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A physical partner is useless, we can live alone. Just don't trigger yourself with the media which says couple is a must if your alone your a loser.
Easiest way is to erease thunking blockers like cum which triggers your deep mind.
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Who is that woman? She's probably been banged by Chad hundreds of times, but she has a nice face.
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But i dont want to be alone forever, and i dont want to sit in my room and masturbate forever either.

Society expects me to find a gf, and i would very much like to do so. You cant change that man.
>click on the pic
>fuckyeah qt 10/10 face
>scroll a little bit down - perfect body
>time for the best part
>theres a fuckign bar blocking the feet

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legal drugs that inflict pain? can someone give me a recomendation
i want my bones to ache
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Bone-hurting juice?

maybe not pain, but for feeling shitty eat a shit-ton of nutmeg
eat loads of fuckin' Ghost Peppers (or better still Carolina Reapers) my dude

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Could someone please explain this ebin succubus (male) meme to me?
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it's a fag symbol that they are willing to fuck another guy
Boipucci best pucci

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How do I lose my virginity in this place?
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There's a pizza shop I've heard is good...
Take the metro out to Silver Spring and I might suckle your baby penis

are you a grill (female)?

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I have a fun idea! Let's go around the table one at a time and say something about ourselves.

Anon, you start!!!
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I play the guitar :)
I like tendies.
My wife is two-dimensional

ask a roastie whore anything thread
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Wanna come lay in bed with me and pretend to like me for 50$?
Just because you dress like a female doesn't mean you are one.
Why do you say YASS QUEEN SLAY?
Oh yeah and why the fuck do you like kpop so much

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Do i tell my therapist about visiting /pol/ and /r9k/ ?
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If they ask a question that would relate to telling them that.
No, just tell him you talk with weird people online
They ask what i do in my spare time and I said I go on internet forums and they asked which

>me, 28 male
>meet girl, 22
>absolutely gorgeous
>intelligent, ambitious
>speaks fluent Russian even though she was born in the US and just wanted to learn it
>traditional values, conservative

wait for the catch

>is in essence a single mother because she is legal guardian of her 3 younger brothers because her parents are dead
>is in to me, but she would have way more options if she didn't have that burden
>youngest brother is 7

What would you guys do?
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>What would you guys do?
If she wants another 3 children with me, sure.
Your 28 my man, if you're really into her and she is into you then give it a shot.

28 still is a bit young to raise a family but not unrealistic, you've also already had a chance to live your life.

Take the opportunity to live a new life that can be filled with fulfillment
long term investment i guess

the good part of the kids being their brothers is that they will move faster and definitively after they grow up.

sons would be more definitive and longlasting

you gotta remember that you can just bang a lot and then jump out of the boat.

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Our last realistic chance at space travel is dead, and it's all a woman's fault.
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lombardo of the spine

basic bitch 4/10

>Our last realistic chance at space travel is dead, and it's all a woman's fault.

How and why?

Hey Robots, what ur arguments on guns?
Fat over protective red neck?
Or weak defenseless cuck? Please respond
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I'm against gun control, because I think I should have guns.
Now there are a lot of reasons to be against gun control too. If you have a bunch of legal guns, then eventually some of those will become illegal guns. This is just a fact. The country I live in has strict gun control and less gun violence than USA. I think this is because there are simply less guns here.
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They give europeans a lot of good quality American TV every few weeks. All memes aside I think the burgers should have them, but it is honestly hilarious they think the OP pic is true (america is LITERALLY in line with third world shitholes)

>muh niggers
Every country has it's violent minorities
>Now there are a lot of reasons to be against gun control too.
To be for gun control*

Is there any cool shit here?
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Bermuda Triangle is the only interesting thing I've ever heard about the Atlantic.
somewhere there is where Titanic happened and a bunch of normies got BURGED
Atlantis is pretty cool. Aquaman lives there.

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What phase are you at, robotos?
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I'm 26 and I can feel the transition to 27 now, this seems accurate desu

I already don't care for tfw no gf or anything at all. I don't have interests and all new things I try aren't interesting. I should probably end it before it gets to the later stages
20 year-old here, at what age does it become "too late"?

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This is an objective fact, famalamadingdong.
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>someone spent 9000 hours in paint making this
The Korean made this.
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anyone have the third pic?

File: patient autism.png (207KB, 403x433px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
patient autism.png
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she blocked me
she blocked me on everything
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we don't care

Fuck this guy for not giving you a chance. What did you do wrong?
File: 54753475454.jpg (51KB, 680x699px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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by being a beta faggot

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>tfw you realize life is an unjust game determined by your genetics. Not what you do but who you are.
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Id still fucking beat your ass with a fucking skorpion shitter
hypothetically there is more variety and more roads for all the bizarre human mutations to eke out some kind of interesting life
I wouldn't go all the way and say it's 100% based on genetics. More like 90%.

The other 10% is determined by your socio-economic standing, popularity, connections, and the will to do stuff.

It's just that society has memed that the will to do stuff is the 90% part.

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