
>makes fun of someone for imperfect English
>can barely speak more than 1 language himself
>is on a japanese anime furry forum


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Tattoos are like supergluing a fedora to your head. Only an absolute autist would do it.
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Tattoos are such a turn-off. I can't get hard when the girl's got a Rorschach test on her back.
then don't get one who fucking cares why are you so pressed
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You're sounding very insecure about your tattoos.

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Reviving this - vocaroo thread. Come one, come all, don't be shy, and be social on the place where nobody is.

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Good evening op
Vocaroo threads are nice IDM'm bumping

Girl pic 1
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Girl pic 2
what's with that hat lmao? does she have CANCER?
Girl pic 3

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*blocks your employment*
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*insists on you seeing a manager; otherwise, you could always go elsewhere, speak with the manager there, look him in the eye, give him a firm handshake, and tell him him you're interested in the job. Then says, 'What've you got to lose, champ?'*
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Fuck HR departments. They're more selective than women. Tens of billions of applicants to one single job in this collapsing economy, and in the end, the CEO's brother's stepson's blonde fucktoy who "helped" out 3 times gets the job. Damn.
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>giving any sort of authority to completely undeserving and unqualified roasties
>if you can't speak their roastie language you're fucked
>none of this stops the corporate profit machine from spinning
>record highs in the stock market last month
>unemployment all time low
>can't get a job because I can't interview

Shit sucks.

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>growing stronger each and every day
>stacies and roasties do not tempt me anymore
>memory and intellect improving with each passing day
>completely killed my libido

Who else /masterrace/ here?
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>completely killed my libido

What's the secret OP?
How does one improve memory and intellect?

>Actualize the fact that society is anti-male, to the point of hatred and calling for genocide.

>Women have life on super ultra mega easy mode

>Fuck this, I will not be a part of it.

>Discovered a combination of anti-depressants, 2 anti-psychotics and 3 benzos remove all need for companionship, sex and love after years of experimenting with drugs.

>4 years living with the absence of wanting to fulfill a primary biological requirement as long as I take drug stack.

>Working on a QEEG + Neurofeedback therapy to modify brain more.

Dunno if it will work for others, but through trial and error I have transcended.

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How did black people treat you in middle school/ high school?
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Middle school nothing much. They would just cuss a lot more than the average kid.

High school came and the hood rats in them began developing.
I honestly don't know, I couldn't understand a word they said.
They were nice to me. We used to shoot hoops together

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>be me
>very lonely and eccentric
>bad luck with women, they almost never seem to be attracted to me
>meet this Asian girl at college, I'm really attracted to her
>we have to work on some project together, get to know each other and like a lot of the same things
>she flirts with me and ends up kissing me, telling me she really likes me a lot
>happiest I've ever been in years
>I find out she's Thai, and not Japanese

Well, so much for that. Shame too, she seemed cool but that's a dealbreaker for me.
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dodged a bullet there anon
next you'd find out s(he) has a dick
let me get this straight, you're not gonna date a cute girl because she's the 'wrong" kind of Asian? wtf is wrong with you
lots of robots are so depressed and self-hating they think up any excuse to prevent themselves from succeeding

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basically i hate eating. i tried drinking only soylent for a week, 5 bottles a day and i loved it but it is just too expensive for me. i wanted to try eating intravenously but its way more expensive than i thought and my stomach would be empty anyway. any suggestions?
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>any suggestions?

Stop eating until you die

make it yourself
I was going to get this too but it's too expensive, is it true that it makes you smell bad?

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Where do we distuinguish between art and pornographye?

or where does it becoming reality?

(im not gay(male))
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man i wanna kill myself LOL
Didn't watch the videos but did you know that picture is "blue shoes". A famous fit poster. Possibly for ironic reasons though.
Jacob go back to /plg/

Is this girl a hottie lol?
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yeeee a hottie w a body

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>mfw the closest ive got was bj from former gf
>tfw all girls in college are either taken or flat-out ugly
>ive felt like shit for the summer break and the only eventfull thing was a drum and bugle corps show
why should i even exist
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> typed the normalfaggot
>a girl has found me attractive enough to agree to be my gf
>a girl has liked me so much she put my benis in her mouth
>I have felt wanted by another human being
>it's been a min tho so I'm sad like you guys :'(
If you really belonged here, you'd accept a girl no matter what she looks like.

Not because it's moral, because you're just that desperate.

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A poll to test the waters.
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Fuck Captcha. Bitch. And fuck Google.

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alright, lads... so today i came to the realization that i will never be able to compete with high test BBC wielding sex gods. not sure what im going to do with my life now. anyone else here know this feel? maybe i can still get an asian gf?
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What the fuck is with these raids all coming from the same IP?


Every single one of these threads and yours are coming from the same exact IP address.

Apparently so is this one.
lol I can tell this is VICE but what is the video anyone know? looks entertaining

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>It's a calle calle captcha
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feels good to calle calle
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>its a calle + random numbers episode
>type in calle nigger
What a nice pepe, I have the same one

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