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Do you have a little sister? What's your relationship with her like? Does she love you or want nothing to do with you?

I have a sister 8 years younger than me, and she's pretty much the closest thing I have to a friend.
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good going op now that you've earned her trust rape her and get your dick wet. she'll be happy that you won't die a virgin.
Yeah. She's 13. We're pretty close and she always wants to be "cool" like her big bro who uses 4chan. She tells me how, whenever she'll get upset at someone, she'll shout REEEEEEEEEEE at them. It's pretty adorable
13 years younger, wants nothing to do with me. Old enough to have her license but doesn't. Tumblr warning color hair. Set up to be a bigger fuck up than me, at least I have a license. I honestly don't like her much either. I guess that happens when there's such an age gap.

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crying kermit.png
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How the fuck do i make friends? I have non so mutuals are not an option
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havent had friends in about 8 years, ive come to the conclusion that im somehow just different from people in a way i cant see
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I turned about a18 a month ago

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Do you torture small animals?
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I don't poop my shit out all the way to feel it's pressure in my ass hole, I sick it back in and it feels so good, like a shit cock
How much have you had to drink today?
I smoked weed today and shit

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is there any game more robot than singleplayer, unmodded minecraft?
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singleplayer Russian Roulette
fpbp here's your (you)
Agreed. The dude killed it, as well as himself.

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>Okay anon, you get ONE sniff. But no licking
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>Pours salt on pussy
Its not about sniffin ass who the fuck huffs ass its about licking it you dumb cunt
That hole was pounded by negro dick at least 1000 times

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I want to start making websites. Are there any free courses that are taught by entertaining people? The courses I found are by people with a british accent and voice that bores me to death. Please help.
Pic is ironic. (for brainlets who can't understand the joke)
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You need CS degree to get a job. Otherwise learn wordpress or use google. If you cant find it you wont learn shit.
Look on udemy. They often have good sales and the content is far better than that any youtuber will deliver.
I found this course reduced from 200 bucks to 10, and there are 5 hours left to buy it. I have no money on my credit card or in my Paypal. What the fuck do I do?
I made a paypal if anyone wants to help me: [email protected]
I'll make sure you get a free website or whatever when I learn.

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I want to share a very autistic, obscure and long feel.
I often get told I have shit taste.
I often enjoy media that others find "bad". I don't mean the 4chan "bad" (fucking EVERYTHING is shit apparently), I mean when most people think a thing is bad.

I do not believe that is the case, just that I appreciate things for various reasons. For example, I watched Alien and Aliens, was told the rest of the sequels were fucking complete shit so I didn't watch them. Well, I did today. I enjoyed them. I mean yes, 3 was more stupid and resurection was incredibly stupid but who cares. I don't. It's a movie about fucking aliens eating humans not a fucking philosophy book, what more do you want. Plus, the human-xenomorph hybrid was the most fucking terrifying alien of them all, I mean jesus fuck that thing scares the fucking shit out of me. So it was worth it just for that.

I used to get extremely buttblasted about this "shit taste" I have but I think I'm going to embrace it. I mean, I can enjoy more things so what's the problem. I feel bad that I cared what others think. Life's too fucking short.
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I understand your obscure feel.
I enjoy anime and desu i watch it for entertainment.
I've seen the /a/ tier shit and it's interesting/challenging etc.
but watching trash is sometimes more entertaining.
You go gurl

I only harshly judges peoples tastes in video games, I blame years of /v/.
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As someone who unirionically loves vapor/sythwave, i understand your feels

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What were your problems as a teenager, and how did you survive ?
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Teenagers don't have real problems
true, as soon as i turned 20 my problems magically became real.... some weird shit
Indeed, wording was bad.
What was the start of everything ? If I may say it that way.

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This is how my ideal bf looks like. Your thoughts, ppl?
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op actually is a faggot this time
I like big tits too. Preferably on women tho.
>not wanting to suck big daddy titties to suffocation

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Does anyone get emotional when watching movies from 60s-80s, because it showcases that community lifestyle that we lost.
Where it was realistic to have a woman that loves you and a family of your own, where you could chat with your neighbours or even strangers without being deemed creepy, where kids played outside, sex was something special and everyone had something to live for and look forward to.
Now all we've got is these degenerate whores trying to free their tits in the streets, hook-up culture, feminism, transexuals and drag queens stopping traffics with their fag parades, women choosing not to have kids what-so-ever.
It's heartbreaking. Our society has gone down the shitter.
ywn get to experience a loyal wife or waking up to little yous running around.
ywn get to experience true happiness and a fulfilling life all because roasties are overtaking the west and would rather have a bunch of chad cocks inside them than live for something.
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I'm not too saddened by the modern mindset
I would never ever want to raise a kid in this time and age though.
Women never lloved anyone but Chad. They just had to marry a beta because they could not survive economically on their own.

Now that they are doing better than men in the workplace, most men have nothing to offer women.
this guy gets what's it's all about. Women don't care about average men, they never have, and they never will. Even fatties and ugly bitches crave chad dick.

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Who here /noemotions/? I just don't feel anything anymore. No motivation for the future. I went to England last summer (my first time out of the USA), but I wasn't amazed or exited at all. If you handed me the keys to a corvette right now, I just wouldn't care. I can get fleeting moments of happiness, like if someone tells a joke and I laugh, or sometimes I'll feel genuinely proud of myself. I'm not interested in fashion, and I like minimalistic decorations. But my default is just... nothing. What does this mean/what's it called?
Pic unrelated
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It means you're a pretty cool guy who doesn't afraid of anything
Sounds like you caught depression.

The classic treatments are as follows:
vitamin d
reducing internet browsing

I'd personally suggest not fucking around with SSRIs. Not worth the risk imo

best of luck OP
I'm /Here/ shits boring and I wish i could cry.

wow wtf depression cured

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Women want only one thing. A cute guy. Everything else is just a bonus including dick size, money, car, Facebook friends, muscles, etc. No girl wants to wake up next to you if you weren't born with the right face. Sorry but that's just how it is. If a girl isn't attracted to your face it doesn't matter how much you work out or how much money you spend on Tony Robbins self help seminars. No girl wants to wake up next to a face they're not attracted to. Learn physics.

tl;dr if you don't have the right face girls will never like you.
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>Learn physics.
most retarded part of this post, kudos

What you don't understand, or are intentionally choosing not to understand, is that the vast majority of men, including men on this board, have attractive enough faces that women can find them attractive. You need to be a special kind of disfigured to actually be incapable of attracting women because of your face.

The problem of people here is not their faces, it's everything else. It's the shit they can control but choose not to. It's the shit they ignore because they'd rather give up and tell themselves that success is impossible anyway because of their face / height / dick size / whatever other lame excuse.

All you want to do is absolve yourself of responsibility.
We have good enough faces that women will settle for us as beta bucks.
I dont want to have to impress roasties with my status when chad can be a fucking convicted felon and get pussy inside and become a male model when he walks out.
>beta bucks
retarded sour grapes meme made up by men with no life experience to try to give up on life and absolve themselves of responsibility

Hey /r9k/, I hope you're all having a wonderful day! I was curious as too what all of your opinions on stalking are. Good? Bad? In Between? I'd love too read.
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Waste of time.
May seem fun to underages I guess.
I wouldn't have it any other way. As far as I'm concerned, I wouldn't be interested in a person if I couldn't help but stalk them, and I'd be insulted if someone claimed to like me but didn't stalk me.
hehe, that's pretty cool anon, I'm stalking someone myself (kinda obv with the thread tho)
Respectable opinion anon

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moot porn thread
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His career went downhill fast after 4chan.
i like his torso.
snacks honey pls stop

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images (1).jpg
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im not a real psycho
File: download.png (21KB, 300x57px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I'm diagnosed schizophrenic and went through psychosis twice

I'm as real as they get

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