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What would you do if you'd discover that your gf has a scat fetish?
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Is this the state of r9k now? Not just traps, incest and lolis, but daily scat threads now?
It is not any worst of that anon.
Depends, does she want my poop or does she want me to want her poop?

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>beginning Finnish
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Shut up, you big cunt
Open down, you little dick

>newfag speaking
you know what disappoints me the most about 4chan?
the fact that you expect it to be the place without borders, the place thats much better than any geographical location.
but still, there are so much white people thinking that blacks are shit.
still, there are so much arrogant Americans thinking that europe is shit while the difference is so small.
still, there are people who are convinced that your religion and nationality define your identity.
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Lurk moar or GTFO
not 4chan. just /pol/ and ledditors
Why did you expect anything else from a site where you're free to express any opinion, no matter how biased or nonrational?

Those fuckers are everywhere.

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This is my mom.

Say something nice about her.
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That woman isn't your mother.
This counts as something nice
Dab on them hoes
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>tfw looked instantly for her penis
>tfw she looks disgusting to me
>mfw /r9k/ has done this to me

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>tfw no gamedev buddy/gf to make amateur games together with and have fun while doing it
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What games do you want to make anon?
Kinda doesn't matter, as long as we'd both enjoy doing it, even if it fails.
Still personally i'd be keen on making a roguelite or something for practice.
What kind of settings do you like?
Do you have any experience?

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Who was in the wrong in this situation?

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Honestly the cat would just have climbed down eventually
>normies bother robot.mp4
>anon you need to leave your room once a week, you should go outside like all the other kids your age

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What's your opinion on man-girl relationships?
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They're illegal and ethically wrong
Dude she wears high AF heels, sexy stockings and has an iphone, she aint a girl anymore.
Cute! I went through a period of watching films and reading books with age gap relationships. I'd like to be in one, or at least try it out, but I'm way too shy.

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>23 years old
>Only had sex with one girl in my entire life
>She was unattractive and I regret it
>Tonnes of 18-20 years old on /fit/ say they've had sex with "several" women

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Not having self-imposed autism helps.

Stop making sex the goal. Start making relationships with girls the goal. Not just romantic ones, but friendships as well. The more time you spend with women, as friends or as more than, the more likely you are to get laid. Once you get good enough you'll be able to make sex the goal. In the ideal situation, you have a healthy mix of FWBs as well as still able to go out with the boys and go home with randos.

If you're unattractive, try being attractive.
Just Be Goodlooking theory. The looks pill is brutal.

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>another Friday night
>alone in my room again
>>"just go out"
where do i even go "out", without any friends, without an invitation, etc.? how many other people actually go out by themselves?

>tfw no social skills
>tfw ugly manlet
I'm just sitting in my room tonight, reading a book and browsing /fit/. what else can i realistically do?

pic related, qt girls are going out, having fun, and meeting and fucking guys who aren't me, and I'm indoors with /fit/
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this thread sucks
100% chance you're a NEET or 100% autistic, because as soon as you have co-workers or classmates it's really easy to make friends and go out with them.
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*record scratch*

You're probably wondering how I ended up here. Well, we happen to live in what as known as a rape culture that encourages mysoginists to be violent against women. Join me in trying to end this long oppression.
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If you're trying to revive this meme, at least use the one where the asian is raping the black.
What is with her facial expression? The placement of her hands suggests she's fighting back, but he face says "vegetative coma."
I should just start to try and rape women since apparently I'm already considered a rapist by society. Might as well get something out of it.

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images (63).jpg
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>Haven't masturbated in 3 days
Feels good.
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congrats bro...have a prize
That's not enough to get me hard.

don't worry i got you bro

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Post a song that makes you want to kill yourself and explain why.


My best friend and I would do playthroughs of emulated vidya together while talking. Before he killed himself we played Earthbound together. We started Mother 3 but we'll never get to finish it together now.
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Thats a comfy photo but there arent enough bedrooms.

Does everybody sleep in pepes bed?
If I made thread about my asshole leaking juice over a nigger dick, I'd be rolling in replies.
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cos it sad

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How am I so bad at making friends, anons?
Even on here I freak out if someone asks for contact info and vanish.
I don't want to hurt their feelings >.> I just get scared in the moment and regret it later.
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Tell me about yourself anon. I wish I had friends aswell. Not saying i'm just gonna flat out add you, but still interested in learning about you. Do you want anything specific from a friendship? A relationship? What would you like to do with the person, besides talking? Where are you from?
Not really, just someone I can trust not to be a bully because I'm different and won't bring up past events to hurt me like a lot of people irl that I want to distance myself from.
I like nature and history, I'm in Western Europe. There are lots of both everywhere here I guess but my life feels very scheduled by my illness sometimes, nothing serious but injections and that.
I like leaving the house really, and science, especially chemistry are fun to me.
I don't really know what I'd do with another person, I play vidya and watch anime most of the time or just sit around listening to music all day.
You sound really boring, look for a relationship it'll fix you right up lad

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I want am internet gf, how do I get one?
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>Get dating app
>Don't be ugly
As easy as that anon
put yourself out on the internet where girls can see you

prob 2 years ago i was like you, no gf, hugless kissless virgin. i made youtube videos though and apparently they were good enough to pull this girl in and she started messaging me all the time. we've been together now for a year and half and we're going to be living together within the next year
Fuck I hate people like this

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who else /smartbutlazy/ here?
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"butlazy" is an excuse dumb people tell themselves to justify their failings because laziness feels like something they can change while stupidity isn't.
ive always thought that phrase is contradictory. if you're really smart, you wouldn't be ignoring your talent by being lazy.
/dumbandlazy/ master race reporting here. How can you unironically consider yourself a bot when you're smart?

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