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> when you suddenly have to live with three women and realize it is NOT like the harem animes
> 8 months later you understand why domestic violence happens EVERY TIME you hear that passive-aggressive ass "...Ummm?"
> get treated like I'm retarded because I keep their weekly fuck-ups to myself, inadvertently making them feel like goddesses who can do no wrong
> bitch about a dirty house because I left unwashed plates in the kitchen but can't understand that looking at bloody tampon applicators and pads is actually infinitely more disgusting
women was a mistake
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Good luck with your situation. Be cordial and keep to yourself. But I'm gonna assume you're a beta aspie so you're most likely fucked
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I'v been living with mostly with women all my life and here's the secret to making things work with them there is none. Get the fuck out asap they'll ruin your life and use you as a scape goat the second somone from the outside notices their flawssend help.
Wash your fucking dishes asshole.

Signed: The bucko-destroyer

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Practice your social skills by watching this video, in which a girl pretends to talk to you at a party.

You can talk to the video, it's okay. Don't feel silly. It's good practice, robots.

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this shit is so lame jesus christ m8.
I love this video. Makes me feel like I have a friend.

Her innkeeper vid was much better. Comfy af

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I used to think that people with anime girl avatars were actually girls
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I used to believe everyone was equal
I thought all dogs were boys and all cats were girls. In a sense, I was kinda right.
I thought that I had one hour less sleep EVERY night of daylight saving time, not just the first.

>Paying for my groceries
>Put my stuff on the conveyor
>Guy gets in line behind me
>Cashier finishes ringing me up
>I realize I have two tubs of ice cream and beer I didn't buy
>It's the guy behind mes groceries
>There was no divider between his and mine
>He looks at me like I'm an idiot
So is it my job to place the divider behind my groceries, or should the next guy in line place the divider? Who was in the wrong here?
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This is 100% his fault, but I normally put one after I'm done to be courteous and to stop retards doing shit like that
he would have put the divider in
but you should have been monitoring the cashier

did you keep the beer?
One time I when I was shopping I put myself on the conveyor behind some neckbeard and the cashier rang everything up together and the neckbeard was too beta to tell her so he paid for my stuff.

I just grabbed it and left without a word and he tried to get me to pay him back in the parking lot but I just got in the car and drove away.

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>ywn be desired
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Since this place is normie-central now, tell me faggots, what's it like to be wanted by a woman.

And not in a "give me stuff" gold-digger sort of way, in a "I genuinely want to be with you, because I like your face, your body, your personality, etc.".
I was in a "relationship" in 8th grade, it sucked in a way but I didn't know what I was doing. We never did anything besides kiss once although we hung out at recess every day. To be honest I wish I had played soccer with the boys while I had that opportunity, because now I have neither, and if I had honed in my soccer skills and signed up for soccer in high school then I might have met other people or at lest have made some regular friends. That was many years ago and since then girls have avoided the shit out of me. I guess it was pretty nice although my memory of it is scarred by the way she dumped me. Whenever people say that women are possessive or high maintenance it's bullshit to make you feel better.
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>tfw desired too much
sucks fami

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Any robots down to meet up and beat the shit out of each other?
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like fight club?
If that makes you feel good about it.
yes, I kind of need this.
agreed, why not. you could even call it fight club; doesn't have to have all the psych 101 justifications, though. privately anyone would obviously be free to frame it as desired. personally, I'm looking for a release for all this wasted potential for action, general discontent and
need to taste violence before I'm too old; hurt/be hurt physically, and then shake hands with my robot opponent afterwards, importantly, not go to jail or deal with lawsuits, keep everything anon.
I suppose I could try an mma gym or some stupid shit but I don't want rules, normies or scoring, just blood.
I need this.
I'm in Las Vegas.

Theres a lizard in my room what do i do
Pic unrelated
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pick it up and put it outside, and what kind of lizard
Is that what a bird's penis looks like?
Donnt know which kind, what if its venomous? Do they exist

Jesus here. Let me know your questions, and I will answer them to the best of my ability. Keep in mind I have human limitations.
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Why am I so ugly and boring?
Ugly is a state of mind. Being boring is your fault.
Why did you make me? Why am I trapped in this dead end life, surrounded by dead end infantile infatuations, dead end jobs, and dead end entertainment. Why did you make me to hate myself more than even my parents could hope to? Why couldn't you have let my soul stay in oblivion? Sorry for edgy just going through some stuff. Great work on the female body tho, respect.

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If the purge was real and you crime was legal for a day, what would you do?
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I would probably spend several years just hiding it out listening to the screams of the weak and innocent until I got fed-up.

Then, one year, I would dedicate the entire year to preparing myself, and I would go out and fucking waste disgusting less-than-human- scum who don't care about how they are affecting other people.

People like that should burn in a fire, and be given no quarter or forgiveness
IF I was a instigator(unlikely) I'd probably rape some chick desu, it would be extremely painful.

But I'd likely just get set inside my house and wait for robbers to kill, lol.
I'd hide my beta ass before some big dude raped and killed me.

>26yo socially retard
>Fall for the trysomethingnew.meme
>Buy 200cc motorcycle
>Learn to ride it within 2hours
>Ride it for a month without a problem, fall multiple times with virtually no injuries
>Soccer mom SUV tries to murder me
>Evasion maneuver makes me fall, wind up with left arm broken
It's been 6 weeks, I'm gonna get my cast removed in 5 days, I have doubts about keeping the bike but I actually liked it

What are your thoughts on steel steeds? Can a robot like bikes?
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>>Soccer mom SUV tries to murder me

If anyone should be killed in the second holocaust it's these cunts
OP im also 26 and was interested in getting a bike. i heard kawasaki ninja 300ccs were the premier noob crotch rocket.
I was interested in getting a ninja 250cc, they have decent power and it's an overall good bike, but it was kinda expensive in my country, I got myself a Keeway superlight 200, looked good and was like half the price, based on my experience I advise getting one with abs and disc brakes on both wheels

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If cheese pizza was legal to view, would you watch it?
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It is legal, you just aren't allowed to own it, thankfully.
no because im not a sick fuck
File: 0482190.jpg (6KB, 247x204px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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its only a crime if you get caught

File: 1498507776528.jpg (267KB, 720x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>tfw being nice to people has never paid off
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Nope. us nice people are doomed. I can't even be mean when I try. I just do t have it in me.
I like tutoring and giving advice to the point that I get depressed when I can't get my fix.
>find wallet on ground
>give it to nearest business

Now how does that benefit me if God and karma don't exist? I guess it makes me feel less of a bad person but the only reason why I feel bad is because other people tell me not to do things like that. It would be taken by someone else so why not me?

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>Have to let black guy help me everyday
>Decide to go against the idea that black people are proto-humans, and allow for him to take total control of everything
>Decided to not even double-check what he did as to do so would be giving into my prejudices
>Turns out he missed an important, easy to observe object on the list
>Other man in shop warned me that he wasn't worth anything, but didn't want to listen as I wanted life to be something it's not for once
>Had to waste an hour of our day going back and forth to retrieve it

I wish life isn't the way it is, but the average black human is almost mentally-retarded.

I didn't want to believe it. I wanted to see something positive for once. My mother is 30% negroid, but 30% isn't even close to 85%.
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Great blog there /pol/, I'll make sure to follow. Do you post nudes tho?
whatever bro. You don't understand anything. You just keep guessing. Go to bed.
>whaever bru


What's for dinner robots 06/27.

It was a 14 hr day
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Holy shit that looks dirty and delicious. Where do you work?
damn dude get some vegebles
it's all fujcking liquid shit, how do amerifats eat this shit?

File: sm5pu3y1z76z.jpg (81KB, 500x667px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Just Iiterally be yourself bro!
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>just wait around until good stuff magically happens to you!
>"and what if nothing happens? can I kill myself then?"
>NO, you have to wait forever and then die alone.
that's actually good advice

t. friendless virgin
This only works for normies
I should just end it all

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