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Who else is /homesick for a place that you aren't even sure exists/ ?
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god i fucking hate vaporwave/synthwave/webpunk shit. internet era could have such a great art movement reflecting it's spirit, but instead the shitty rehash of the same nauseating style entirely inspired by a mediocre internet band and an indie game that's created to just basically resell Miami VIce in pixel form for those who never even watched it stuck and now every normie faggot feels obliged to run it down into the fucking ground, making it even more shallow than it already is. artistic representations of technologic societies belong to dystopias

Here's a tip faggot. If you don't like it, DON'T LISTEN TO IT. QUIT BEING A CUNT AND SHUT YOU FUCKING COCK HOLE.

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I need help robots. I forgot the name of an old podcast that I found here I looked through the archives but nothing
All I remember is that they read some of macbeth or hamlet for the first episode and pretended as though an apocalypse happened in episode 6 or 5
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/pol/, I took a big ass line of coke and I might die very soon, AMA.

I can't feel my tongue or swallow. Have trouble breathing. Might or might not go to third-world hospital ER.

Picture related, death laughing at me.

>are you an actual drug addict
yes, went to rehab, didn't help much.
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Not a question but maybe you should drink a big glass of water...Might help your throat situation
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Columbia? Do you feel pressure in your chest area?
>pressure in your chest area?
A lil bit.

It's been a while now, I can swallow better now but still haven problems.

>tfw no Lillie gf

How should I kill myself?
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Not even best S/M girl. Hang your head in shame
foot fetish is so stupid

it's fucking FEET!

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>about to write a relatively long post in a thread
>delete the post halfway through
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I understand your position, but look at this shithole... do you really think you have to hold back anything here? Just drop your shit and see where it goes.

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>board is so dead (you) fishers need to resort to cheap racism
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haaha nigger
Kike niggerwopfaggot detected.

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Why do white parents allow there little daughters to dress like whores?
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Nigger culture is RUINING our youth!

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how do normies cope with having a daughter? You are breeding your own flesh & blood just so he can get dicked on by some other chad. That's the most cuckery thing you can do
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You spend too much time here dude.
Women are made and designed to be fucked, you have to accept that.
That's why most dads are uncomfortable with their daughter's dating/having bfs. It's a trope for a reason.
not sure if misogyny or just autism

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Life is good. It is!
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it really is, guys
Why is it good OP
>It is!


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How do I acquire an /r9k/ gf?
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Join an support group for mentally ill people. It's 90% women, and most of them are not really ill just looser like yourself. It's not lying either, and honestly what everyone here should do anyways.
How does one find a support group for mentally ill people? I've never had success finding anything irl or online. /r9k/ is the best I have found. How fucked up is that?
That's not a bad idea desu I got over diagnosed and medicated clinical depression a few years ago so I probably have a lot of useful experience I can share.
Thanks anonymous.

How are you doing?

What are you doing with your life?

Are you lonely?
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>How are you doing?
Okay for the most part. Just got done with laundry and made some gelatin.
>What are you doing with your life?
Nothing. Waiting on my health to get better while seeing doctors every 5 days.
>Are you lonely?
>How are you doing?
the same wreck ive always been
>What are you doing with your life?
i just got into the uni i "wanted" in reality i have wanted nothing besides a gf or just being alone far away from everyone for quite a long time
>Are you lonely?
so fucking much its unbearable

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I got arrested today for something I didn't do. The supervisor at my last workplace found that something from my area was broken after I stopped working there and accused me of breaking it. When I didn't pay (several thousand dollars) to get it fixed he apparently called the police. Almost a year later, they show up randomly at the front door to take me to court. In handcuffs. I sat shackled in a locked room for almost 3 hours while they processed me and waited for the judge to finish his lunch. It gave me plenty of time to think about how fragile our rights are and how easily they can be taken from us. When I was being fingerprinted one of the cops commented, "soft hands."

It was very very uncomfortable being restrained and helpless in the presence of these braindead macho assholes. While they made crude jokes, swore and casually mentioned tossing me into a dumpster. How much more uncomfortable would it have been if I'd been some kind of sissy femboy? After arriving at the courthouse I learned that I'd been charged with a felony. Felony criminal mischief, because of the high cost of repairs. I could spend 1-3 years in prison, explained the lawyer. Prison. I imagined going to prison and not returning home for over a year and I broke out into a cold sweat. Imagine how much worse that feeling would be if my whole body was shaved and I was wearing some pretty pink panties.

For a while, I've been thinking that I'm pretty gay. I've been thinking that I wanted to be a cute boy, look cute and dress up in cute clothes. Not so much any more. This has been a harsh wake-up call that the world is a really bad place to live, and that more than anything it's important to be strong and ready. Women can be weak only because men protect them. Overwhelmingly, men protect and care for women. Men only hurt other men, and that goes double for weaker men. A sissy femboy trap is only going to be a target and invite suffering. You're only harming yourselves...
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Lawyer up and see if you can countersue for damages.
how do people like pic related look so good????!
>Lawyer up and see if you can countersue for damages.

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>that kid that had a howling woolf as ringtone
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>the cia niggers are back and they keep trying to capture me and torture me
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b-but why's that happening to you ma man???
Stfu terry
go run off with ur fucken nigger cattle u peice of shit nigger monkey

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Bheese Burger.jpg
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If your girl or boyfriend left town but are coming back, how long is the longest you would wait without breaking up with them?
pic unrelated
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Forever because I'd only gf/bf a really fucking good gf/bf.
But I'd be a good bf/gf too so this would balance out.
One week? Idk

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